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Stop Smoking NOW! Thomason Method Home Kit (Download)
SKU: n1a-p00211
The Thomason Method: Stop Smoking Now! Home kit with 36 page manual designed to end your habit. Even if you have been a long-term smoker, you can say goodbye to that old behavior right now. Becoming a non-smoker is a decision you make now at a deep emotional level to be tobacco free.

Our price: $57.00
The Forgiveness Pattern (Download)
SKU: SKU17517
Bill Thomason speaks about what forgiveness is and guides you through the Reasons to Forgive, the Stages of Forgiveness, the Levels of Forgiveness, and finally through the NLP Forgiveness Pattern. Follow along with your own real-life foregiveness issue.

Our price: $14.95
TM Home Kit Forgiveness Process (CD + Manual, Download)
SKU: SKU175171
The Thomason Method-The Forgiveness Pattern Home Kit - When your past is in conflict with your present, forgiveness can change the world. This book is a full treatment of the forgiveness process including stages of forgiveness, reasons people do not forgive, and answers to each objection so that you get back in alignment with your own values.

Our price: $37.00
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