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NLP Practitioner Certification

 Choose one of two excellent NLP Practitioner training formats and NOW you can add your NLP Coach Certification for one low combined fee!

4 Weekends NLP Practitioner Certification September 15-16, 22-23, 29-30, October 6-7,  PLUS 1-3-Day Weekend for NLP Coach Certification October 12-14, 2018



7-Days - NLP Practitioner Certification in Phoenix, Arizona, November 3-9, 2018

Only $1577 with early registration.  (At the door full registration is $1877.)


AND WITH YOUR...NLP Practitioner Certification Prerequisite...YOU CAN:

 ADD: this special 3-Day NLP Coach Certification, 9am-6pm, November 30-December 2, 2018


Registration For BOTH Courses ($1877 + $595 = $2472)

- - - NOW ONLY $1977 for BOTH PROGRAMS- - -

Both classes are meant to be taken together

Register now with full payment or reserve your seat with a $500 deposit.



YOUR GUIDE on this journey into EXCELLENCE is Certified NLP Master Trainer,

Bill Thomason


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Learn from the best!

With more than 30 years experience, NLP Master Trainer,

Bill Thomason will be your guide on this amazing journey

Bill Thomason & NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute

are proud to announce:

Your NLP Practitioner Certification Program for 2018

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Cathedral Rock Sedona


 An Opportunity to Join ABNLP (American Board of NLP) and GCNLP (Global Community of NLP) will be offered with completed certification

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Count the top 5 experiences of your entire life and then get ready to add your NLP Practitioner Certification to your 'Top 5' list.

The NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute announces a very special NLP Practitioner Certification and NLP Coach Certification.  NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason, will be your guide for this unique journey.  This special program is designed to give you highest quality NLP training.  Expect to have your mind, body, and spirit stretched to new dimensions.  How, you ask, can we do this full NLP and Coaching program in only 4 weekends or the 7-day format?  How can this be done? 


When you register now, you will receive audio training matierials to prepare you for making the best use of your 4 Weekend or 7-Day training.  We have found that a fair amount of information can be understood and integrated through audio and video study.  You can learn intellectually.  However the critical skills for deep-tissue level learning necessary to become a certified NLP Practitioner and/or an NLP Coach simply must be learned in hands-on, face-to-face training with an experienced trainer who can guide your learning in the class-room so they generalize to the larger context of your life.  Even if you have already read books, listened to audios and watched videos, and evne if you've taken someone elses training, you will now put things together in exciting new ways and experience deeper levels of learning with Bill Thomason's 'Excelerated Learning(c)' and Thomason Method(c) training techniques.  NLP is an experiential science.  Learn from the best.

Your Trainer

Bill Thomason is your trainer for this amazing journey into profound change and personal influence.  Bill has more than 25 years experince and is a leader in the field of Neurol Linguistic Programming.  Bill is an Executive Coach and Certified NLP Master Trainer (the highest level), certified by Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier of NLPU and he is founder of the NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.  Bill has studied with top NLP trainers including Wyatt Woodsmall, Tad James, Richard Bandler, Michael Grinder, Mary Lou Sevey, Sid Jacobson, Susie Smith, Tim and Chris Halbom, and he has worked with Rodger Bailey and best-selling author, Anthony Robbins to name a few.  Bill promoted Tony Robbins' The Fire-Walk Experience seminars and represented Robbins Research in the North Texas area in the mid-1980's.  In addition to his private NLP Coaching practice and ongoing NLP workshops and certificaiton training programs to the public, Bill's training background is extensive and varied.  Over the years, he has provided executive coaching, team-building, and culture-change seminars to hundreds, if not thousands, of Fortune 500 executives in the US and Canada and has trained US Military Intelligence Trainers at the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner levels.

About NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming has been called "the science of subjective experience."  The quality of your life is directly impacted by the quality of your communication.  Relationships, career, finances, and personal happiness all depend on your ability to communicate effectively within yourself and with others.  Historically about 20% of people who take NLP certification classes are interested in becoming full-time practitioners as a livlihood.  Others want to adopt the skills they learn into the personal and business applications that make the most difference in their individual lives.  People want to enhance their ability in business and most find that they make changes in their relationships and alter limiting personal patterns for the better with these powerful new skills.  Now, you can learn to identify limiting behaviors, interrupt old habits and patterns, and integrate new choices, and you can, you know, do it quickly, easily, and permanently.  It's time to make the changes, don't you agree?

What to expect

First, expect to experience a lot of FUN!  Bill will be your primary trainer.  You will be expected to bring your personal interests and life learning into the classroom and to ask appropriate questions to insure you are adapting skills to your own life, educational and business pursuits.  You will experience a fun and open learning environment, intense training, daily assignments, and individual learning designed to be just right for you.  Get the BOLD of Tony Robbins, the GENIUS of NLP Co-Founders and the MAGIC of training with world-class Master NLP Trainer, Bill Thomason!

About Phoenix

If you are not local to Arizona, you will probably fly into Phoenix, Sky Harbor Airport.  FYI - Other airport cities in Arizona are much smaller and more difficult and expensive to access.  Assuming you have extra time and stay over in the Phoenix area, Rustic Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona is a short side trip away and combines old-west charm and artistic senses with the urban environment of an affluent major metropolitan modern city with access to an international airports minutes away.  Arizona's changing landscape includes Sedona, Tucson, Monument Valley, and Scottsdale where the Old West atmosphere inspired filming of dozens of western movies.   The Scottsdale and Tucson movies were filmed smack-dab in the middle of the Sonoran desert, the home of Saguaro cactus with a native history going back thousands of years of native habitation.  Less than 2 hours away is Sedona; one of the most beautiful places on the planet with its enchanting red rock spires, buttes, and inviting canyons.  Plan to take a few extra days if possible.  Tucson is 2 hours south. Where Phoenix and Tucson are in the Sonoran desert and Phoenix is about 1200 feet above sea level, Sedona is north and up into a Junipine forest at 4500 feet.  Sedona is the cross-roads where modern and ancient worlds converge to create a pleasant learning experience among modern conveniences and offering great shops, luxurious resorts, and unique cultural experiences.

Your Certification Experience

When you have counted the top five peak experiences of your entire life; expect that your NLP Certification will become one of them.  You will be challenged. You will experience a caring environment and you will learn to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.  Your life will positively never be the same.  With the skills you learn, you can explore and integrate new thoughts, new feelings, new choices, and you can acquire highly successful new behaviors.  You will learn:

  • To become the master of your states
  • Specific skills to expand your ability to adapt to any life situation
  • Deep and lasting rapport with anyone anywhere
  • To influence with integrity
  • Distinctions between traditional pyschotherapies and NLP Coaching
  • What you were never taught about learning in school (learn to learn all over again)

What would it do for you if you could...expand your ability to pay attention to the subtle messages that people (clients) are communicating at all times, and communicate the way they need to get information.  Are you ready for your whole life to change powerfully as you build lasting relationships with other participants and learn the outcome formation strategies of the world's most successful people?

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NLP Practioner & Coach Certifications in Phoenix and/or Sedona, Arizona are scheduled for the 7-Day or 4-Weekend PLUS one 3-Day weekend formats.   Your NLP Practitioner and/or NLP Coach Certification program will be a life-changing learning experience.  Again, they are meant to be taken together.  And when you do, your life will positively never be the same again.  Please attend.  Train with the best.  The NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute iocated near Paradise Valley Mall in North Phoenix, AZ.

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NLP Arizona, NLP Phoenix, NLP Scottsdale, NLP Sedona, NLP Tempe, NLP Carefree, NLP Cave Creek, NLP Chandler, NLP Tucson, NLP Paradise Valley, NLP Mesa, NLP Prescott, NLP Flagstaff, NLP Southwest USA and NLP Youngstown, Ohio, NLP USA.  Bill Thomason is available for coaching, speaking engagements, and training programs worldwide and has worked extensively throughout the US and Canada 

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