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NLP Retreat with Shamanic Healing

Explore Sedona and deeply within yourself with the latest NLP Course offered by Bill Thomason: “Shamanic Healing with Mind Training”

July 20-23, 2017, in and around Sedona, Arizona and Poco Diablo Resort

Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psychotherapy and Dreamingbody Work come together in Magical, Mystical, Sedona Arizona to make a perfect match for profund personal change and the elucidation that emerges from ancient healing practices.  While the fast pace and confusion ofmodern life creates a sense of overwhelm for the average person, overwhelm is only one possible neurological responses to our quickly evolving world.  NLP is the most cutting-edge technology for personal change on the planet.  It makes sense that people will continue to seek out Neuro Linguistic Programming and related technologies for change and learning.  People are also seeking spiritual connection and life experiences beyond the ordinary.  This 4-Day Sedona Magical Mystery Mind Training or SMMMT workshop will honor each of the four directions as you are exposed to ancient shamanic modalities that have been passed down generation to generation among native practitioners through millenia.  Bill Thomason will be your primary guide on this journey deep within yourself to discover and bring forth your Inner Warrior and connect with the outer world we share with all our relatives including every part of the natural world around us on this planet and beyond. 

Your Sedona Magical Mystery Mind Training Journey

Experience deep self-discovery and connection to more than you thought possible.  This seminar workshop includes in-class learning with hypnotic induction learning segments and conscious mind instruction.  In addition, guided hikes among the Red Rocks, Medicine Wheel ceremony, and a scenic tour of Sedona will be provided as part of the full experience, as you connect with the natural world and energies around you in this sacred place.  Guest presenters and special events may also be planned and the schedule will go into evening sessions on a couple of nights.  Assignments at lunch breaks and evenings will have you out around town and involved in the community.

Connecting All We Are To All That Is

Our world requires that we all adapt to more information than any other generation in human history and to ever-faster cultural and business cycles.  And yet, there is a growing recognition that amongst all the mechanization in modern daily life and drive toward being successful, we all want connection to our own spiritual source; to the touchy-feely, to quiet time, to the earth itself, to God, to spirit; or to whatever other names or labels that may fit for each individual choosing to journey.  

Dreaming Body Work

A protégé of Carl Jung, Dr. Arnold Mindell wrote a number of books about The Dreaming Body.  The concept has been used as a psychotherapeutic modality.  A Dreamingbody practitioner understands that the unconscious mind is communicating at all times through the physical body and the Dreamingbody practitioner enter into a subjects Dreaming Body Field to facilitate healing, personal change or just to allow awareness of one's 'process.'   Another name for this work is Process Oriented Psychology.  In his book, Shaman's Body, Mindell makes the jump from psychotherapy to ancient Shamanic healing as it is still in practice today among Native American and other indigenous Shaman world-wide.  Mindell draws the obvious conclusion that Psychotherapy and Shamanism operate on similar principles and create similar outcomes.  Among the things in common between Psychotherapies and Shamanic or indigenous hearling is that a great deal of preparation and study are required before a student or apprentice is prepared to graduate from study.  In both, healing most often occurs in some kind of altered state including hypnotic or other dream-like trance states. Ritual and ceremony are most often used to put tha person in a state of mind conducive to new learning and makes it easier for a person to open up to new possibliities and make life and behavioral changes. 

Where Native American and other Shamanic ceremony is designed to be a healing of one kind or another, NLP has a reputation for being able to model the critical elements of any system including ceremonial healing and create a process that will be consistently effective in producing a desired result.  For example, NLP Trainer, Tad James proceduralized an aspect of the Hawaiian Huna ceremony called Ho-O-Pono-Pono to create a quick and effective therapy designed to allow the subject or coaching client to sever old unhealthy emotional/spiritual connections from people in their lives.  Toxic relationships can be cleansed.  Co-dependencies often disappear.  Individuals move closer to a Self-Actualized reality as Abraham Mazlow framed it in his work in the area of 'needs' and Motivational Hierarchy.

Bill Thomason's Sedona

With education in both Psychology and Anthropology, Bill Thomason lived for more than 12 years in Sedona, Arizona where he continued his NLP private practice and was also a tour guide facilitating people from around the world into the beauty and mystical nature of land of the red rocks.  Over the years, Bill has facilitated and initiated thousands of people from all over the planet who came to see the beautiful red rocks of Sedona and explore their own inner journey.  If you have never been to Sedona, it is not only one of the most beautiful places on the planet but it is an amazingly mystical, magical place that is situated at the crossroads of several Native American cultures.  Bill says he has invited some of his friends to participate in various ways and to meet, teach, and be with you.  You are in for a treat as you participate in this life and mind-altering experience.   

Indigenous Learning and World View

Among indigenous people all over the planet, there are similarities in world view and Shamanic practices.  There is also a sense of connection to the earth and a sense of gratitude that is expressed through ceremony and ritual practice.  This NLP Shaman's Mind training overviews the common threads of all healing and Shamanic practice in a format that makes it easy to learn and be transformed in a relatively painless and short period of time.  Expect to be enchanted, challenged, and transformed. 

