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NLP Practitioner Feedback - What People Are Saying

NLP Practitioner Certification Program Testimonials

(Below is a sampling of various classes; not all classes.  Scroll Down for Earlier Training Dates.  Names have been taken off the top of Feedback Forms and answers are organized under each question separated by semicolons (;).


NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification, February, 17-26, 2017

1. Overall experience?:

"A real focus on insightful transformation.";  "It was an amazing experience!  Overall I cannot put into worlds everything I've learned besides how much this class has meant to me.";  "Excellent!  I liked the debriefing of the student's task (assignments). They were different and valuable.";  "(A) reminder of how important it is to feed myself powerful mental strategies for happiness, clarity and well being.";  "The information is mind-blowing. the depth of knowledge staggering, and the level of learning is too notch!  This is my 4th year.  I look forward to many more.";  "Learning to have authentic communication with (the) world around us.";  

2. Most important thing learned?:

"More in depth look into my self.";  "That we are not alone.";  "Love people, respect peopel and the tools.";  "Embracing shadows - that these parts of me are important to acknowledge & are only a small part of a treater whole.";  " --0--";  "To love myself."; 

3. How was Instructor?:

"Fantastic!";  "He was amazing.  Bill really cares about everyone he teaches and it shows.";  "I love him.  I admire him.  Great teacher and good mentor.";  "Bill is more than an instructor to me, he is a friend and mentor.";  "I give him an A++.";  "Bill.";  "--0--"; 

4. What improvements?:

"--->"  "There's honestly nothing I can think of.";  "It should have been longer course OR break into two parts.  Too much to learn and digest.";  "-none-";  "More days - more time.";  "HaHaa!  I will have to find  more peple that want change." 

 5. Would you recommend to others?:  

"Close friends and relatives. (Business) partners.";  "Yes. I would recommend this to everyone.";  "My friends in Hong Kong who can speak English.";  "Yes I would.  To anyone who would like to learn how to communicate better.";  "Yes -- anyone seeking growth and positive change.";  "Humanity.";


"I came with the expectation to learn techniques to have an impact (on other) people's live's and in the learning process my life changed without noticing."

Jose Alberto Dunham, Manager Coca-Cola, Phoenix, Arizona


"Bill has made such a big impact in my life, I don't think I can put into words how thankful I am that I was able to participate in this course."

Kevin Torres, Psychology Student, Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix, Arizona


"Since the debriefing is very important, I would liek the coure to be longer.  Worth the money; worth the time."

Po Sun Yeung, Medical Doctor and Multiple Practice Group Principal Partner, Hong Kong, China


"I have been studying NLP for 20 years before I met Bill. Bill hs helped me transform my life and acheive excellence in all aspects of my life.  Bill is more than my NLP Coach; He is a trusted advsor and mentor

 Forrest Tlustos, Entrepreneur, Business Strategy Facilitator, Phoenix, Arizona

"Bringing yourself into awareness and being all of it.  Thank You for being a mentor, master, sensei, teacher and Shaman.  You can't get any better than Bill Thomason."

Christopher Shiver, Psychology Student, Paradise Valley Community College, Phoneix, New River, Arizona

NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification, November 11-20, 2016

1. Overall experience?:

"I felt as if I was outside my (thoughts) and could better focus on the person/thing/client in front of me.";  "Stong leadership & spirtual developement wIll be incredibly usefull in coahing others!";  "Great experience, lots of life changing moments.";  "This was a wonderful review of topics that are difficult to grasp in one workshop.   Repeating this coure helped me understand, the concpets at ta deeper level."  

2. Most important thing learned?:

"That change only takes making a decision to make it happen.";  "Learning state Fovial/Peripheral vision.   Awareness, holding (difficult) negative feelings, Coaching State for Peak Performance.";  :To be centered and focused to coach with integrity and responsibility."  "Methods of regaining a sense of inner peace."; 

3. How was Instructor?: 

"Bill delivered.";  'Wizard!";  "Bill!";  "Outstanding."

