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Procrastination Blow-Out Weekend Workshop

Stop Procrastinating and attend this Procrastination Blow Out Weekend Workshop as change limiting self beliefs as you build a new compelling future. World-class NLP Trainer, Bill Thomason, will be your guide and life coach through this life-changing weekend events. that will help you identify limiting beliefs that have prevented past success and help you align your most closely held values wtih the burning desire to now succeed. People do what they do because they are moving toward or away from thier most highly valued states. 

State Creates Behavior

Your NLP Trainer for this special weekend is Bill Thomason.  Bill has more than 25 years experience helping people, like you, to make decisions and profoundly change their lives, from teachers, real estate pros, therapists, business executives including Fortune 500 Coaching clients, and students and bankers, and more.

Make the decision right now to be there. Register at this discounted early registration fee priicing of only $177 for the entire weekend before the expiration date June 30, 2011.  PayPal will process your payment.  Contact Bill at 602 321-7192.


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Refund Policy

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