Disclaimer from Bill Thomason and NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute:

Although participants may be exposed to authentic Native American Elders, Medicine Men and/or Women, and their teachings throught hhis NLP Shaman's Mind training, let this be very clear:  Bill makes no claims to be Native American, is not affiliated with any tribal or other spiritual group or organization and does not teach any specific spiritual path or discipline.

This training experience draws from many fields of study, knowledge bases, and practices from people's around the world.  It is Bill's stated intention and that of his company, to honor the life path of everyone involved.  That being said; beliefs run a natural course of shifting, changing and rearranging themselves over a lifetime and some of yours may be challenged.  Bill says, "I apologize in advance for that and I honor your choice to make changes in your belief, especially around previous limitations about what you and any other participant may have been carrying around through life.  Take this 'trance' to make the changes you want now to experience in your life."


What participants are saying:

1. Overall Experience: Life changing and affirming; Wonderful I will always remember how fun and special my 60th birthday was; very well designed and held together; Extremely positive;  Anyone who is interested in Shamanism should take this course; Well planned; Well executed & full of surprises; Wonderful; It has been inspiring. It has reopened my dedication to walk in spirit to walk between the worlds to remain in communication with my spirit guides. Extraordinary, given with much love and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

2. Most important things learned: That I am of value, I have talents, and as long as I share them from my heart, they will be received; How wonderful to be around others and experiencing mine and their transformations; How to organize family teachings into a public training (family=close community); The power of the group to speak up even if you find it difficult; That I'm not alone. Life is not 'significant' but very sacred and my "differentness" is my gift to others; about myself, my focus and goals; Stalking, hunting, & in turning "negative" into bliss.  Loved the magnificent SW Wk; That I can be in 2nd Position and now realize I have the ability to shift anytime I choose.

3. About the instructor: Caring, gentle, patient, enlightening; Excellent; Bill rocks! He is relaxed and gentle.  A powerful presence; All the instructors were very good; Open, smart, handsome, clever, generous, knowledgeable - a great Shaman tolerant & loving; Wonderful; I particularly loved your presentation after 4 directions today.  I felt you as well as heard you.  You are a great Storyteller and a few of them did not fit the process for me.  Shamanic work on the land lieu of being tour guided; Bill, I love your knowledge and to see you open this far was an honor.

4. Improvements: None; more organized; Wow...uh, better soul retrieval explanation; I can't think of anything right now.  Let you know later; I cannot think of a thing - OK Maybe that it be a sacred space-not spontaneous guests; It is happening just as it was meant to be.  I so trust your process.

5. Recommend the seminar: Yes - I would love my children to experience this course - if/when they are ready; yes; Very much!  Hypnosis Practitioners; Yes; Absolutely!; yes; Yes; Absolutely 100%, Possibly have an opening intro to Shamanism and possibly go to the healing center to give a regular part of their program. 

Additional Comments: every presenter brought their own special dimension to the experience. I thank you all!; Grand Job!! Hope to see more like this!; This class like no other took a group of individuals to unpredictable levels of awareness  & we truly became one - one voice, one mind, one spirit!; Bill, I am so grateful. You have truly inspired me to deepen my commitment to giving more to deepen my commitment to living more fully present & as I said to create a Shamanic Dance workshop; Watching you be human and frustrating was fun.  I do apologize for all the interruptions forgive my humanness. 



"I came to this course not knowing why I was coming, but knowing that I needed to be here my heart and eyes have been opened to the possibilities of my life.  Thank you!"

Sally Smith - Cornville, AZ


"The NLP Shaman Training was the perfect course to connect me to my self and my wisdom.  I am looking forward to more classes.

Allyn Sims - Orangevale, CA


'Bill has taken a group of diverse individuals on a journey into the depths & heights of awareness and possibility. We faced out "tigers" and made them 'allies.'  We've reached new heights by the power of forgiveness & breaking the ties that bound us.  Bill is an incredible facilitator who masterfully weaves us together.  He has the strength to hold the space for someone when it gets uncomfortable and the vulnerability to allow us too to alter him.

I am truly blessed and will never be the same.  Thank you, Bill."

Valorie - Phoenix, AZ


"At the beginning of any journey there's some expectation.  This class is a journey and well - exceeded my expectation. 

My journey to understand my intuitive self has been greatly enhanced by this workshop.  

Bill employs the power of stories, the effect of hands-on working, and the intellectual structure in leading us through  the perils and pitfalls of their journey & succeeds well. 

I like the group synergy and loved the guest speakers.  Keep up the good work."

Janice Palmer - Phoenix, AZ


"I feel empowered to take my next step in my life mission.  I gained valuable tools for clearing blocks & coming back into balance.  You put a lot into this workshop both in the booklet & in the people you invited to share their knowledge with us...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you"

Sondraya Bradley - Clarkdale, AZ


"Bill,  Shaman class has been profound for me. All presenters, Serge, Daniel, Sondraya, Vernon, Victoria, Becca...

Gave so very much to my heart & mind I have loved my freedom of my life. 

All aspects of my experience has all been equally important.

What a loving group this has been.  I look forward to all of your training and know I have had such a profound experience for 'me.'"

Savette Perez - Phoenix, AZ 


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NLP Shaman's Mind

Honor the 4 directions as we model shamanic training concepts distinguishing the Peaceful Warrior path from more agressive approaches. Contact Bill 602 321-7192 for dates, locations, details.