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NLP Master Practitioner Testimonials

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program Feedback

NLP Master Practitioner Certification 7-Day,January 2016

"I had struggled with lack of motivation and fear of taking action for years.  Bill helped me to see I was acting out decisions I had made long ago without realizing I had ever made them!  I spent 2 months creating an exact plan that I have used to lay my old fears to rest.  BIll is a very understanding, compassionate and non-judgementsl coach.  I highly recommend talking ot him aboiut coachign if there are any areas of your life you're ready to commit to improving. 

Andrew Nysted, Jimmy Johns, Phoenix, Arizona


NLP Master Practitioner Certification 7-Day, May 29-June 4, 2015 PLUS 3-Day NLP Hypnosis Certification, June 5-7, 2015.

"I just completed the Master Practitioner Training and all I can say is, "thank you" to Bill Thomason and Kal Jurdi. The learning was lightning speed and all the important bases were covered in depth. Our training was delivered with sensitivity, caring and brilliance and each of the participants left after having breakthroughs in his/her own limiting behaviors. For me, NLP is the only method worth studying/practicing and this training team should not be missed!

- Valerie Handlers, MSW.


"Hi Bill!  Thank you!  Thank YOU!  THANK YOU!!  You, Kal & the class have altered my life for the better!   I feel as though I have a new lease on my life. A feeling of new confidence, power & positive attitude like never before.  I have control over my emotions and am still learning all the new tricks that I have and am still learning...  I think more and more will start to gel as the days go by, the more I practice, read and continue to learn."

I finished this 10 day class today. It was an amazing journey! I had very little exposure to NLP prior to this class. I jumped in with the HANG ON AND GRIN attitude. It was like a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. I came into class with PTSD and I was often controlled by it. My self confidence was shattered and I had little belief in myself or my abilities. Through this AMAZING training I learned how to work through most any issue to get to the best solution quickly and effectively. I learned how to control my emotions which once controlled me. Now, I can change my "State" at any given moment! I now have a handle on dealing with PTSD to where it NO LONGER CONTROLS me. Bill Thomason and Kal Jurdi are a GREAT training team. I HIGHLY recommend this training. It has given me a new lease on life. I AM READY to love myself and play a big game with confidence and help others to live again after PTSD with highly trained Service Dogs and new coping skills.  grin emoticon
Thank YOU for being who you are and doing what you do!  You are a DEAR MAN and I appreciate all you have done
to help me & Dannielle.  I am a bit worried about Dannielle, but hopefully this work is gelling in her as well.  I think Nonni even
learned stuff from class!  Love & Blessings,
- Amy Williams, Dog Trainer, & Nonni, Service Dog Extraordinaire

"The class was an eye opener to what is possible when it come self improvement. I find NLP develops inner skills that build up your self esteem. Which then allows you to go out and build rapport with everyone you interact with. I see NLP as an instruction manual that better explains how your mind work and how other people interact with one another. You learn to model excellence and develop pattern that dramatically increase the quality of your life. I personally recommend this class because it will show you that your potential is limitless.

- Colin Schneider, Student of NLP, Protege to Bill Thomason


"The NLP Master Practitioner Certification was another great experience with Master Trainer Bill Thomason, and my classmates. I've already taken the Practitioner and Coach training; however, the Master training elevated my learning in areas such as Well-Formed Outcomes, Milton Model Language Patterns and Hypnotic Inductions. The overall structure of this training and delivery facilitates a relaxing learning environment, while providing logical practical applications throughout the training. Truly a great training course!"
- Anonymous NLP Master Practitioner


NLP Master Practitioner Certification 5-Day Condensed, October 10-14, 2012.

"The Master Practitioner class was a wonderful expansion of the practitoner learnign I took with Bill before.  It has given me even more tools to move life forward.  The first level yielded profound results.  I can't wait to see the new magic that is to come."

-Elaine Johnson, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Jacksonville, Florida


"Bill is an extraordinary trainer, commuicator, relationship builder, business partner, and friend.

- Robb Garrett, MA, ACT, Consultant, Coach Trainer, Sitting ADD Non-Profit Board Director, Phoenix, Arizona 


"This is a must-have education in school/colleges, and all management/entrepreneurial levels.  This training will awaken "Sleeping Giant" inside you adn you can achieve whatever you want."

Regards, Ashish Chopra, IT Executive/Entrepreneur, Phoenix, Arizona


"Had a wonderful time expanding my NLP tool box with Bill and this great group of practitioner/coaches. 

Tibbeth Jordan, Tib4Home OAOC, Real Estate, Gilbert, Arizona


"Thank you for the opportunity to train with you Bill and I can see us doing bigger classes with arge groups, hear the claps of the group & feel great about it."

- Khaled Jurdi, Engineer/Entrepreneur/Speake/Trainer, Scottsdale, Arizona