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NLP Trainer Certification & Speaker/Presenter Training

Become a NLP Trainer with our advanced training and certification class at the NLP Skills Institute in Phoenix, AZ

NLP Trainer Certification Program Testimonials
NLP Trainer Certification Program Feedback

TWO (2) Over-lapping Programs- Take one or both depending on your previous training.

1. NLP Presenter Training - 4 Weekends. NO PREREQUISITE NLP TRAINING / NO PREVIOUS CERTIFICATION REQUIRED!!!  (Get the same training described below for NLP Trainer Certification during the first 4 of 5 weekends below. NO CERTIFICATION.)

TO REGISTER: http://www.nlpskills.com/store/NLP-Presenter-s-Training-Weekends.html

2. NLP Trainer Certification - 5 Weekends. (Overlapping NLP Presenter's).  PREREQUISITE for certification is NLP Master Practitioner Certification.  This NLP Trainer's Training is for you if you already have your NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Certifications and you want to present to and/or train others professionally, want to be a great public speaker and/or if you have been stopped in the past by your fears or other barriers.  Even if you are already a professional speaker or corporate trainer, your skills will dramatically improve over this 5 weekend experiential training course.  Learn about 3rd generation training, presenting, entrepreneurship distinctions.  You will learn the large-chunk reasons why specific skills are necessary and to manage even the smallest details that contribute to great success as a speaker and trainer.  You will learn small-chunk data and practice skills so minute that most people never consider how important they are to your overall ability to influence an audience. And you will learn how they are critical to your success.

TO REGISTER: http://www.nlpskills.com/store/NLP-Trainer-s-Training-Certification-Weekends.html

You will learn:

  • Brief review of Basic and Advanced NLP Skills
  • Platform Skills
  • Spatial Anchoring Techniques
  • 3rd Generation Distinctions
  • Presenting with Presence skills and distinctions
  • Basic Components of Patterns of Permission
  • High Performance Results - Business Training & Culture Change
  • Structured Depth(c) Metaphor Construction
  • Develop Your Own Training Manuals
  • Trainer-Level NLP Life-Change Patterns
  • Trainer-Level Modeling and Charisma

Public Speaking is considered the number one fear.  You will present smaller parts of presentations, prepare presentations, manipulate states you want your audience to achieve to powerfully connect your message.  You will learn to model charisma, a necessary characteristic of great speakers.  You will learn to use language so compelling that people will not be able to avoid wanting what you have to say.  In short, you will realistically see yourself at your present level of expertise and grow yourself far beyond what you thought possible in this extraordinary experiential trainer's training.  The difference will become obvious and the skills you acquire will carry your forward into your desired future. 

Bill Thomason will be your guide, friend, accountability coach, and partner on this unique journey as you learn the skills and patterns of an excellent NLP Trainer.  Bill is a certified NLP Master Trainer, the highest level of certification in NLP, with more than 25 years experience as a leader in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Bill studied with many of the top NLP trainers including Anthony Robbins, Richard Bandler, Michael Grinder, Tad James, Wyatt Woodsmall, Mary Hail-Haniff, Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, and many more of the best of the best NLP people you may have heard about or experienced.  Please read what previous participants have said about Bill's training abilities by clicking the following link.   http://www.nlpskills.com/nlp-practitioner-feedback.html

Contact Bill at 602 321-7192 for more information about the upcoming 5-Weekend Summer 2018 NLP Trainer's Training. 

  • REGISTER for 4-Week Presenter Training: http://www.nlpskills.com/store/NLP-Presenter-s-Training-Weekends.html
  • REGISTER for 5-Week Trainer Certification: http://www.nlpskills.com/store/NLP-Trainer-s-Training-Certification-Weekends.html

This NLP Trainer's Training is sponsored by Bill Thomason and the NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute and Global Community of NLP (GCNLP).  Call for details 602 321-7192.