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Design the Life You Love Living - with Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns

Come Away With Written Goals/Outcomes And Program Your New Future

WHERE: Phoenix, Arizona, NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute, 11811 N Tatum Blvd P113, Phx, AZ 85028
WHEN: 9am-5:30pm, January 9-10, 2016

Don't miss this!  Change your life profoundly when you attend this 2-Day Weekend workshop.  Participants say this seminar has dramatically changed thier lives for the better.  Take the trance now to make the changes you truly desire to have the life you love living, don't you?  Bill Thomason will be your guide on this very special journey.  With 30 years experience, Certified NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason, has helped thousands of people, like you, to create profound life changes.  

YES, now you can... CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better in this special do-it-to-you, weekend seminar.  You don't have to learn the mechanics of this powerful technology.  Closed-eye processes will unleash the power of your unconscious mind to assist you.  Don't forget to invite your friends, family members, and co-workers.  You will want to share the benefits.

You will:

  • Come away with written goals as outcomes
  • Eliminate unresourceful emotional strings (Gestalts) that have prevented past successes
  • Install a future so compelling you cannot help but achieve it

In our study of extraordinary achievement, highly successful people tend to have some important things in common.  They vividly imagine a future they want and behave as if it were already happening now.  When you have written your goals as SMART outcomes, you can sit back and relax with each closed-eye process as the roots of unresourceful life patterns are pulled like weeds from your unconscious programming.  And a new future will then be installed in such a way that, even though you don't have to consciously think about it all the time, you will find yourself automatically doing what is necessary to achieve what you say you want.  Once you have experienced the results, you will want to take this workshop at least once per year to update your plan for the future you desire.  Click here to register now  or call 602 321-7192.

Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns are a powerful tool for generating profound personal change. 

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Contact Bill Thomason at The NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute to register for this life-changing, old pattern-busting workshop or ask about individual NLP Coaching sessions to make the changes you say you want in your life at 602 321-7192 or email at bill@nlpskills.com. Click here to register now.


Expanding Folded-Time(c) Patterns

The concept of Expanding Folded-Time© Patterns or 'time line' is based on understandings of time from Quantum Physics including Albert Einstein's "thought experiments" regarding time and relativity, from Psychology including the work of William James', the Father of Psychology, and posited in his book Psychology, and explore through history by great philosophers, including Aristotle and others too numerous to list.  

It is generally held in brain science that the brain has two primary functions.  These are temporal (time-based, chronological) processing and spatial processing (about space).  It can be argued that there is no evidence of anything in existence beyond the present moment.  Time is generally regarded as a construct of the human mind.  However, Humans do, somewhat universally, experience a movement in our affairs, from past through the present into the future, along a continuum that we (humans) have generally agreed to call TIME.  We also organize our experience and encode events temporally (organized by time).  We even have our limitations or problems coded temporally (time-oriented). 

Do you enjoy a good science fiction story?  If so, you have surely seen something in the movies or on television that involved time travel or, like the popular series Star Trek, warp-speed travel through the universe.  That is not so far fetched scientifically anymore.  Not too long ago an experiment was conducted on one of the space shuttles that proved out a part of Einstein's theories, that time and space bend around gravitational bodies, like our Sun or any other point of light we would see in the night sky.  What makes the time travel concept work in science fiction is that if time and space can bend, humans will eventually find a way to bend it back, or "fold" it back, upon itself.  You could be here in one instant and across a galaxy in the next instant.  Do you follow how that could work?     

String Theory actually explains that infinitesimally small bits of folded time may have unraveled to create the dimensions we experience.  An interesting phenomena in understanding time and brain function is that, when asked, people will describe time spatially.  It is in our language that "put it behind you" means to move something into the "past."  People will generally point behind themselves.

The Expanding Folded-Time(c) Patterns utilize the temporal aspect of brain function to shift the identity of "who a person is" and what their past, present, and future experiences mean to them.  When asked, an individual may express orientation to time in a different ways.  With The Expanded Folded-Time© Patterns, a trained facilitator can help you change unwanted behaviors and unresourceful self evaluations, quickly and easily.    

