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NLP Practitioner Testimonials

Before you register for Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Courses, see real feedback from individuals like yourself, and how our NLP success coaches helped them grow their lives and businesses.

NLP Practitioner Certification Program Feedback

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NLP Practitioner & NLP Coach Certification, September 22-28, & Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2017.

"This program is an experiential & multi-sensory course where magic happens & breakthroughs occur."

'Dr. Jo' Joann Pina, PhD.,  Maricopa Community College, Professor, Mesa, Arizona.


"Reading about NLP is not the same as experience as doing it.  The Doing piece puts the work into the Real World."

Janice Palmer, Lawyer, Sedona, Arizona


"I am very pleased with the results of the training and look forward to how the learnings show up in the future."

Michael Owen, Retired, Phoenix, Arizona


NLP Practitioner & NLP Coach Certification, February 17-26, 2017

"I came with the expectation to learn techniques to have an impact (on other) people's live's and in the learning process my life changed without noticing."

Jose Alberto Dunham, Manager Coca-Cola, Phoenix, Arizona


"Bill has made such a big impact in my life, I don't think I can put into words how thankful I am that I was able to participate in this course."

Kevin Torres, Psychology Student, Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix, Arizona


"Since the debriefing is very important, I would liek the coure to be longer.  Worth the money; worth the time."

Po Sun Yeung, Medical Doctor and Multiple Practice Group Principal Partner, Hong Kong, China


"I have been studying NLP for 20 years before I met Bill. Bill hs helped me transform my life and acheive excellence in all aspects of my life.  Bill is more than my NLP Coach; He is a trusted advsor and mentor

 Forrest Tlustos, Entrepreneur, Business Strategy Facilitator, Phoenix, Arizona

"Bringing yourself into awareness and being all of it.  Thank You for being a mentor, master, sensei, teacher and Shaman.  You can't get any better than Bill Thomason."

Christopher Shiver, Psychology Student, Paradise Valley Community College, Phoneix, New River, Arizona 

NLP Coach Certification, November 11-20, 2016

"This course would help many if not any person who want to better their relationships in their lives.  You will learn skills and practice methosds of communication that better help you with empathy and emotional intelligence.  This a highly recommended experience for those who desire growth and connection in their lives."

Colin Schneider, Real Esate Licensee, Centre Point Real Estate, Phoenix, AZ.


"Bills programs and coaching has shown me a whole other level I have within myself and how to bring it out and apply it in life. I'm grateful for BIll's help and look forward to the next class."

Michael Del Prete, Real Estate Investor and Coach, Phoenix, AZ


"Phenomenal curriculum in leadership development!  Impactful skills that enhance and change a coach to accelerate & maximize performance of any team, group, or any individual."  

Jake Young, National Sales Manager, Stream Video to Truckers, Yuma AZ


"My background and upbringing did not lead to this type of thinking.  This and other workshps that Billl has offered have expanded my perception of past and current events in a very positive and healing way,

Cindy Schneider, MD,  Center for Autism Research, Phoenix, AZ


NLP Practitioner Certification - May 6-12, 2016

"I never expected to get what I got through the course.  I was expecting a classroom setting with lectures, books, and quizzes.  What I got was REAL LIFE experience.  Yep!  Shit got real! ...which was exactly what I needed.  Bill Rocks!!"

- Janis Young, Houston, Pennsylvania


"I will definitely be taking this course again."  "I learned a lot about the way people can structure their reality and how that structure can be limiting.  Bill gave me the tools and resources that allow me to help others recognize the resources they already have to change the limiting beliefs/behaviors.  Thank you, Bill !" 

- Jason Morrisson, Accountant, Phoenix, Arizona


"Life changing, intellectual, spiritual and interpersonal experience!   Easily one of the best experiences of my life!  Thanks Bill !!! 

The Homeless Coach, "Jake the Legendary Snake"

- Jake Young, Yuma Arizona


"Great things are happening. :-)"

Colin Schneider, Realtor at Centre Point Real Estate, Phoenix, Arizona



NLP Master Practitioner Certification - March 11-17, 2016

"I had struggled with lack of motivation and fear of taking action for years.  Bill helped me to see that I was acting out decisions I had made long ago without even realizing I had ever made them!  We spend 2 months creating an exact plan that I have used to lay my old fears to rest.  Bill is a very understaning, compassionate, and non-judgemental coach.  I highly recommend talking to him about coaching if there are any areas of you life you are ready to commit to improving!"

