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1b.TM Home Kit for Natural Body Weight and Shape (Download-8Audios plus Manual)
SKU: SKU175271
The simple truth is: people who are over-weight are over-eating. And, you can just bet that anyone who is not at their natural body shape and weight is eating for some other reason than being hungry. The Thomason Method (TM) will teach you specific proven skills for taking control back in your life and developing a healthful lifestyle. Includes: 6 Week Hypnosis audio program, 1 workshop audio, 1 Program Your Future conscious hypnotic process plus 57 page manual.

Our price: $137.00
1.TM-Natural Body Weight and Shape Home Kit (8 CDs + Manual Binder)
SKU: SKU17527
What if you could...eat anything you want, anytime you want it, and you are going to enjoy your food like never before, feel good about yourself, and melt into the you that you are naturally meant to be; and it is going to be easy, and relatively painless.

Our price: $159.00
Release Your Pain (Download)
SKU: SKU175261
Pain Management

Our price: $14.95
Release Your Pain (CD)
SKU: SKU17526
Pain Management

Our price: $19.95
TM Home Kit Forgiveness Process (CD + Manual, Download)
SKU: SKU175171
The Thomason Method-The Forgiveness Pattern Home Kit - When your past is in conflict with your present, forgiveness can change the world. This book is a full treatment of the forgiveness process including stages of forgiveness, reasons people do not forgive, and answers to each objection so that you get back in alignment with your own values.

Our price: $37.00
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The Forgiveness Pattern (Download)
SKU: SKU17517
Bill Thomason speaks about what forgiveness is and guides you through the Reasons to Forgive, the Stages of Forgiveness, the Levels of Forgiveness, and finally through the NLP Forgiveness Pattern. Follow along with your own real-life foregiveness issue.

Our price: $14.95
Easy Natural Sleep (Download)
SKU: n1a-p0031
Download this exceptional audio CD for successful Easy Natural Sleep! Listen to this hypnosis audio and accept all the positive suggestions that allow you to get what you want. Now you can get easy, deep, relaxing, refreshing and natural sleep.

Our price: $14.95
Easy Natural Sleep (Hypnosis Audio CD)
SKU: n1a-p003
This Easy Natural Sleep audio recording was inspired by coaching clients who had difficulty going to sleep and when they did sleep, reported that they would awaken in the middle of the night. Listen to this hypnosis audio and accept all the positive suggestions that allow you to get what you want, easy, deep, relaxing, refreshing and natural sleep. You will awaken in the morning ready for your new day. This is easy natural sleep!

Our price: $19.95
Stop Smoking NOW! Thomason Method Home Kit (Download)
SKU: n1a-p00211
The Thomason Method: Stop Smoking Now! Home kit with 36 page manual designed to end your habit. Even if you have been a long-term smoker, you can say goodbye to that old behavior right now. Becoming a non-smoker is a decision you make now at a deep emotional level to be tobacco free.

Our price: $57.00
Stop Smoking Now! (CD)
SKU: n1a-p0021
Download our exceptional audio and learn today how to stop smoking now and lead a full and healthy life! Listen to this audio hypnosis recording regularly. The more times you do, the easier it is and the deeper you go to receive the positive suggestions. Give yourself the positive suggestions to support your decision to be tobacco free. As a non-smoker, you will want to clean up your environment. Wash your clothes and curtains, clean windows and get rid of ash trays and other items from the old habit and begin to breath freely and easily now.

Our price: $19.95