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NLP Coach Certification 4-Weekend
SKU: SKU17673
Your NLP Coach Certification is sponsored by NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute and is recognized by Global Community of NLP (GCNLP). Your prerequisite is NLP Practitioner Certification to qualify for this unique NLP Coach Certification program. Learn 3rd Generation skills and concepts of an excellent coach. With NLP Practitioner Certification and this NLP Coaching program you will come out in the 95% of coaches anywhere with regard to skills for facilitating change and understanding how to elicit greatness in your coaching clients. Bill Thomason will be your trainer. Call 602 321-7192 to register now.

Our price: $795.00
Sedona Magical Mystical Mind Training (4 days)
SKU: SKU176111
Sedona Magical Mystical Mind Training (4 days), Sedona, Arizona - Each day honors one of the four directions. This Sedona Magical Mystical Mind Training is the convergence of Native American shaman training concepts from around the world and from psychotherapies and Neuro Linguistic models of personal growth and change. Bill Thomason will lead you through classroom meditations and outdoor experiences to teach you concepts including awareness of the 'Dreaming Body,' 'doubling' (being in more than one place at one time), being the 'hunter and not the hunted,' 'soul retrieval' and other healing concepts common to the 'Peaceful Warrior' path in Shaman Training. By the end of this 4-Day workshop, participants will dreaming together collectively. REGISTRATION is $977. AND - Early Registration Fee is only $877 for a short time when you REGISTER NOW . Couples $1500.

Our price: $877.00
Market price: $977.00 save 10%
xHypnosis Certification Associate (50 hours)
SKU: SKU17601
Hypnosis Certification Associate (50 hours)

Our price: $1277.00
NLP Presenter's Training (5 days)
SKU: SKU1759911
NLP Presenter's Training (5-day). April 7-14, 2017. You are serious about NLP and life-long learning and you want new presentation skills for excellence in your training career. Can you see yourself learning specific Trainer's-level NLP Life-Change patterns, 3rd Generation concepts and patterns, model presence and charisma, group dynamics, presentation and platform skills, acquire new business and marketing models. Learn from world-class Certified NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason to transform your abilities.

Our price: $2477.00
Market price: $2977.00 save 17%
xHypnosis Certification (100 hours)
SKU: SKU17600
Hypnosis Certification (100 hours)

Our price: $2995.00
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