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GCNLP Association (Yearly Membership)
SKU: SKU17658
Join the Global Community of NLP Association. Yearly membership encourages 'joining hands' at the local level with regular meetings, training, certification, and conferences. We are 'opening doors' to connect to global communities and framing acceptance of technologies for change to make a better world.

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Non-Profit Leaders - Enrolling and Rappot Skills
SKU: SKU17683
Non-Profit Leaders - Enrollment and Rapport Skills weekend workshop is your best chance to learn powerful communication skills of top performers. Highly successful people have beliefs, values, and strategies in common. Great leaders lead from anywhere in the organization and encourage volunteers and co-workers to want to contribute their descretionary effort. Bill Thomason is your NLP Master Trainer and management expert for this journey. Bill will help you model the best practices of high performance influence, and help you install your own patterns of excellence. Bring your assistant or highly valued co-worker or volunteer for an additional $5. May 4, 2013.

Our price: $295.00
Language Patterns of NLP (weekend)
SKU: SKU17612
Language Patterns of NLP (weekend) In this 2-Day Weekend Workshop you will learn specific patterns for persuasion and influence including presuppositions, mind reads, lost performatives, modal operators, embedded commands, Sleight of Mouth and much more as we model the patterns of Milton H Erickson. This is an excellent opportunity to brush up on skills that are taught in the ongoing NLP Master Practitioner Certification in Phoenix, Arizona. The Language Patterns of NLP workshop is 9am-6pm Saturday & Sunday. Ask for dates. Contact Bill to register right now for your next training opportunity. CALL 602 321-7192.

Our price: $327.00
Stop Smoking Now! (workshop)
SKU: SKU17608
Stop Smoking Now! (workshop)

Our price: $375.00
Language of Influence MetaProgram (couple)
SKU: SKU17604
Language of Influence-The Metaprograms of NLP. The upcoming 2-Day Weekend workshop is 9am-5:30pm, August 18-19, 2018. Learn 12 basic language and behavior patterns that make up a profiling technology designed from work by Rodger Bailey, the primary developer of the MetaPrograms. Everyone assumes people should be communicating in the same style and patterns they have, but it does not really work that way.

Our price: $440.00
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Sedona Magical Mystical Mind Training DEPOSIT
SKU: SKU176112
Sedona Magical Mystical Mind Training (4 day workshop). In and around Sedona, Arizona and Las Pasadas Boutique Hotel or Poco Diablo Resort - Each day honors one of the four directions. This Sedona Magical Mystical Mind Training workshoop is the convergence of Native American shaman and ancient healing concepts from around the world and from psychotherapies and Neuro Linguistic models of personal growth and change. Bill Thomason will lead you through classroom meditations and outdoor experiences to integrate concepts including awareness of the 'Dreaming Body,' 'doubling' (being in more than one place at one time), being the 'hunter and not the hunted,' 'soul retrieval' and other healing concepts common to the 'Peaceful Warrior' path in shaman training. By the end of this 4-Day workshop, participants will dreaming together collectively. Workshop including 3-night lodging $1577. Couples $2177.

Our price: $500.00
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Total-Win Mindset (Couples weekend)
SKU: SKU17606
The Total-Win Mindset (Couples weekend) Learn the 5-step Total Win Negotiating Model from the Harvard School of Law Negotiation Project. Make sure the interests of all parties are satisfied. There's no such thing as a win-lose negotiation. Create mutually beneficial outcomes even when emotion is high. Learn new skills for dealing with conflict. Get to the real issue underneath positions people may take, easily handle hard moves, and maintain the integrity and dignity of all parties. Contact Bill to REGISTER NOW! 602 321-7192.

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5aNLP Coach Certification 3-Day
SKU: SKU175992

NLP Coach Certification Special 3-Day Training (7-Days without the prerequisite NLP Practitioner Certification).  Friday-Sunday, October 12-14, 2018. The PREREQUISITE for this course is NLP Practitioner Certification.  All coaching is based on the NLP Presuppoition 'Everyone Always Has All The Resources Necessary to Achieve Any Outcome."  

In addition, you will learn 3rd Generation NLP Models for coaching in general, the

  • Coaching State
  • Coaching Envelope
  • Love Your Shadow Side
  • Explore Your Nerk-Nerk State
  • Go Beyond the Edges of Your Map

various other coaching models, and specific Life Change Patterns of NLP including:

  • Coaching Circle (benchmarking)
  • Build Unlimited Ability
  • Dove-Tailing Outcomes
  • ReImprinting
  • Change Personal History
  • Belief Change Patterns (Walking the 4-Directions, Decision Destroyer)
  • Core Decisional RePatterning(c)
  • Time Line (Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns
  • Behavior Modeling, and much more

Based on the NLP Presupposition that Everyone always has all the resources necessary to achieve any outcome and consistent with the 'Inner Game' concept, you will learn to ask good questions that help your client access resources already deep inside a person.

REGISTER RIGHT NOW or contact Bill at (602) 321-7192 or click here to email

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NLP Hypnosis Certification
SKU: SKU17675
NLP Hypnosis 3-Day workshop - March 24-26, 2017. Now you can combine your PREREQUISITE NLP Master Practitioner Certification course and receive your NLP Hypnosis Certification in only 3-Day (usually 7-Days but we'll count hypnosis hours from NLP Certifications). This NLP Hypnosis Certification will teach you to help friends, family, and clients. Now you can help people change behaviors with positive suggestions designed to induce deep trance to a suggestible state or in normal conversation. Milton H Erickson, MD, was the foremost Hypnotherapist of our time and used artfully vague language, therapeutic metaphor, and covert techniques. NLP practitioners including Richard Bandler and John Grinder modeled Erickson and others to transfer the skills of the world's top excellent hypnotherapists and install them in others. This course is for you. Contact Bill Thomason and register at 602 321-7192.

Our price: $577.00
Market price: $777.00 save 26%
Core Decisional Repatterning(C) Certification
SKU: SKU17674
Core Decisional Repatterning(c) is the foundational technology for NLP Coaching developed by Bill Thomason from NLP language patterns and Redecision Therapy. Discover the power of a deep emotional decision. CDR(c) is a 9-Step Technology for discovering limitations in programming that have prevented a person from achieving what they say they want. Even deep level programming from developmental issues can be changed in most cases. CDR(c) is then a process for installing a new life-empowering decision that will dramatically and profoundly change lives in only a few coaching sessions. Learn the basics of this powerful change technology from CDR(c) developer Bill Thomason. Bill is an NLP Master Trainer and NLP Success Coach. 2 Formats. Register for this 4-day training or 2 weekend certification training program when you call now 602 321-7192.

Our price: $595.00
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