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SEMINAR FEEDBACK FORMS-Program Your Future workshop, December 16, 2012

The following are from workshop feedback forms with regard to the recent Program Your Future workshop with NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason, December 16, 2012 at NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute, Phoneix, AZ, USA.  Names have been removed from Seminar Feedback Form and all answers to each of the 5 questions are separated by semicolons (;). 

Description of workshop: Unhook unresourceful emotional patterns and limiting decisions that have been repeating themselves in your life. Brain function is both temporal (time based) and spatial.  We organize memories that are connected by emotional threads that can now be unhooked to create a future so compelling you cannot help but achieve your outcomes.


1. Overall Experience: "Excellent workshop.  Helps bring clarity, confidence, and a clear path.  Bill is an extraordinary trainer and person.  His traning is a must experience opportunity for transformation.";  "Valuable - Good insights (time will tell of course) Good to be forced to write down outcomes.  Feels like some 'stuff' got released.";    "Highy Positive."; Enjoyed it and feel empowered.  Lot's of relfection in past experiences adn how to change the emotions."; "Great experience oveall. I learned a valuable technique adn worked with some problems and issues.";  "It has allowed me to clarify how I may control what are my outcomes in my life.";  " Excellent like always!";  "It created a positive impact and cleared my mind and structured my thought process and gave me a new perspective for seeing things.";  "Emotional.  Driving forward.";  "Good.  It was not what I expected."; 

2. Most Important Thing Learned: "I am able.  We are able to shift our experience, our identity in a moment and I did that.";  "Can manipulate time.  Can program future by changing experiece of the past."; "How to choose & use teh timeline tha works best for me--at that time!";  "I can go back to anytime and change negative emotions or experiences, reframe them in a way that don't affect the future   Have new tools on expressing/releasing negative feelings.";  "That unresourceful gestalts can be split while the lessons are still maintained."; "Learned how to process my emotions and using them in constructive manner.";  "Time traveling patterns to clear past negative emotions.";  "The ability to clear my mind and memories.";  "Goals are reached through deep hypnotic suggestions and trusting yourself.";  "Forgiveness for yourself and not necessarily for the other person."; 

3. How was your Instructor: "Excellent.  Bill created a welcome, open and inclusive experience where we each were connected with him adn each other.";  "I appreciate your dedication and passion to the subject you seem to live what you teach. Occasionally instructions seem not so clear-but you always bive thime to ask for clarity.;"  "Intelligent, knowledgeable, responsive & patient.";  "Very insightful good sense of humor, capable to maintiain the attention throughout the course.  Very good at delivering guided visualizations.";  "Bill is great. Respectful & patient, excellent guided mediations/hyupnois, good examples, thorough, clear explanations.";  "Instructor was outstanding in walking us through the process.";  "Relaxed using hypnotic language to induce positive change patterns. Patient & Great.";  "Very intellectual and helpful and were able to get the point across and teach great new ideas.";  "Masterful.";  "Excellent as usual.";

4. Improvements.  "I would like some pre-work and post work structured activities to support and build my change work.";  "Would like to have some space-quiet-between the words in the closed eyes.  1st Day the conversation in office was distracting.";  "A hand-out 'wheel' for identifying areas fo life to work on woudl be useful for the outcomes exercises (maybe email it to attendees bfore the workshoip)";  "Slow down a little with clearing negative emotions in the past.";  "Wouldn't change a thing.  I totally got it.";  "A bit more high engergy at some points.  I was battling not fully asleep at som point in the smeinar.";  "It's great but a deeper discussion in the science behind it will mir interesting.";  "Not to be called on in class.  Charge more.  Better marketing thru Wed nights."; 

5. Would  you recommend it to others:  "Yes, already told my family member-Donna about it-she will be calling in next few weeks.";  "Yes - Don't know specifically whom-others in the MeetUP group probably, 'friends.';  "Yes, to friends and colleagues whose belief systems allow for ersonal change & who seek to exploer their own possibilities & limitations.";  "Yes, Family members.";  "Yes, not sure who...my GodMother, a friend..";  "My daughter.";  "Always my family & friends.";  "Yes, to everyone I now because its very helpful to achieve dreams and goals in life also clearing your mind.";  "Yes.";  "Yes, almost everyone.";  "

SEE TESTIMONIALS that went with the Seminar Feedback Form below. 


"I wish it were four dasy long or there were a part two-next weekend grad workd; attracting a high quality group who were engaged."

Robb Garrett, ADD/ADHC Coach, Phoenix, AZ


"Even though I've unpacke da lof of my history& How it affects me now I had some new, valuable insights and connecting."

Jaye Andres, Counselor, Pyschotherapist, Phoneix AZ


"The collegial brainstorming at lunch(es) supported teh workshop--we all attained many valuable & even life-changing insights."

Patricia Barnum, Sedona AZ


"Like an onion layer after layer is removed every time I take this workshop my first seminar in 3 years ago goals are already manifesting. Thanks, Bill.

Khaled Jurdi, Dating Coach, Business Trainer, Scottsdale AZ


"Great experience adn had a great time learning and achiving a more advanced intellectual state of undstanding."

Ellisio Tahahe, Student, Scottsdale, AZ