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NLP Hypnosis Certification

NLP Hypnosis Certification
NLP Hypnosis 3-Day workshop - March 24-26, 2017 will teach you to help friends, family, and clients. Learn to communicate beyond the conscious filters of anyone you meet. Now you can help people change behaviors with positive suggestions designed to induce deep trance to a suggestible state or in normal conversation. Milton H Erickson, MD, was the foremost Hypnotherapist of our time and used artfully vague language, therapeutic metaphor, and covert techniques to communicate past the conscious filters of others. NLP practitioners including Richard Bandler and John Grinder modeled Erickson and others to transfer the skills of the world's top excellent hypnotherapists and install them in others. This course is for you. Contact Bill Thomason and register at 602 321-7192.
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