Memories are Myths

What if I were to say that your memories are myths? You might ask me what I mean by that. And, haven't you had an experience where you recount some event from the past and someone else, a brother or sister for example, says, "that's not the way it happened" and they give you an entirely different accounting of the event.  Now, you were there and you remember the event, but what you remember is from your own point of view and it was encoded in your mind through your own particular set of filters, including your own beliefs, and values.  And when you originally were in the experience, you made a representation to yourself about the meaning of the event.  Someone else saw the event from their own particular perspective and made up whatever meaning that occurred through their filters.  

We all have some unresourceful programming that we wish we did not have.   For example a man who came to me for coaching sessions said that he felt as if he was just not assertive enough and that it was causing problems in his life.  When I elicited his time line, the past was behind him, the future in front, and the present was about 2 1/2 feet out in front of him.  He wasn't living in his present.  He was lagging behind and the way he described his life exactly matched his orientation to his time line.  Even his physical behavior matched.  His body posture was laid back.  When speaking to the man, he had a habit of moving his head back away from the speaker.  

I asked him to move up into his present.  The idea caught him by surprise.  He cocked his head and he moved back even further, actually moving his chair back.  However, he decided to try out what had been suggested.  He physically sat forward in his chair and imagined kgrabbing onto and pulling himself into his present.  When he got himself into his present, his face reddened, his eyes widened, he started taking much deeper breaths and when he spoke his arms and hands moved emphatically and decisively.  Something shifted in that moment in his understanding of who he was.  As he debriefs his experience, he said that he absolutely knew that he would have no problem with assertiveness in the future.  

Change Your Myth in Expanding Folded Time(c)

Memory is incredibly inaccurate.  According to researchers on the subject, every time you call up a memory, it is reconstructed with bits and peices either dropped out or added to the memory.  Other memories also get morphed together with the memory you are trying ot recall.  It's not too difficult to accept the concept that memories are like myths.  What if you could simply change the way you remember things happening on your time line?  You can change the event itself so that it happened differently or you can change what you made it mean to you all those years ago.  No matter how long ago the causal event occurred, you know things now you could not possibly have know back then, don't you?

Even clients who have had childhood trauma of one kind or another, often report profound change using Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns.  I have had clients who changed their personal history with Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns so that the negative decisions they made about themselves earlier in life are changed to more resourceful programming that allows them to get what they want in life.  

I have had clients make up entirely different parents or change the traumatic events so that something different happened.  Now, you may be thinking that you learned something from all the events in your life and you are absolutely right.  It is a matter of preserving the "learnings" from those past events in the place where you store all such "learnings" are then allowing yourself to re-represent your past to yourself in a way that gives you more freedom and choice in your life.  The result is profound life change.  

Temporal Aspect of Brain Function

Historical Discussion

Is TIME just a concept or is it real?  Time has been debated throughout philosophical and scientific literature.  Time affects how we organize experience and perception.  It is central to how we assign meaning and it affects thoughts, emotions, and planning activities. 

The word TIME is from: 

  • Latin - "tempus" from Greek "temno" = to cut off
  • Greek - "chronos" and "aion" = organizing in time, an ordering effect

About TIME the philosophers said: 

  • Permenides and Zeno of Elia argued time and motion and becoming are unreal, irrational illusions
  • Heraclitus said "there is no permanence and change characterizes everything" 
  • Plato defined time as "the moving image of eternity"
  •  Aristotle defined it as "the numbering of motion with respect to before and after" 

Aristotle also talked about Linear or Mechanical Time distinguished from Organic Time.  He noted that mechanical time seemed to be a "point in motion along a line."

A (past)    -->       NOW    -->      B (future) 

Aristotle wrote, "It is only after we have perceived a before and an after in motion that we say time has elapsed."  He went on to say, "What is bounded by the NOW is TIME."  There has to be a before and an after for there to be time. 

Organic Time in Aristotle's view was more about natural movements or cycles and particularly as they affect human affairs.  About organic time, Aristotle said time is a "natural movement of coming into being and passing away" represented by circles or cycles to make up "circular" or "cyclic time."  

