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The 5 Step Negotiating Model: NLP Workshop

Our NLP business coaches use many negotiation models including the 5-step project developed at the Harvard School of Law. Apply for our 3-day workshop to learn more!  

'Principled' or 'Total Win' negotiators know there is no such thing as a win-lose negotiation.  Hard negotiators enter the negotiation to win at any cost without regard for the relationship and may appear to benefit in the short run.  However, when people feel taken advantage of or abused, there are costs in the long term that can easily outweigh any short term gain.  Hard negotiators may fool themselves, but in reality they are playing a lose-lose game.  The 5-Step Negotiating Model gives you another option. 

The Total Win Mindset

The most effective negotiators are those who set out to achieve Total-Win outcomes.  They make sure everyone in the negotiation gets fully heard and they negotiate from a principled foundation.  Total-Win negotiators (Principled Negotiators) operate from the belief system that says everyone can walk away from the table satisfied. Participants will have an opportunity to practice these learned skills through real- life examples.   

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Get everyone on the same side of the table.

Change the Game

Total-Win is a mindset and it can be thought of as a "martial art."  The Total-Win mindset is an approach to negotiations that gives you the best possible chance of getting everything you want and often more.  It also allows the other people involved to win.  People often get stuck into a position and it is then difficult for them to be flexible.  

"How can both sides win??"  By breaking down the idea that there should be sides.  This program is designed to teach you specifically how to prepare, listen, and then communicate effectively.  

The Martial Art of Negotiating 

The "martial art" of effective negotiation will teach you to go beyond conflict and into powerful rapport.  Hard negotiating styles are old-school and are simply not effective in today's world.  You will learn specific strategies and linguistic patterns that will disarm even the most difficult hard negotiator and put you on even footing.  Emotions tend to run high in a negotiation.  We will explore how you deal with conflict.  In addition, we will give you hands on coaching.  You will learn ways to push through your fears and limiting beliefs.  With The  5-Step Negotiating Model you do not have to "give in" and you don't have to worry about damaging future relationships.  Relationships are actually strengthened through The 5-Step Negotiating Model.  

The 5-Step Negotiating Model is a 1-day introduction to the Total Win Negotiating 2.5 day business seminar.

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