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Seminar Feedback Forms

The Total-Win MIndset - 5 Steps to Principled Negotiating

August 11-13, 2017

Names have been removed from the responses and individual answers are separated by semi-colons.

1. Overall experience of the workshop?:

"I was able to see that I was a 'soft' negotiator and explore other options toward becoming a win-win negotiator.";  "We learned day to day usefull skills not only in negotiation but in depth analysis of the steps and parts that intersect in the solution process of a win/win proposal.";  "Postive 4.5 stars. This is one of the most beneficial coarses in my NLP education.";  "excellent information & techniques to apply";  "This tool is wonderful when a person fully understands and practices these techniques. Very beneficial for business and for one's personal life.";  

2. Most important thing learned?:

"Total-Win Negotiating Model and the role playing that made it clear.";  "5 Step Win Model.";  "The Structure of the Neg Model.";  "How to prepare for a negotiation and get both parties working toward a common goal.";    "Learning how to receive permission/rapport from the opposite party and with permission comes respect.  This leads to the agreement.";  "

3.  How was your Instructor?

Bill was patient with us as each struggled to stretch our negotiating skills.";  "Very Knowledgable.";  "Great.  Mostly clear in communication of process.";  "Very good.";  "Very informative and a good listener."; 

4. What improvements?: 

"Having more classmates and more time for drills in applications.";  "(check mark)";  "None currently.";  "No suggestions.";  "More energy. This coure was a 3/10 on energy.  More role play.  Games that are less serious that allow your students to use these skills and practice.  Plus, it will be fun.";

5. Recommend to others?:

"We are always negotiating and getting into the other person's shoes and understanding where they are coming from, checking it with them first really builds rapport and trust and then anything is possible.";  "Everyone in sales or human sciences, personal development.";  " Yes - Don't know currently."; "Yes - especially anyone in sales business.";  "Yes, realtors and teachers.  Who? 3 guys in Wed NLP Zac, Cody & Jake.";  "


"This coure is mandatory in understanding the negotiation world.  One of the most beneficial courses in my NLP education." 

Edward Frey - Professional Product Photographer, Pink Jeep Tour Guide, Sedona Arizona


"I am now a better listener & have tools I can apply daily to be more effective in my business."

Daniel Clark - Real Estate Professional, Internet Entrepreneur, Phoenix, Arizona


"You offer such a fantastic service and so much more people would benefit from your teachings."

Colin Schneider - Realtor, Phoenix, Arizona