-  Andrew Nested, Jimmy John's Subs, Phoenix, AZ


NLP Practitioner Certification - December, 2014

"Trusting yourself is clarified with the techniques & tools & experience needed to (go) beyond confident and resourceful (to) outrageously happy!"

- Eva Caraballo - Masters Healing Touch, Reiki, Minister, Doctor of Ontology.  Currently developing a children's education program utilizing NLP and Applied Modalities


"Bill's NLP Practitioner Certification was definitely one of the greatest experiences in my life.  I learned tons of tools that I can use to NLP others as well as myself.  If you want to experience a life changing seminar, this is the semianr for you!  It is definintely worth it!  You will learn amazing skills that will take your life to the next level!"

- Jaden Sprinz - Student, Brophy High School - Age 17


"Highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their lives!"

- Austin Sprinz - High School Senior


"I will take all the courses offered and recommend them to all.  This is a semenal experience in my growth and I am honored to be in the courses.  Thanks Bill!"

- Raliegh R Pinskey - Author, Speaker, Public Relations Expert 


NLP Practitioner Certification - November, 2014

Location: Poland/Boardman Ohio

"Thank you Bill!  I love my new self-talk - This was an amazing experience!  I will recommend this course to everyone because everyone 'desires' and 'deserves' to feel this good.!" 

 - Susan Hukari - Warren, Ohio


"When I took NLP with BIll Thomason in 2007 - my life shifted.  It was a turning poing for me that I am forever grateful.  Re-taking the course with people in my 'community' has begun a new ripple effect throughout our world.  Can't wait for the next level!" 

Dena DeLuco - NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Trainer, Columbiana Ohio


"I will look at being w/ people diffrently.  The last two weeks, I have communicated with my wife and especially children differently.  I can't wait to be a bigger impact on my children's lives using the resources.  Doing this will also strengthen my wife and I already (have a) strong relationship. 

 - Tom Varley, HR Manager, Compco Inc., Boardman, OH


"Bill Thomason has a way of integrating a huge amount of information into a person with such finesse.  He made it fun and all the while you are soaking it up.  I recommend him highly.  (He is...) So knowledgable in the subject."

 - Tina Marie Calderone Maurerman, Elder Care, Youngstown, OH


"If you want to make your life better EASILY - this is the course for you!"

 - Karen Bogen, Hubbard, OH


"Bill has given me the golden toolbox that willl carry me throughout my life's journey.  I'm leaving today a better me; a stronger me, a more confident me.  I'm ready to share this incredible knowledge with others.  If I'm able to change one person's behavior to help them create a better version of themselves then I will have succeeded in the goal of this program & what it's benefits are."

 - Tina Orr, Executive Assistant, Compco Inc., Hubbard, OH


"Having trained with Anthoy Robbins over 20 years ago, Bill took my foundation and gave it wings and possibilites.  Bill is to NLP what Betty Crocker is to cakes!"

 - Gregory B Smith, Owner, Board President, Columbiana, OH


Feedback from Facebook Page, August , 2014:

"(Your) NLP training are something I cherished and if you are in Dallas, Texas next time please let me know.  (I'd) Love to meet you personally.  What you do for people is so powerful as it changes their lives.

Puru Puroshotham, Nokia, Dallas/Irving, Texas


NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification - March 10-19, 2014


"NLP Prac course allowed me to obtain practical and useful tools to change my own life and help others change their lives for the highest & best good." 

- Michael Muscari, IT Business Owner, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

"My overall experience was good!  It broadened my understanding of communication and language and (I'm) already surprised at how much more I am noting around me.  I look forward to further developing my skills beyond the 10-Day. (want) more of it though."

- Krystal Gabriel, Corporate Trainer, Company Owner, Van Couver, Canada

"Bill shows you techniques and skills that allow you to quickly identify where people are stuck and how to move them past that situation."

- Lucas Mattiello, Public Speaking Coach, Level Up Living, Van Couver, Canada 

"Bill Thomason embodies all the wonderful attributes of a Master Coach.  His teaching skills are the finest I have experienced and his people skills go far beyond what I expected. Thank you Bill, you have changed my life for the better and I am eternally grateful." 

- Raleigh Pinskey, International Speaker and Author, Phoenix, Arizona.