4. Improvements?:

"More active interaction and activities.  (I believe this will help keep the group alert and focused).";  "More repetion of patterns to engrain knowledge.";  "I enjoyed the class and location.";  "-0-.";

5. Would you recommend to others?:

"Yes!  Matthew Rachal.";   "Yes.";  "Yes.";  "Yes - - anyone interested in acheiving greater success and personal peace,"

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NLP Practitioner Certification, May 6-12 2016

1. Overall experience:

The instructor, Bill Thomason shines!  He's got 30 years of knowledge that he dispenses with joy and meaning.";  "It was a good overview/intro to NLP.";  "It was an amazing experience.  It reminded me of know yourself and your know the world  I leaned so muchabout myself so therefore others.";  "What a fantastic experience to go through.  This course was a great way to learn about myself and other people.";  "Amazing intellectualll llexpeirec.  Top 5 experience of my life.  I will master NLP.";  "I take massive action with every aspect of my life.  I over-deliver and have the confidence to achieve my goal.";  "This course has made a lasting impact on my ability to put past and preent situation into a healthier perspective."; 

2. Most important thing learned:

That NLP Is vast and deep and wide - with so much to offer that can be applied on many different levels and depths.";  "Reframing.  How to cxreate changes that traditional mental health treatment provides say isn't possible.";  That I have belief systems that may be limiting, But, I can change my belief systems.";  "The patterns used to help others.";   "Accelerated Learning.  Language Patterns, Well-Formed Outcomes, Pacing/Leading, Induction, Six step Reframe, Dovetailing.":  "Repetition is the Mother of all learning. New insite after my experience.";  "I gained completely unexpected insight into a long-term challenge."

3. Instructor:

"Bill Thomason deserves A+'s ad infinitum.";  "--0--";  He was great.  Very knowledgeable, smart man.";  "Fantastic - knowledgeable.";  "Awsome.";  "He was magical.";  "Great!"; 

4. Improvements:

"None that I can think of - even after 3 years of classes the improvements keep coming with the new materials.";  "It's important that the schedule which was advertised ahead of time be handled - We're all busy and can't easily make unexpected changes.";  "I might extend it a little longer.  A lot of info, but that's just me.";  "Better chairs.";  "Can't get any better!";  "More movement and activities. Physical.";  "All 7 dys in Sedona :-)"; 

5. Recommend to others:

"Yes!  Anyone who would like to become a better communicator.";  "I may recommend, but it depends on the person and his goals.";  "YES!  Honestly. --- anyone & everyone.  I may try to get together a Pittsburgh group!"; "Absolutely!  to those that want to help themselves and to those that want to learn how to guide others.";  "Everyone.";  "Yes, and have been.";  "Yes."; 

"Not what I expected, but exactly what I needed."


NLP Practitioner Certification, December 2014

1. Overall experience:

"Outrageous clarifications magnifications allowing exponential growth of self now & into the future"; "Good review.";  "The seminar was  a wonderful expeirence it has helped provide me with so many useful tools in life to help myself as well as others.";  "I learned an abundant amount of information.  I have beat many of my challenges.";  "Concise informative, well presented, knowledgable, useful.";  "It was good, air flow was only complaint.  It seemed a ltlle fragmented/set up to new concepts /the lead in could have been cleaner."; 

2. Most important thing learned:

"Techniques & tools to hear, see, feel can communication from the eyes of the other.";  "Understood metaphor better.";  "The most important things I learned was (were) anchors, submodalities, Meta Model, and all the patterns.";  "Eye signals is something I will be using 24/7 when talking to people, understanding people at a way deeper level was huge.";  "How NLP can make me a better communicator; How NLP can break my blocks and beliefs & symptoms and clean up my act!";  "WOW!  There a lot - Anchors and resources."; 

3. How was your instructor?:

Skilled & Masterful in demonstrating implementing educating & replicating the 100% guaranteed outcomes.";  "Excellent.";  "My instructor was fantastic!  Bill was very nice and very helpful. He made it a great experience.";  "He was awesome!  A great guy that taught me a ton!";  "SPOT ON.";  "Good."; 

4. Improvements:

"Everything is perfect and as it should be.";  "More patient at times.";  "I enjoyed everything.  One improvement would be staying on topic."; "No recommendations I can think of.";  "None.";  "A break to absorb in the middle of the week. Early afternoon or something.";  "