People in the Balinese culture, for example, perceive time as "cyclic" and they determine and plan social functions and ceremony around these cycles and intersections between cycles.  These overlapping cycles are of 2 days, 7 days, 72 days, etc. The perception of reality among the Balinese is therefore different from the Western view.  

The Hopi of the Southwest United States tend to have a different view of time.  Everything tends to be in the present.  If you talk about things way off in the future, or back in the past, you may get a confused look in response.  In reference to your great-father, they might say, "Oh, he's right over there behind that tree," "or "just behind that cloud."  When referencing the Kokopelli Kachina, who very likely was an historical figure, you might hear something like, "I know him." (present tense)

Although the Hopi have rock carvings marking out prophetic points along a time line of the divided "two paths" of man, there is a predisposition in the Hopi culture for everything being "right now."   And of course, there is attention to the moving of the seasons and the solstices and equinoxes of the sun and moon among many indigenous current and ancient cultures on our planet.  

William James, "String of Beads"

In the 1890's William James tackled the issue of time in his "Principles of Psychology (1890, pp 369-420).  James said that time is related to "stream of consciousness."  and that the constitution of consciousness is like a "string of bead-like sensations and images, all separate..."  So, time in his view is the function of the position of consciousness amongst the string of beads.

Further, he postulated that the string may be manipulated, wrapped or bent, so that the beads (memories) can come into contact with beads at a different time along the continuum.  In other words, the past can come into contact with the present.  

Ask a friend to remember his or her favorite song in high school?  When they remember the song, it is likely that person will remember some specific event and the sounds colors, smells, and tastes that were present then as if they were in the event.  It is likely you will see your friend's face light up as if they were back in that moment.  This is called "regression."  Your friend regressed back to the time and is remembering it as if the event were the present as if he or she is the same age they were then, now.  

James noted that "direction" along the "string of beads" or "time line" is important.  Like a ship, there is a "bow," and a "stern," a forward and backward direction. He said that time has no single significance.  Our perception is what determines relationships and significance of events. 

Einstein and His Thought Experiments

Albert Einstein sat on the train station platform on the way to his job at the US Patent Office an contemplated time, space, and gravity.  In school, his thesis paper had received criticism from his college professors.  In 1924, he published in a very short period of time, four (4) papers that have changed our world and our daily lives in the most fundamental ways. 

One of Einstein's 'Thought Experiments,' as he called them, involved imagining the clock at the train station striking 8:00am.  Einstein wondered what would happen if he could be on a train leaving the station at the speed of light.  Relativity was developed from these experiments.  A part of Einstein's theories included the idea that time and space can 'bend' or 'fold' around gravitational bodies.  Recent research made possible by scientific experiments made on our space shuttles finally confirmed this concept that was already well accepted in quantum physics circles.  Another factor to consider is 'string theory.'  It postulates that the deminsions themselves were once like strings 'folded' or curled up infinitely dense that unfolded or unravelled across our universe. 

The connection we make with Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns is that the human brain is already geared to bend or 'fold' time back upon itself.  People routinely re-experience events from the past as if they were being experienced in present time.  Just think of your favorite song when you were at younger age and notice how you remember where you were, what you were seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling both a the tactile external level and also at the internal emotional level, for example.  If you pick a strong example of a past memory, it is as if you are reliving the experience.  That is a wonderful ability. 

Now connect that resource or ability to the notion that the past is a 'myth.'  The past may have happened the way you remember it, or it might not have happened that way.  Eye witness testimony, for example is extremely unreliable based on pschological research on the subject.  Several distortions have been found to occur when we reconstruct memories in general. You have probably had the experience of telling about something when you were much younger and a friend or sibling says, "No, it didn't happen that way at all."  And they will tell you how it happened from their point of view and through thier own unique perceptual filters. 
Wouldn't you say that who you are is made up of your memories of the things that happened and the decisions you made about them?  Well, some of those decisions have not been serving you.  What if you could just change the memory or the message you learned from the memory.  Wouldn't that be useful?  That could change your whole life.

That is the basis for Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns and the magic that can produce in your life. 