"NLP is a system that recognizes humanity’s ability to create ideas and culture.  How we make friends, create choices and possibilities in life.  NLP especially brings out the idea that two sides of any disagreement can understand each other, accept each other and reach a win-win situation.  Imagine the application of such abilities in your life.  Bill Thomason’s practitioner course is designed to give you these skills and the hows to practice them in your everyday life."

- Christopher Shiver, Former Governmental Representative for The Seychelles Islands, now in Phoenix, Arizona


"I am looking forward to the changes I have made in my past, present, and future and being resourceful.  A powerful, positive, transitional, pivotal point in my life !  I see, hear, feel changes now and look forward to sharing them with you."

- Robb Garrett, ADD/ADHD Coach, Real Estate Student, Phoenix, Arizona


NOTE: See NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification Feedback Forms

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NLP Practitioner Certification, Youngstown, Ohio March 18-27, 2013

“This class opened my eyes to the quality of my communication with everyone. I realize now the effective communication is my responsibility and will strive to put forth my the best.  Thank you Bill for sharing your wisdom with me.“

- Deana Tareshawty, Owner/Founder, Lead Pastor, Teacher, Healer, Mentor, Bella Nitesh Spiritual Arts & Education Center, Mahoning Valley, Church of Angels, Boardman, Ohio


“I wasn’t sure just what NLP would have in store for me.  But after taking Bill Thomason’s 10-day certification class, I have a whole tool box of resources to help my clients reach their highest potential.  What a wonderful class that I would highly recommend to anyone in business or personally looking to achieve their highest & best.  Thanks so much Bill for sharing your gifts.”

- Robyn Podboy, Personal Growth Facilitator, author, motivational speaker, Shine Your Light Now, www.shinyourlightnow.com


“NLP life change patterns (& what Bill Thomason teaches) is more than just an accelerated learning course.  It is truly transformational and gave me a new place to operate from in the world.  It is evolutionary in scope!”

- Mary Hrovatic, Washingtonville, Ohio


“Awesome! Loved it!  This class totally changed my life!  It allowed me to see things in myself that I never knew were there!  I’ll be able to use these techniques with myself, my kids, my clients, with everyone!  I’m so excited to be armed with these new tools."

- Jaci Clark – Jaci Clark Photography, Youngstown, Ohio


“These skills will serve me everyday for the rest of my life.  Every person I talk to from now on I will be using my NLP Skills and creating more choices.  I had no idea what I was missing in life at the time that I signed for the class I wasn’t looking to be happier - But that is the overall effect; to feel centered and whole.  My family * friends will get great benefits from me knowing NLP Techniques.  There is a whole world of communication that I was missing, internally & externally.  The experience was uncomfortable, wild, and mind-blowing !  I love it!  I have changed profoundly.  Thank you, Bill!”

- Karen Bogdan, Hubbard, Ohio


NLP Practitioner Certification (4-Weekends)

Phoenix, AZ, March 10, 2013

“As an NLP Master Practitioner, a professional speaker, and author, I tend to walk away with grounded cutting-edge tools every time I participate.”

- Khaled Jurdi, Coach, Professional Speaker, Author, Scottsdale, AZ


Excellent training to help transform oneself to your next step and make a bigger positive impact.”

- Robb Garrett, Non-Profit Board Position, Coach, Phoenix, AZ


“I have already achieved a 3-month goal in within 2 weeks into the course, working with everybody else gives me weight into how challenging things could get when working with other people.”

- Tony Dijairag, Manager, American Express


“Thank you!  I look forward to taking this to the next level.”

Dr. John A Robinson, NMD, Scottsdale, AZ - DrRobinsonNMD@gmail.com


NLP Practitioner 5-Day and NLP Coach 4-Day Certifcation (special)

"As a psychiatric nurse, communication is the name of the game. Establishing rapport quickly, changing limiting beliefs, and negotiating with patients and coworkers are necessary skills.  After Bill’s NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach courses, I feel confident in my ability to create change with myself, and those around me.  I am grateful for this opportunity to learn a methodology so immediate and powerful. Thanks, Bill."
- Mark M, Psychiatric Registered Nurse


NLP Practitioner 5-Day Condensed, Phoenix, Arizona, May 2-6, 2012

"Many of us may experience sporadic moments of our inner ability to overcome and make poistive change happen.  After going through this training I have a knowing that I have multiple resources to bring to my situations for consistency in problem solving and the positive changes I wish to experience in having this new awareness and skill I can effectively help others as well and create an experience that goes beyond myself.  Thank you, Bill!"