5. Recommend?: 

"To every child & adult it should be part of basic curriculum - Being Human.";  "Yes.";  "I would recommend it to one of my friends who is interested in NLP.";  "To anyone who wants to better thier lives I would highly recommend.",  " Yes.";  "Yes I would, to people who are stuck.";  "



NLP Practitioner Certification, November 2014

Location: Shepherd of the Valley Meeting Room, Poland, Ohio

1. Overall Experience?

"It was an amazing experience!""Awesome!";  "Much more useful information and tools than ever expected.  Will change the way I live."  "I loved it and have learned useful skills.";  "Life Changing.""Very good review for me with great insights, best practices, experiences that pushed me to excellent.""WOW!  This course changed the way I look at myself and others! :-)";  

2.  Most important thing learned?

"Learning all the different types of NLP practices and using them in class so that using them in the world would be easier." "Deeper level awareness.""Everything is about choice.  Be conscious and trust your self.""How to generate choices, change the way I look at certain things, modeling someone else brings their energy into you.""Forgiveness for myself.""Communication with others, how to connect at avery deep levels.""I learned to trust myself and my self talk (NOW!) is very productive."

3. How was your instructor?

"Bill Thomason who was amazing!! :-)""Amazing.  Supportive.  Patient.  Sincere.  Authentic.""Fantastic.  Couldn't improve course any better.""100% Wonderful!""Bill was incredible. His knowledge of NLP superb.""Calm, attentive, and loads of humility (meaning even though an expert & master still open for new learning).";  "Bill is fantastic!  He has an amazing way of presenting this material!  We all had a blast!  I learned so much!";  "

4. What improvements?

"*None*  It was perfect for me.""When writing on the white board- the people on your right could not see any of what is written. Some silence during the processes. (i.e. 20yr, 10yr outcomes)";  zero comment; "none.""Nothing comes to mind, it was a great experience.";  "I could see a weekend retreat to start, where from Friday night til Sunday noon you have us fully, then classes Mon-Fri.";  "I enjoyed everything about the experience!";  "

5. Would you recommend?

"Yes, Yes, Yes!''"Absolutely!""Absolutely.  Those closest to me and co-workers.";  "Yes.  Everyone.";  "Yes!";  "Yes, when the right perosn comes along.""Yes!  My sister (Karen) & my friend (Susan)"; "




NLP Practitioner Certification/NLP Coach Certification, March 2014.

Location: NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute, Phoenix, AZ

1. Overall experience?

My overall experience was positive. I feel that I have a large box of tools to make use of to assist others in achieving their goals.;  My overall experience was good!  It broadened my understanding of communication and language and already surprised at how much more I am noting around me.  I look forward to further developing my skills beyond the 10-Day. ;  I enjoyed the experience, received a number of techniques that will benefit my clients.  A diverse group of personalities that allowed me to see you work with them and how I could do it as well.;   Comprehensive – information rich, thought provoking and thought producing, Life enhancing, Life enriching, Life changing.;  Enlightening.  No matter where you are in life or your skills in NLP, you will find great value in the process of this class.;  Excellent experience, building rapport between each individual across the group, team building, safe environment, Learning happing faster that other trainings;

2. Most important thing?

The Six Step Reframe, the visual squash, well-formed outcomes, Identifying Meta-Programs.;  Well-formed outcomes, 6-Step Reframe, MetaPrograms, decision strategy.;  Six Step Reframe, embedded commands, communication types to build quick rapport with clients.;  How to view life differently – How to view myself differently -  How to appreciate all on a deeper level.;  Patterns of Genius and my insecurities around my Step Father.  Really brought up a heavy block in my life that is now in the open.;  There are so many.  They include, coaching state, second skin, Pulling out by the roots using the time line.; 

3. How was the instructor?

My instructor was good.  At first I was a bit concerned about group moderation and as the week progressed he became better and better.;  Overall Bill was great.  He created a warm space that allowed people to be vulnerable when things came up.  It was great to learn from him.;  Instructor was very knowledgeable and explained (some) of what he did.;  Over the TOP!!  Bill Thomason gave more than I expected.  He is compassionate, caring, and encompasses the attitudes a Master should.:  Thoughtful and empathetic.  Bill knows exactly how to teach the class that aligns in his understanding of NLP and teaching people individually.;  Excellent in every way - he cares deeply and is willing to allow me to do and feel however I do to get the change & learning.;  

