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NLP Trainer Feedback

NLP Trainer Certification Program Testimonials

NLP Speaker Training and NLP Trainer Certification 8-Day - April 7-14, 2017.  NOTE: Names have been removed from Seminar Feedback Forms and all answers are listed with ';' separations for each person's responsed given at the end of the training. 

NLP Speaker Training and NLP Trainer Certification 8-Day - April 14, 2017:

1. Overall experience?:

"I'm happy to say I learned a lot more than what I expected.  In many ways I found myself overcoming my past limiting beliefs.";  "My overall experience is that I was 'blown away' with the content and teh amount I learned. Amazing.";  "Excellent.";  "Fantastic - really brought back old learning & built on the foundation with new skills, tools, & strategies.";  "It was amazing.  I learned so much about confidence and speech preparation."; 

2. Most imprtant thing learned?: 

"I now have the confidence to trust myself.";  "The breakthrough comes through magically - without knowing how you are suddenly there!";  "Self-confidence.";  "To ease up on being perfect & thus enjoy the journey more.";  "I learned confidence and also to trust myself when presenting to relax.";  "

3. How was the instructor?: 

"He was well prepared and engaging.";  "Bill was terrific & awesome speaker/instructor.  He managed the class will and directed us toward ther outcome-sometimes without our consciousness.";  "Excellent.";   "Awesome - great instructor and mentor.";  "He was outstanding. Best instructor I've ever had.";  "

4. Improvements?:

"More communication and where/when/how you (Bill) wanted (me) to group to act and participate.";  "Perhaps a half day off in the middleto give us a break.";  "Make it a speaking course only.";  "Shorter :-)";  "Make the speech more prevalent and give more time to prepare.";  "

5. Recommend to others?: 

"Yes, Chris Shiver, Cindy Schneider, Dom D., Mike DelPrete.";  "Yes. Anyone who wants to expand their speaking career.";  "Yes.";  "Yes.";  Yes.  Anyone who wants to learn public speaking and confidence.";  "