The Mayan Time Counting System and Calendar

I visited Chi Chen Itza on the Yucatan Peninsula last year and climbed the 90 steps to the top of the central pyramid from the plaza below.  The steps were at a very steep angle.  There are four (4) sides with 90 steps, so that is 360.  At the top, windows on three sides open out to a view of the surrounding terrain.  A fourth chamber comes up in the middle of the pyramid.  That is 364 and I understand there was another chamber on the top that is not easily accessed today.  That is 365; the number of days in a year.  The Maya were highly involved in counting time. 

A search on the internet told me that the ancient Mayan civilization was counting time 26,000 years. There is a lot of excitement in the metaphysical community as the cycle ends in 2012 at the winter solstice.  Of course, there are those who are convinced the world will end at this time.  The best I could get from the people who are descendants of the ancient Maya is that it just means that the cycle starts over.  Anyway you look at it, this is a major mile-marker in Mayan culture and thought. Some people believe the Mayan Shamans could travel through time and space. Others believe that the Quetzquatl was a space traveler from another place.

Why would a people be measuring time in 26,000 year increments?  We tend to think of ancient cultures as less sophisticated in some manner.  However, when you consider the accomplishments of astronomers of that time, they were quite advanced.  The Maya had a counting system that included the concept of 'zero.' Their calendar is more accurate than the western calendar in use today.  It is based on a 13 month system and is a prophetic calendar.  Events have occurred through time that seem to validate the prophecies.  At Chi Chen Itza there is a building that looks like a modern day observatory including the domed top and a slit that would have made a tiny sliver of the night sky appear with all the southern sky objects passing through the slice.

Were the ancient Maya involved in space travel or even time travel?  Or maybe they were just using the stars to know when to plant their crops.  The story of the Aztec Emporer King and Scholar, Montezuma, would seem to indicate that it was so.  Montezuma could apparently read the ancient Mayan texts from the thousands of books or 'codices' still existing in his time in the libraries left by the Maya.  As story goes, Montezuma learned about the departure of the Quetzquatl character.  Quetzquatl as some tell the story, was a light skinned being who lived among the Mayan people.  Described as a 'feathered serpent,' Quetquatl announced he would return to the sun from which had come.  He flew away and said he would return at a particular time.  Montezuma deciphered the time and realized it was the time for the return of the "great white brother."  Montezuma sent runners down to the ocean and, according to one story, on the fourth day, Cortez sailed into Vera Cruz to fulfill the prophecy.   

The rest of the story is the history of the Spanish explorers searching for gold, silver, and other treasures and trying to get close to Montezuma as they were outnumbered thousands to one among the Aztec warriors.  The incredible and seemingly unlikely sublimation of the Aztec culture was the result of the Conquistadores meeting the four main prophecies required as proof that they were the Great White Brother.  Within a period of 30 some odd days according to historical accounts, Montezuma was captured, held prisoner for ransom, and then beheaded by the Spaniards.  The Great White Brother returned and that was the beginning of the end of the great Aztec culture. 


Design the Life You Love Living with Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns Workshop (2-day weekend)

Now You Can Program Your New Future with Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns or 'time line' as it's basic idea has been more commonly known in NLP circles.  Please register now for this 2-day weekend workshop. 

Brain function is both spatial and temporal.  The temporal, or time-related, function of the brain is the basis of our chronological way of organizing our memories and making sense of our reality.   Most people would say that who they are is the sum total of their experiences.  More importantly, it is the decisions that were made in life and the way we represented that experience to ourselves that make up our identity.

Now, consider that our memories are like myths.  Things happen and we make that experience mean something about ourselves.  We represent this meaning to ourselves as if that is who we are.   However, you have probably had the experience of remembering a particular event and others who were there remember it differently.  If memories are myths, what if you could simply change the way you represent unresourceful memories so they are more now empowering and life enhancing. Wouldn't that mean you could reinvent yourself as the you you want always wanted to be?  And what if you could do it easily and relatively pain free?   Well, why not?  You may need a little help from an experienced NLP Practitioner and you can, you know, make the changes you want to change now, don't you?      

Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns are powerful tools for generating profound personal change. 

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