- Jennifer Bump, Millibit Online, LLC,  Brand Disciple Consultant, Phoenix, Arizona


"This course came along at a time when I wanted to form deeper connections with myself, the people around me, and my patients.  Although I'm well-versed in various counseling theories, they seem to be hit or miss. It is great to learn techniques that are consistently effective in short amount of time.?  Bye, Thanks, Bill"

- Mark McCall, BS, BN, Phoenix, Arizona


"The power of mind is unbelievable and this could be tamed by 'NLP' training.  It makes you better person and should be mandatory for everyone in school.  If you missed in school, you should come to NLP Skills Insitute in Phoenix, Arizona."

- Ashish Chopra, IT Executive/Entrepreneur, Phoenix, Arizona


"I would like to continue to practice these skills and be able to apply them to all areas of mine and my children's lives."

- Nisha Chopra, Sr. Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Phoenix, Arizona


"I have grown so much in the course of a week than I have in years."

- Christopher Shiver, American Eagle, clothing retail sales, Phoenix, Arizona


February, 17-26, 2012, 10-Day Sedona Experience NLP Master Practitioner Certification

"The best time of my life.  Namaste."


January, 2010, Sedona 10-Day Intensive NLP Practitioner Certification


"Bill gave me new ways to view NLP which I had not previously thought of or integrated.  His constant positive attitude is contageous and he uses many of the NLP Skills within his instruction of the skills so effectivley that the information makes its way into students both consciously and unconsciously.  I will remember this course for the rest of  my life and suggest others make the time to attend.  Exceptional!"

- Justin Lamb, US Army HUMINT Trainer, Ft. Huachuca, Sierra Vista, Arizona


NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification Fall 2006 in Sedona, Arizona


"Although my original intent in taking this course was professional, circumstances immediately prior to the seminar delivered me to Sedona, in a broken state.  I am leaving whole.  Ready to move forward with confidence."

   - Sarah Huber, Assoc. Dir, ZEE Foundation, Zuni, NM


"I came to this class to advance in some business skills....but...what I received was gaining 15 years of my life back and a totally renewed outlook on my life!  Totally Awesome!!  Thanks Bill!"

 - Eric Shafer  Munitions Technician  Greenwood, Indiana


"NLP course by Bill has enlightened me with the excellent tool box.  I have skills to coach with a lot of people in  the world.  Sure this will help me become more successful in life ahead and deal with people & situations.  I recommend this course to  be taken with Bill for who ever is looking for climbing the corporate ladder or becoming independent and have a business of their own."  

  -  Purusotham (Puru) Polavaram, Nokia, Irving, TX


"This course gave me totally new outlook on life.  This 10 day seminar was more beneficial than all 12 years of school combined.  I feel blessed to have been guided here and given this awesome opportunity."

 - Scott Bridges  Anasazi Foundation Counselor  Mesa, AZ  


"This course was everything I expected & more.  Bill incorporates classroom instruction with real life exercises  & homework assignments that truly cemented the information in a way it is retained.  I can clearly see how I will generate many times my investment for this class within 10-12 months.  I would recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their lives, financially, emotionally, and mentally."

  -  Brian Leonard, Sales, Mesa, AZ


NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification Summer 2006 in Sedona, Arizona  

(Note: This program was followed by the NLP Mater Practitioner Certification - scroll down to read feedback and testimonials)  


"The learning is phenomenal!  Amazing self-growth is inevitable!  I recommend this course to everyone who would like to experience more grace, courage and success in their lives."  

Mica LaBellarte - Mother, counselor, Cornville, Arizona


"What it did for me personally: I joined the group on the last but one day and experienced a very harmonious group, well in rapport with each other on each other's accomplishments.  I heard later that the group had some mismatches in the beginning.  The transformation work during that week must have been enormous, and I thank Bill and the group for being able to share that." 

Annette Held - Accounting Manager - Dial Corp - Scottsdale, Arizona


"This class was a spring board to excellence.  I feel the chains of limiting thought/beliefs have been shattered into countless pieces and replaced with a solid length of excellence.  I feel powered like never before, thank you." 

Victor Kutner - Value Provider Discount Cab Co. - Phoenix, Arizona