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Seminar Feedback Form - Total Win Negotiating

Jan. 25-27, 2013

Names have been taken off and responses are separated by semi-colons.

1. Overall experience of the workshop: 
Every bit of the program is helpful; Positive despite the hard work!;  Excellent learning.  Great connections;  Gave me new distinctions to integrate into what I do

2. Most important thing learned: 

(Sincere) Apology steps, Dovetailing Outcomes;  To fully engage the ‘other’ in any negotiation to both of our satisfactions;  Lead from the other person’s point of view, emotion most important over details, structure of Authentic Apology;  Using modalities to describe experiences, you must see, hear, feel;

3. How was instructor: 

Knowledgeable, co-operative;  Knowledgable and patient; Excellent as always, felt off focus for last day – maybe just class member dynamics;  -0-

4. Improvements: 

Show the student a real-world example of where it was used successfully – Step by step analysis; N/A;  Some homework assigned upfront before class started.  Perhaps after class practice partner or connection;  Reduce or eliminate role playing, find another way to exercise the skills, better organization & preparation

5. Would you recommend others:

Yes;  Yes especially to freelancers who may never have learned corporate-type business practices;  Donna Andrews, family member;  lack of PowerPoint made it difficult for me to pay attention


I need to integrate this – it’s been a lot of information albeit well presented in a short time & a different way for me to look a the world.;