4. Improvements?

I would have enjoyed having digital copies of the materials and possibly a daily outline of what was going to be covered.;  A little more structure in the first few days.  For the procedural types a daily outline or overall course oituline woiuld be helpful. ;  One day off, either Sat or Sun to allow participants to refocus and power through the end.;  -NONE- ; More outside practical exercises.;  I would like to see, look forward to seeing, his assistant Robb, be better at noticing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Perceptual Positions and communication more clearly & effectively.; 

5. Recommend the course? 

I would recommend the course to those looking to learn tools for use in in coaching or to improve their own lives.;  Yes, anyone in larger organizations, sales ppl, managers, and coaches.;  Yes, would recommend to coaches that want to better assist their clients. ;  Yes, applicable to any and all who wish their lives to be more joyous and resourceful.; Yes, my entire family and the rest of society.;  Yes, I am pulling some dates to start with my circle of friends so I can bring those into the training.; 


NLP Practitioner Certifcation, Phoenix, AZ, 2013 at NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute

1. Overall experience?

Fun, open, and relaxing.  Truly an experience that brings you closer to your friends, family and loved ones. Always fun, new, challening and inspirational.;  Great experience! Each day brought new challenges and learning that stimulated each students interaction and participation.  Well planned, well executed material.;   It's been a pleasant experience working with Bill.  I loved the group and way Bill organized the seminar.; How these skill-sets can be used professioanlly and personally - this workshop is excellent in providing the tools to communicate in ways I didn't know were possible.; Outstanding learning and growth experience.  Built close relationships in class, strengthened professional, family, and friendship relationship over the 4 weeks using new skills.; 

2. Most important thing learned?

Submodalites gave me the tools and experience that allows a high degree of awareness of my emotions;  Everything! Specifically, well-formed outcomes, meta model, and belief change.;  Communication, self motivation, getting over problems, improve memory skills, approaching people who are strangers;  ACT AS IF is now my mantra - believing you can achieve and manage the skills in the early stages will allow for future growth and development.; How to connect with people who matter to me in a closer and more meaningful way, putting them at ease - parents, other co-workers; 

3. How was your instructor?

Understanding and always ready to change his approach in teaching a subject.;  Excellent instruction by Mr. Bill Thomason.  Bill's life experiences and deep understanding of NLP makes the course very informative.;  Bill did a great job keeping me engaged in the class and made (me) myself realize how to keep myself in the present.; The instructor Bill is encouraging, on task and provides as much assistance as possible.;  Excellent always inclusive and allowing others to be right and OK exactly as they are.;  

4. What improvements?

A time where the instructor comes with us to field test to our new abilities.;  None/Course flowed very smooth.; Include more workshops and practice exercises;  There is so much information that it may need to be a 10-day course rather than 8 - I wasn't aware of Wednesdays so let the class know; As possible and appropriate bring manuals up to date with methods taught and if possble expanded class hours;

5. Recommend the course?

To anyone that needs it, my people are looking for ways to understand themselves;  Yes.  Co-workers/Friends;  I would recommend to my friends;  I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone interested in how to communicate w/ friends, family, spouses, employees and co-workers.; Yes, family, friends, new networkers.; 

Additional Comments/Testimonials:

Great course that highlights NLP techniques that may be applied to everyday life activities.; It's been a great pleasure to do this course with Bill and all the people in the course. Thankful to them to helping me to catch up.;  This is an amazing experience that opens up ways to communicate  and relate to others to achieve self fulfillment and understanding - Bill is a motivational and exceptional instructor.; Bill is more than an instructor he is a role model and mentor.  I look forward to growing, learning and collaborating more and more with you and Marsha.  Excellent option to improve significant other relationships, friendsips, professional relationships, sales skills and to let go of ostacles to being, doing and having what it is you want to be - do - have.;  


NLP Practitioner Certification, Youngstown, Ohio, March 18-27, 2013.

