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Flirting Skills (1-Day)

Flirting Skills (1-Day)
Flirting Skills (one-day Saturday workshop) at NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, Saturday, May 5, 2018. Bill Thomason has developed a playful, light-hearted, NLP-based “Flirting Skills" workshop that is designed to help you crush self-imposed barriers to full communication and attraction and easily learn specific new skills for gaining deep and lasting rapport with anyone, anywhere,...even the people who have been the most difficult for you to approach in the past. FLIRTING is a natural part of communication and it can be a powerfully persuasive, influential, and even seductive tool. As you learn the skills taught in this one-day workshop, your attunement to the signals of others will be greatly enhanced. Gain more flexibility in communicating with the individual that is in front of you at any moment. These skills can help you to break down walls and barriers and enable you to communicate confidently and effectively. "Attraction," explains Mr. Thomason, "happens when two people speak the same language." However, only a small part of language is actually expressed by words. A greater part is tone of voice and body language." The Flirting Skills workshop will teach specific skills for reading and understanding where a person is coming from including their stance, body movements, facial expressions, and language patterns and then incorporate that insight into your own personalized communication to that person. Bill Thomason's Flirting Skills workshop also addresses the issue of "appropriateness" of flirting. IT IS ABOUT LIVING YOUR LIFE MORE FREELY..., WITH MORE LOVE, MORE JOY, MORE PASSION, MORE CONFIDENCE, AND MORE WHOLESOME FLIRTATION.

Contact Bill at 602 321-7192 to REGISTER NOW! ONLY $237 early registration. COUPLES $420.
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