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True Customer-Oriented Selling & Persuasion Skills

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Are you running your own agenda? 

Most selling professionals say they are customer-oriented, and in the first 20 minutes of this seminar, you are going to find out you have been running your own agenda and not your customer's agenda.  Business persuasion in today's marketplace is different than it was when most of the selling and persuasion models being taught over the years were new.  If you have been in the business world for any length of time, you have learned some bad habits.

The Art and Science of True Customer-Oriented Selling

When you learn how to run the agenda of your client or customer, you will gain a whole new level of deep and lasting rapport.  And you will elicit information necessary to take your client anywhere they say they want to go with your product or service.  In the 'new selling' model, you may tell a customer to do business with a competitor.  'What???"  "That's right!"  You will begin to think about the advantages of long-term relationships and reputation in your your community, even if your product is a one-time sell.  The most successful people you know in the persuasion engineering (selling) field are people who understand how to build sales by referral and you can't do that effectively when your customer has 'buyer’s remorse' because they tend to look back on the sale and start imagining they were sold something they did not want.

Become a Persuasion Engineer

Your job in the persuasion business today is to 'listen,' and listen in a way that is proactive and elicits criteria that can then be dovetailed with your product or service.  Learn specific skills to determine what kind of buyer is sitting in front of you now and to communicate past the conscious filters to the emotional subject reason that people buy from one person and not another person.

True Customer-Oriented Selling & Persuasion Excellence Workshop

You will learn powerful skills for deep and lasting rapport with anyone, anywhere, anytime. This 2-Day Weekend workshop program will enhance your ability to influence and tranform your results. Contact Bill Thomason to request workshop dates or to bring Bill to your place of business. Call 602 321-7192.

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