1. Overall experience? 

Empowering, life changing, remembrance of who I am.  Highly informative;  I enjoyed this class/workshop because how it was broken down in terms that made each process fun to learn & apply;  My expectations were exceeded;  It was an experience that healed me personally and inspired me professionally. I(t) was the most stimulating learning experience I’ve ever done;  I loved it!  Had major breakthroughs and learned so much about myself;  It was life altering!  I’m very thankful that I had this experience.  It’s like a whole new world opened up inside and outside of me.; 

2. Most important thing learned? 

To pay attention to the clues of communication;  The most important thing was that every behavior has a positive intent & purpose & it serves me.  I loved learning how to apply skills.;  Different techniques for rapport, metaprograms, reframing, coaching strategies, better self awareness;  Language is capable of taking communication to the highest level of experience.  The process of communicating can transform live totally;  That I need to be a better listener & communicator;  The most important thing is how powerful & useful & quick NLP techniques work.; 

3. How was your instructor?

Wonderful, funny, insightful, highly knowledgable & experienced, comfortable, relaxed;  Bill was excellent with his teaching skills made it easy to follow and I loved the processing;  Better organization with (of) the binder;  Bill was the most caring facilitator – his knowledge is expansive;  Awesome!;  Awesome!!!; 

4. What improvements?

Can’t think of anything at the moment;  So much information in 10 days!  I can’t wait to process the experience;  Yes;  10 days was just a little short – I was stressed about other obligations being met;  My only advice is to number the pages in sequential order, not by chapter;  It is hard to see how it could be better; 

5. Recommend the course?

Yes – absolutely – to anyone and everyone -;  Yes I would love to recommend this course to family members & also my husband’s company (Papa John’s);  Yes – Anyone who would like to teach or be a better communicator;  Yes!  I’d recommend this to anyone wanting to move forward in thier lives/business/etc.;  Yes, absolutely; 


NLP Practitioner Certification (4-Weekends), Phoenix, AZ, March 10, 2013

(Note: Names and personal information have been removed and comments organized under each question below.  Semicolons separate each comment from forms.)

1. Overall experience?

Deep rooted confidence in my ability to access the necessary resources needed at the time desired;  An excellent presentation of the skills of NLP; Excellent in structure, created atmosphere of safety, learning, exploration, openness, was 100% on, available.;  It was a great teamwork. Putting into practice all the different patterns doing exercises was very helpful;  As a physician, the information has been immediately beneficial to me & my patients. Absolutely excellent.; 


2. Most important thing learned?

Metaphors & values;  The shear variety of techniques and opportunities available for self-help and for helping others improve their life;  I can change my state any time.  I can change my beliefs to serve me.  There is no part of me that has ill intent toward me.;  Well formed outcomes, logical levels, time line.;  I learned that change is always possible and that life can be enhanced through eloquent communication & curiosity.; 


3.  How was the instructor?

Extraordinary as always demonstrated the learning in real-life situations and his level of communicating the skills is very great yet he explains what he is doing.;  Bill has a very deep and wide grasp of NLP, its history, people, teaching techniques and experience that is evident from the start throughout the course;  Excellent, world-class, approachable and learned.;  Very, very knowledgeable and experienced;  Bill’s experience shines through every step of the way.  A true professional.; 


4.  Improvements to course?

More visual tools such as media or videos, music;  Additional practice time;  Find a way to get participants to show up on time each morning;  Probably add video aide; It would be helpful to see an actual coaching client, other than us, be taken through some therapeutic techniques; 


5. Would you recommend this course?

Absolutely to my client Lev Shelev;  Yes. ;  Yes, David at Mason’s;  Yes, to anyone who likes to make a change in their lives;  All physicians should take this course!; 


5-Day NLP Pratitioner Condensed Certification Phoenix with audio and video pre-study

(Names have been taken off the top of Feedback Forms and answers organized under each question.)

