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Why You Should Become an NLP Coach 

Personal and executive coaching has evolved. Conducting life coach sessions with NLP helps your clients achieve higher success rates.

Personal and business coaching has become a significant and respectable business over the last few years.  Look around and you will find that the most successful people you know have coaches.  Celebrities and sports figures have personal coaches in addition to whatever organized coaching their profession provides.

A coach can help you push beyond the normal limit at which you would most likely stop.  In addition, a good coach can help you focus your efforts for maximum results.

You Already Have All the Resources Necessary

Starting from the Inner Game of Tennis books written by Galwey in the 1970's, coaching has now moved from sports coaching to the executive business level, financial coaching, and even into personal life issues. 

If you are interested in becoming a coach, there are a lot of avenues out there for pursuing your goal.  However, you want to make a smart choice that is right for you.  The quality of training to be a coach varies tremendously.  Most of the coach training programs out there are giving people skills for dealing with change.

How did coaching get to be so big all of a sudden? 

Obviously, coaching works.  People are willing to pay for ways to be more effective, efficient, and profitable in today's fast paced world.  A driving question behind this movement toward personal excellence is, "How can I do more, be more, and enjoy life."

Learning organizations like Coach U and Coachville may have started a fervor with easliy accessible and affordable distance-learning internet-based curriculums.  From Psychotherapists who have been displaced and disillusioned with the advent of HMO and other medical health plan providers, to experienced corporate executives who have left the corporate ranks, a new career in coaching has continued to look like a viable alternative to traditional jobs. 

An online search will now show links to major universities and other educational organizations including Adler University, a traditional school for the study of Psychology.  Offices for these organizations have expanded into various cities.  A large number of coaching associations have popped up.  The most successful and influential to date is the International Federation of Coaches or ICF.   

Many of these organizations make distinctions between Life Coaching often referred to Personal Coaching and Executive Coaching, also known as Business Coaching.  Factors that affect an individuals decision to become one kind of coach or the other include:

Availability -  "This is the training I found out about."  "It was distance learning on the internet."

Affordability - "I couldn't afford to go to a seminar with one of the big-time NLP trainers."  "The college courses were expensive and took a really long time." 

Time considerations - "Can't I do it all in a couple of weeks?"  "Can I do it on weekends?"

And here's the real rub.  You just can't get this type of training from most of those organizations.  Neuro Linguistic Programming is an experiential science.  By and large you are not going to 'get it' by reading books and articles or in the form of a traditional learning environment.   

In What Areas Can I Facilitate My Coaching Clients

I believe it is a good idea to have a list of areas that my coaching work may apply.  I have my clients circle the ones that apply to them personally.  The strategy is to have the individual connecting the work we will do beyond the area of the problem or issue they are presenting.  Here is a partial list:

  • Get a promotion
  • Deal with conflict
  • Handle complaints
  • Handle loss of job
  • Management skills
  • Hire and fire people
  • Get to the real issue
  • Influence with integrity
  • Produce results faster
  • Acknowledging successes
  • Become an effective leader
  • Build committed partnership
  • Be a full player on your team
  • "Wire in" states of excellence
  • Build deep and lasting rapport
  • Change your personal history
  • Set and achieve goals/outcomes 
  • Deal with upsets/negative feelings
  • Attract and maintain a relationship
  • Noticing quantum shifts in yourself
  • Recover from difficult life experiences
  • Discover Core Values and eliminate values binds
  • Design your life vs. being a victim of circumstances

Ask Good Questions

You will also learn to ask good questions.  People often know what they don't want but you may have to work with them to get to what they do want.  When you have identified the outcome, there are specific questions that should be asked in any coaching session.  What if you had a way to quickly and easily determine what work will be done, in what order, and know what resources will be necessary to get your client the outcome they congruently want in life?  You will learn to ask good questions; the right questions to insure you are achieving results with any coaching client.   

Learn Specific NLP Life-Change Patterns

This separates NLP Coaching from other coaching disciplines.  Most do not provide you with what to do to create change in your coaching client.  NLP is about change!  Life-long habits and limiting behaviors often disappear permanently in only a few minutes with NLP Coaching.  See the website for more detail on changing behavior with NLP Coaching. 

The Coaching Model and Making Money

Every business has to make a profit to justify it's existence.  This is a primary lesson every business coach should be teaching.  As mentioned earlier, lots of psychological counselors and other therapists have turned to coaching for a livelihood.  NLP Coaching offers a model for charging for coaching clients up front before services are rendered on a retainer-type basis.  I used to operate more like a counselor.  I would set up sessions and if a client did not show up for a session, it was at best awkward to collect for the lost time.  Now, the psychology is in the right place.  It is the responsibility of the client to make all scheduled sessions or to communicate in plenty of time if they cannot.  They have already paid and I have them pay by time period and not by individual session. 

In addition, you will get specific coaching on how to set up an NLP Coaching practice in your training.  There are lots of ways to market yourself and you may find some of the ideas and experience you gain to be of value in developing your business.

The Real Rewards

As with almost any business, the real reward is in the enjoyment of the work you will do.  You will be providing a real-life positive value to people who will want to repay in more ways than dollars.  I have people telling me years later what an positive impact I had on their lives.

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