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NLP Life Success Coaching

Get the ultimate life coaching experience by meeting with a master NLP coach, Bill Thomason, for executive training and reprogramming for personal success

What is NLP Coaching?

NLP Life CoachingNLP Success Coaching incorporates the same technology for profound personal change that sky-rocked best-selling author Anthony Robbins and others to massive success in the motivational field.
Together, personal coaching (life coaching) and business coaching (executive coaching) have become a significant, respectable, and fast-growing business over the last few years.   Busy people, like you, often feel overwhelmed and need someone to help them simplify choices, eliminte barriers to success, and organize resources to acheive excellence.  The most successful people you know have coaches. 

You Have All the Resources Necessary

Your NLP Success Coach won't just give you advice. Expect to be fully heard and learn the specific skills necesssary to unlock your inner genius.  Your NLP Coach believes you have all the resources necessary to achieve any outcome you desire in life. However, you may simply have those resources organized in a way you have not been getting what you want.  Your NLP Success Coach can help you make the changes you want to succeed, right now, don't you?

You Can Make the Changes
NLP Success CoachingOther coaches may give you advice, but your NLP Success coach can help you make the specific changes necessary to achieve excellence.  Like a sports coach, your NLP Success Coach will push you out of your comfort zone and support you in your decision to play a game big enough to inspire you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.  It's about getting more choices in any given situation.  NLP Skills will give these resources at the cognitive (thought) level and at the behavior and neurological levels and you can do it easily now.

So, What's Been Stopping You?
What stops you from achieving your goals?  Bill Thomason and his associates can help you decide what it is that you want and then work with you to identify and eliminate the barriers to achieving your goals.  Expect to experience being fully heard and to learn real-life skills that can help you get out of stuck states, develop effective strategies, and take action toward your achieving your goals.  Your NLP Success Coaching sessions are one-on-one at our offices, on the telephone, by email/internet IM, or a combination of the above.  A brief conversation will evaluate your needs and a schedule will be agreed upon.

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How big is the game you are playing?
The quality of your life is directly impacted by the quality of your communication.  Your relationships, career, finances, and personal happiness, all depend on your ability to communicate effectively with yourself and others.  In the domain of work, do you sometimes think you have communicated effectively, only to find that someone got the wrong message?  Do you worry that you are so busy 'putting out fires' that you are not effectively moving your business and your career forward?  Do you worry about saying and doing the right things to build and maintain relationships with those in authority positions?  You are probably good at what you do, but there are also things you cannot see or predict from your current perspective.

A characteristic of highly successful people is that they imagine a desired future and then communicate that vision in a way that enrolls, includes, and empowers other people.  Your coach will help you access your own states of excellence so that you easily exercise the energy, intention, confidence, and assertiveness necessary for extraordinary achievement.

What Can NLP Coaching Do For You?
Even Coaches have NLP Coaches!  Bill Thomason has helped thousands, like you, to achieve your most highly valued outcomes of personal growth, business success, relationship, spirituality, motivation, team building, career advancement, and more. Bill will gently nudge you toward achieving more than you ever thought possible.  Bill can help you decide what it is that you do want and will then work with you to identify and eliminate the barriers that have stopped you in the past from achieving everything you want. And you do want to live your life fully now, don't you?

What stops you from achieving what you say you want in life?
Bill says one of his mentors growing up was his Uncle, Darrell Royal.  According to Bill, who played football at the University of Texas in the early 1970's, his Uncle was way ahead of his time as a college football coach.  Long before the Inner Game of Tennis and Inner Game of Golf books by Timothy Galwey in the late 1970's, Bill says he observed that his Uncle treated football players with great respect. After all, they were the best of the best.  Derrell Royal didn't have to yell at or berate his players when they didn't perform at their capability level. He would ask pointed questions that allowed the player to draw learning from deep inside themselves and from their own unique experience of life.  Bill believes that this Uncle's understanding of an athlete's innate ability to excel, is what took the Texas Longhorns to National Championship status.  Darrell Royal was named 'Coach of the Decade,' for the time period between 1965 and 1975, and was called, 'the winningest coach' of his time.

What is NLP Success Coaching?
Areas of focus for your NLP Success Coaching session:

  • Get a promotion
  • Deal with conflict
  • Handle loss of job
  • Produce results faster
  • Influence with integrity
  • Acknowledge successes
  • Set and achieve goals/outcomes
  • Deal with upsets/negative feelings
  • Attract and maintain a relationship
  • Noticing quantum shifts in yourself
  • Recover from difficult life experiences
  • Design your life vs. being a victim of circumstances
  • Discover Core Values and eliminate values binds
  • Become an effective leader
  • Be a full player on your team
  • Change your personal history
  • "Wire-in" states of excellence

What should you expect from your NLP Success Coaching session?

Expect to experience being fully heard and to learn real-life skills that can help you get out of stuck states, develop effective strategies, and take action toward your achieving your goals. You are always a partner in your own process toward becoming everything you always wanted to be in your life.  Bill believes you have all the resources you need to get anything you want in life. You just may have had them organized in a way that was not successful.

What will happen?

You will:

  • Determine what it is you want
  • Explore how your life will be different
  • Interrupt old unwanted behaviors
  • Install patterns of personal excellence

Your coaching relationship starts after a free initial consultation. This may be on the telephone when you call to find about NLP Coaching sessions or on a specific visit.  When we both decide to work together, it is typically on the basis of at least two months, and most often three to six months.  In each new session we will discuss what happened in the one before, what has transpired between sessions, and outcomes of homework assignments.  Homework will be assigned that can be accomplished in simple conversations with people or writing/journaling exercises.  Any breakdowns will be "mined" for what can be learned.

Your NLP Success Coach becomes a mentor, a consultant, a counselor, and committed partner in helping you to achieve your goals for personal growth, business success, relationships, spirituality, motivation, or whatever it is that you really want in life.  The first step is to determine what it is you want.  The second step is to determine the "ecology" of achieving what you say your want. Is your goal give you the benefits you think it will and what are the consequences of your outcome as it is stated.

After that, your coaching schedule will take you through a number of steps to assure that you are well on the path to your desired outcome. You may need to reassess parts of your life, redefine success, set new goals, change old unresourceful habits, wire-in resourceful new states, and build self-esteem and confidence in yourself.

Flexibility is of primary concern. You will always have permission to express yourself in a safe environment.  As things come up, new directions can be evaluated.  Your Life Success Coach will ask you to do more than you thought you could do.  You are always a partner in your own process toward becoming everything you always wanted.  NLP Success Coaching is about YOU.

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