1. Overall experience?:

Integration with the skills and tools NLP provides and my willingness and awareness to utilize them; This was a great experience!; Life changing experience, opens up a new world of possibilities; Initially I was fearful of not understanding the concepts and through experiencing the exercises, the concepts are clear enough to use in everyday life and communication;  It is an experience.  It completely changes the way you think and gives you various tools and techniques to implement it in your behavior and change your life.;  We could all truly feel each other's energy and grow through each class.  A growing sense of connection and the need to undersatnd acts of others through each exercise.; 

2. Most Important thing learned?: 

Sense of greater resource for the times I may feel 'stuck' in a challenging situation or problem.  I no longer allow myself to say I don't have the ability or choice to change;  I learned that the better I can understand/and another's reality, the better connection and influence can occur; How model behavior patterns of successful people, be effective leasder and have fulfilling relationship; Well-fored outcomes & reframing;  Solution to problem resides inside;  I learned to self-reflect and to take others values and into account with mine.; 

3. Instructor?: 

Extemely effective, intentional an authentic in his presentation and materials;  Bill was great, knowledgeable and professional.  His metaphors seemed as though they were created just for me;  Bill was the magician for us and made time travel possible, without moving out of class;  Excellent, very knowledgeable intuitive and flexible;  Very experienced. I was able to look at him as my mentor and coach and also he understands ones level and instructs accordingly;  Bill Thomason and Masha Thomason.  A couple with such amazing rappport skills that feel truly safe and welcome.;  Some infield example.  Life examples and life exercises with people.;

4.  Improvements?: 

-0- ;This 5-Day plus coach 4-Day should be the new standard. The DVD material should be made available so they can be learned 1 month before class. Metaprograms if time permits;  Maybe more time, fewer topics to be covered and more Q and A sessions; None;  -0- '

5.   Recommend?: 

Yes.  My friends Dominic.  Sophia, Mada, Laurel as well as my Mother and Father;  Yes, my close friends and the Psycholicl nurses and technicians at my hospital; Yes, to colleagues and friends;  Yes. ;  Definitely. It needs to be a way of life with practice.  It has the ability to change lives.;   Everone in my known life and I will continue to tell them.;


10-Day Intensive NLP Practitioner Certification

NLP Practitioner Certification - Sedona Arizona, January 15-24, 2010

(Names have been taken off the top of Feedback Forms)

1. Overall experience?:

  • I had a very positive learning and practicing experience.

2. Most important thing learned?

  • Step by step processes for various patterns for which I previously only had an intuitlve feel.

3. Instructor(s)?

  • Bill extremely knowledgeable and has a great deal of experience.  Very positive instructional methods and demeanor.

4. Improvements?

  • As an instructor, I cannot see ways which would improve the delivery. 

5. Recommend this course?

  • Yes.  I don't have any specific names at the moment but I will b e talking about this course and Bill for the rest of my life.  If I thnk of any I will let you know. 

6. Rating: Excellent for Instructor, Excellent on Course.


NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification Fall 2006 in Sedona, Arizona

(Names have been deleted from Seminar Feedback Form and are divided by semi-colons)

Feedback Forms:

1. Overall experience:

Learned many different skills that will be a strong foundation of my success.  I appreciate the personal level of this teaching tremendously;  Very positive.  Homework was awesome.  Fun recounting experiences;  Energetic, Informative, Incredible - I now have a toolbox with a full set! I know I will apply these tools in all aspects of my life on a regular basis;  This course taught me so much.  To get rid of some baggage that I didn't know was dragging me down and knowing I can help others in the same way is awesome; Amazing course for the past 10 days learning not just about NLP also experiencing/learning the ART & spiritual aspects; 

2. Most Important thing:

That I no longer am held back by my past experience;  That I have everything I need already!; 1. Tool box of NLP skills, 2. Use & Practice skills (NLP);  How to build rapport, modeling, well formed outcomes, and overall kindness is powerful;  Timeline;  

3. Instructor: 

Fabulous! Untiring - Compassionate - REAL!!;  The instructor was very unique and caring - made sure we were all getting it.  Very compassionate.; Very patient taking all time to contribute to help me realize/change in areas needed.; Very honest caring, determined to make sure we all understood this, and also cared for our well-being outside class; Great.  Energetic.  Fun, accessible, always "in."; 

4. Improvements: 

A little more self-care time ... especially ref. evening meal time.;  I thought it was fine as is - kinda got used to the 'confused' state.;  -0-;  More outside activities, more days so the days are shortened, more time to enjoy Sedona and outside activities;  Don't prepare us for your 'being grumpy' the last 2 days sets us up to be the same.  More on timeline.  More of the last day.; 

