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Core Decisional Repatterning(C) Certification
SKU: SKU17674
Core Decisional Repatterning(c) is the foundational technology for NLP Coaching developed by Bill Thomason from NLP language patterns and Redecision Therapy. Discover the power of a deep emotional decision. CDR(c) is a 9-Step Technology for discovering limitations in programming that have prevented a person from achieving what they say they want. Even deep level programming from developmental issues can be changed in most cases. CDR(c) is then a process for installing a new life-empowering decision that will dramatically and profoundly change lives in only a few coaching sessions. Learn the basics of this powerful change technology from CDR(c) developer Bill Thomason. Bill is an NLP Master Trainer and NLP Success Coach. 2 Formats. Register for this 4-day training or 2 weekend certification training program when you call now 602 321-7192.

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NLP Coach Certification 4-Weekend
SKU: SKU17673
Your NLP Coach Certification is sponsored by NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute and is recognized by Global Community of NLP (GCNLP). Your prerequisite is NLP Practitioner Certification to qualify for this unique NLP Coach Certification program. Learn 3rd Generation skills and concepts of an excellent coach. With NLP Practitioner Certification and this NLP Coaching program you will come out in the 95% of coaches anywhere with regard to skills for facilitating change and understanding how to elicit greatness in your coaching clients. Bill Thomason will be your trainer. Call 602 321-7192 to register now.

Our price: $795.00
NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification Weekends
SKU: SKU175411
NLP Practitioner and Coach Certification. PLUS NLP COACH CERTIFICATION September/October, 2018. COUNT YOUR TOP 10 PEAK LIFE EXPERIENCES and then get ready to add your NLP Practitioner Certification to that list. Get the BOLD of Tony Robbins, and the GENIUS of the Founders of NLP, and the MAGIC of world-class trainer, Bill Thomason. You will experience a caring environment and you will learn to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible. Your life will positively never be the same. With the skills you learn, you can explore and integrate new thoughts, new feelings, new choices, and you can acquire highly successful new behaviors.

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NLP Practitioner Certification (Deposit)
SKU: SKU175241

Register NOW with your minimum $500 to reserve your seat (non-refundable deposit). Count the top 5 experiences of your entire life and then get ready to add your NLP Practitioner Certification to that list. NLP is the most powerful technology on the planet for profound personal change and business excellence. Learn primary NLP Skills of rapport, influence with integrity, persuasion, negotiating, and helping yourself and other to make the changes necessary to getting any outcome your congruently desire in your life.

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xHypnosis Certification (100 hours)
SKU: SKU17600
Hypnosis Certification (100 hours)

Our price: $2995.00
xHypnosis Certification Associate (50 hours)
SKU: SKU17601
Hypnosis Certification Associate (50 hours)

Our price: $1277.00
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