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Forgiveness Process TELESEMINAR
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Attend this TELESEMINAR 11AM (Arizona/Pacific Time) - When your past is in conflict with your present, Forgiveness can change the world.

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MetaPrograms of Self Actualization (weekend)
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MetaPrograms of Self-Actualization (an NLP weekend). The MetaPrograms of NLP are language and behavior patterns expressed in how we sort for information and similar to traits in Psychology. They tend to be simpler and easier to understand and recognize once we know the patterns. We all have different patterns in differing combinations and since they operate at an unconscious level in our programming, we expect everyone to operate based on the same patterns that we have. Miscommunications are often the result. Abraham Maslow described Self-Actualization at the top of his Needs Heirarchy and this workshop will give you an experience of being Self Actualized based on your own specific MetaPrograms for success. Bill Thomason will be your guide and trainer for this dynamic life awakening experience.

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Patterns of Forgiveness 3-Day Phoenix
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Attend this 30-day workshop to learn the skill of forgiveness. In my coaching work, sometimes people experience not being able to move forward until the blame, anger and violation against others or self is unhooked by forgiveness. Until the person forgives, people can hold grudges and resentment for a lifetime. Forgiveness is not for the person that you need to forgive, but releases the forgiver from his or her self imposed prison. The only true forgiveness is unconditional. Put the past completely in the past and get free to live into the future of your creation unencombered by baggage from past transgressions.

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Patterns of Forgiveness Teleseminar
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Patterns of Forgiveness - This teleseminar was designed by NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason to help you make deep and lasting changes in your life. Patterns of Forgiveness is a complete protocol for profound personal change including the Levels of Forgivemess, who Forgiveness is really for, Reasons People Don't Forgive, and the NLP Forgiveness Process as well as other Forgiveness models including the Hawaiian HoOPonoPono process. Expect to transform your life and that of others. Often growth cannot occur until Forgiveness is given. Learn this complete change pattern and help friends, family members, work associates, and your clients.

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