5. Recommend this course: 

Yes - my boss has already made plans to attend in March/April.;  YES, planning on having my girl friend attend soon.  Hope to have my kids attend (when it is right);  Company/business associates.;  Yes, everyone.;  Yes.  Coworkers;


NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification Summer 2006 in Sedona, Arizona  

(Note: This program was followed by the NLP Mater Practitioner Certification - scroll down to read feedback and testimonials)  

Feedback Forms:

1. Overall experience:

The information/material learned is phenomenal.  The personal growth was amazing and unexpected;   It was amazing to watch the disparate members of the group come together;  Great;  I found it very challenging and very positive!  Loved the hikes and the different learning techniques;  My perspective has completely changed in all areas/events of life.  As advertised one of the top experiences of a lifetime;  What an incredible experience - learning at all levels; Excellent - learned much about self & NLP

2. Most important thing(s) learned

That deep behavior changes can be made surprisingly easy & fast. And that it can be done content-free;  I learned how to choose from several different tools instead of just using the reframe hammer;  I thought I knew all about me - I realize I am a work in progress;  I learned so much about myself and the other 'students'.  I was pushed beyond my own limits, which I needed and accomplished;  That I have to get out comfort zone.; Hard to list just one - I guess it is we already have what we need to reach desired outcomes;  NLP and self direction

3. Instructor:

Excellent thoroughly knowledgeable and articulate, fun and capable. he was able to hold the group through very difficult phases with patience, courage, grace & compassion;  Wonderful!;  Great - discussed my concerns, etc. - great to work with  - able to change behavior while also coaching.  Understood it takes two to tango :-) Awesome;  Bill was compassionate, challenging and understanding.  He was pushed and challenged and came through with power and knowledge for himself;  Bill created exceptional value & put 110% effort into his role;  Fabulous - he taught by teaching, modeling, and variety of experiences;  Excellent - patient

4. What improvements:

Stick to time better (regardless of students tardiness), keep extra-curriculars to evenings, or off-line times;  Maybe stick more closely to schedule.  Flexibility is a good thing and we can choose a schedule so that others can learn flexibility as well;  More focused, organized, power point, transparencies, more visual :-);  Maybe PowerPoint presentations/slide shows/ or transparencies.  Just a suggestion :-) - because I'm a graphic person;  None.;  Just a little more daily topic agenda;  None;

Additional Comments:

Thanks & I honor and respect you.;  Thank you for all the profound changes I've experience and will put into action.;  There is no way to comprehend on Day 1 the positive impact this course has.  It truly is a lifetime experience! Thank you so much!!;  Bill was a very patient coach. He involved all of the class - no one was left behind; 


The Fall 2002 NLP Practitioner Certification 

[Note: Feedback is assembled and reported anonymously in no particular order] 

1. What is your overall experience of this seminar:
"Extremely enriching.  On a personal level, learned so much more than I believed possible and achieved a high level of personal growth.  Professionally, I believed to have only touched the iceberg of all that I learn to incorporate in my consulting endeavors.";  "I am more aligned with myself.  I carry fewer unsatisfactory patterns.  I have increased professional skills.";   "I was thoroughly impressed by your personal greatness and depth of heart, Bill!!! I experienced breakthrough upon breakthrough into areas of xxx possible for me to achieve, and that it's time to let old patterns go!"; "Enjoyed the holographic method of instruction.  Effective."; "Very professional.  A unique teaching environment and system."; "Very professional.  A unique teaching environment and system."; 

2. What was the most important thing you learned: 

"How to communicate more effectively in every aspect of my life to make it the most enjoyable & enriching world it can be" ;  " It's holographic, I don't know - Trust my knowing when I don't know - that I know Nerk-Nerk";  "A new dimension of what it really means to listen and be respectful o other people.  I went from manipulating people with good intent to influencing with integrity.";  "Others truly see the world differently.  Some even have kinesthetic thoughts.";  "How to build rapport.  How to communicate with people. In short: EVERYTHING!!"

