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Forgiveness Process TELESEMINAR
SKU: SKU175452
Attend this TELESEMINAR 11AM (Arizona/Pacific Time) - When your past is in conflict with your present, Forgiveness can change the world.

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Language of Influence Metaprograms (weekend)
SKU: SKU17603
Language of Influence - The MetaPrograms of NLP workshop, August 18-19, 2018. You will learn to recognized and communicate in the specific patterns the people you interact in 10-14 powerful language and behavior patterns that will transform your communication and effectiveness in life. This is your best and fastest way to learn specific language to open up unconscious influence with anyone, because you'll be using their specific coding for what has meaning to them in their own Neuro-Linguistic reality. Use their language like tumblers in a lock to open the mind's code. By the time you reach the 3/4 mark of this training, you can expect to be thinking, and feeling these patterns in a way that will reorganize your brain and nervous system. You'll see every communication through the templates and patterns of the MetaPrograms. You'll be changed as the patterns become an automatic part of your natural abilities. You will become more effective in getting what you say you want in life. Eliminate common miscommunications. Magically persuade anyone, anywhere. Register here right now or call 602 321-7192.

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The Total-Win Mindset (3-Day Weekend)
SKU: SKU17605

3-Day The Total-Win Mindset Workshop, August 11-13, 2017. Modeled from the Harvard School of Law’s - Negotiation Project in the 1970's, this seminar is a 5-Step Model designed to give you the skills to switch the game from the old win-lose scenarios to achieving mutually desirable outcomes. Now you can overturn hard-move tactics, deal with conflict, and get on the same side of the table as you communicate more effectively in your personal and business life. The Total-Win mindset is an approach to negotiations that gives parties the best possible chance of getting everything they want and often more while leaving other parties whole and with dignity.

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Language Patterns of NLP (weekend)
SKU: SKU17612
Language Patterns of NLP (weekend) In this 2-Day Weekend Workshop you will learn specific patterns for persuasion and influence including presuppositions, mind reads, lost performatives, modal operators, embedded commands, Sleight of Mouth and much more as we model the patterns of Milton H Erickson. This is an excellent opportunity to brush up on skills that are taught in the ongoing NLP Master Practitioner Certification in Phoenix, Arizona. The Language Patterns of NLP workshop is 9am-6pm Saturday & Sunday. Ask for dates. Contact Bill to register right now for your next training opportunity. CALL 602 321-7192.

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GCNLP Association
SKU: SKU17658
Join the Global Community of NLP Association. Yearly membership encourages 'joining hands' at the local level with regular meetings, training, certification, and conventions. We are 'opening doors' to connect to global communities and framing acceptance of technologies for change to make a better world.

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NLP Persuasion Group MeetUp
SKU: SKU17664
Please attend this NLP Persuasion Group MeetUp over the lunch hour 11:45-1:30pm Thursdays to learn NLP skills to transform your results in business and in life. Based on NLP Skills for Influencing with Integrity, Total-Win Negotiating, and True Customer-oriented Selling this lively interchange will focus the group mind to resolve issues and teach you powerful new approaches to get more what you want in every area of your life. Come with an ideal of something you want different or better in your life, a situation with a difficult customer or relationship and allow others to help you make the changes necessary as you practice and discover your own patterns of ultimate success and excellence. NLP models the bahavior of highly successful people. Location: 11811 N Tatum Blvd, P113, Phoenix, AZ 85028 on the bottom floor of the large glass-mirrored building just south of Cactus at Paradise Village Parkway. Meeting is FREE for a limited time. Contact Bill Thoamsn, NLP Master Trainer, 602 321-7192.

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NLP Hypnosis Workshop (3-Day)
SKU: SKU176852
NLP Hypnosis - This 3 Day NLP-based hypnosis workshop will teach you to relax and use hypnotic trance states for your own benefit and to help others get more of what they want in life. Learn specific induction processes, language patterns, and metaphors, to get friends, coworkers, and family members to relax and take positive suggestion in past their conscious filters. Bill Thomason is your trainer for the NLP Hypnosis 3-Day Workshop. Register now.

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