3. How were your instructor(s):

"Absolutely wonderful!  I truly appreciate the energy and personal attention you provided each one of us to achieve the absolute maximum! "; "Fabulous, gratitude that feels like love."; "Bill showed an amazing mastery of the field of NLP and life wisdom.  Although I understand the concept of your approach (confusion), and appreciate it, I would on occasion appreciate more specificity on some areas.  A master is on who become rigorous in framing the exercised you put your participants through, more specificity in how & what and not necessarily why in the first cut.  I personally would be very much in favor of at times clarifying application of some of the exercises.  Last and not least, Bill: Thank You! for being a part of my life.  I look forward to learning more from the depths of wisdom within you!  Much love and appreciation.";  "Great & excellent in rapport & pacing the class through seriousness & silliness.";  "Bill Thomason is a brilliant man knowledgeable and wise, considerate, truthful and more.    

4. What improvements would you like to see in how the course is delivered?

"Possibly add a 9th day and have it start on Sat. & end the following Sunday.  Also limit the downtime by asking participants to minimize sidebar conversations and stay more focused,"  "more time, more rest, more of the same";  "Just add a few more page numbers!";  "  

5.  Would you recommend this course to others:

"Most definitely and to friends & colleagues.";  "Yes. Not sure yet.";  "Absolutely.";  "Yes.  My colleagues in ADR in FAA (but both were on assignment).";  "Friends, family, whomever is interested in personal growth."


The Fall 2002 NLP Practitioner Certification 

(Program held in North Scottsdale, Arizona at the Villa Mirage Sunterra Resort.)  

Feedback Forms:

1. What is your overall experience of this seminar/workshop/course:

"Valuable, a shift in who I am, discard unwanted values and emotions";  "Delightful, took NLP Practitioner training to a much deeper level and feel that I have much greater comprehension of the material.  I will now set out to incorporate in my work.";  "There is much information I still want to learn (and I have already learned, yet want to more fully integrate.)";  "Very powerful, of tremendous value; very intense in the learning mode very relaxed socially";  "Good - as expected." 

2. What was the most important thing(s) you learned:

"I am worthy, I am extremely capable and it is enough.  I have decided to be a multi-millionaire;"  "I learned how to eliminate the negative behavior/emotions/thoughts and repattern them so that there is no doubt -  I will achieve all I set out in an elegant manner! Thank you.";  "Time Line technique and anchoring.";  "Time line therapy, push-pull systems, I am a master NLP practitioner - I can do it."; "Altering mental pathways to the benefit of me/client, etc.";  "Practical use of more models, expansion from practitioner course." 

3. How were your instructor(s):

"Great, so insightful. Nailed me good, "Rapport Junkie."  Haven't stopped smiling.";  "Excellent!  You are truly a Master.";  "Excellent. I am excited with acquisition of new knowledge and am inspired to learn more.";  "Bill was great. Jayne had a vastly different style - she made it more like a rigid class and like cut off the fun and broke rapport";  "Excellent";  "Great." 

 How will you use the skills: "Work, home, self employment in all situations requiring clarity, intent and results.", "I intend to use these skills on a daily basis w/ friends, family, co-workers and perhaps go into this as a part-time career to begin with and eventually move into a full-time practice when I discover just how much I'll enjoy this!", " ....interpersonal relationships have meaning now...real meaning...I can use these skills to make others feel better about themselves and (therefore) better about myself.", "I hope to use these skills in counseling.", "All areas."

4. What improvements would you like to see in how the course is delivered:

"More Jayne.";   "I'd like to see this course extended from 8 to 10 days to delve even deeper into the material & develop greater proficiency.";  "Number the pages in the manual, please.";  "Not that any other diversions were needed from Bill were needed cuz his style is great.  If he wants to vary it, he might spread it out more, not all at end Jayne and 2 videos (+ lack of continuity-in Jayne teaching and assigning stories and disappearing=? credibility or integrity or sincerity";  "It should have been longer in regards to content";  "One day, in a far & distant future, Bill looked back and smiled.  He smiled because all, yes all, the pages were finally numbered & in sequence."  

5. Would you recommend this course to others:

"Yes, Yes, Yes."; "Yes, Let's do it in Miami sometime. No one else is doing it."; Yes, I will ask them first, for permission to give their name."; "Yes"' "Yes, any one desiring to grow in ability improving self/others." "Yes."