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NLP Master Practitioner Feedback

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program Testimonials

NLP Master Prac 5-Day Condensed, October 10-14, 2012


1. Overall experience: An outstanding learning and deepening of the skills an dtools from my prac class;  Very exciting and opening-transformational;  Mind awakening, lot of tools at yoru disposal;  Awesome!;  Outstanding! Deeper levelof competence; 

2. Most Important thing:  to keep the hunger around incorporating tools adn making them a way of life;  How to connect with others-anyone-any time;  Language patterns, negotiation model;  moving past limiting midsets and meta-programs;  deeper level of understanding of NLP patterns with different types of people & (even in) the most stuck situations; 

3. Instructor: Very engaged, collaborative and focused on insuring our learning;  Excellent, skillful, knowedgeable, compassionate;  Phenominal, Expert and Experienced;  GREAT!;  Outstanding, relaxed, flexible, encouraged differnt point of views & assertive and commmanding at times where it is neccessary for the overall learning; 

4. Improvements: 5-Day format worked, loved Wednesday Night, more tak away tapes for non-AZ students!!;  Announce end time, previous day - ahead of time;  more on forgiveness model, negotiation model;  Visual PowerPoint or videos;

Recommend: Anyone whois interested in expanding their opportunites ot achieve excellence;  I am creating target list and plan for Bill & I;  Nisha, Marish, Sameer, Karamgit;  Absolutely!  Clients/Friends;


10-Day Intensive The Sedona Experience - NLP Master Practitioner Certification, Sedona, Arizona, February 17-26, 2012.


1. Overall experience:  Organized, structured, professional, with flexibility to work with what occurs.

2. Most Important thing learned:  Push-Pull Propulsion Systems/Sleight of Mouth/Milton Model/ Metaphor

3. Instructor:  EXCELLENT!

4. Improvements:  Up to date manual :)

5. Recommend to others?:  Yes. To NLP Practitioners I know who woudl like to do the Master Practitioner and are adventurous and curious and spiritual. 

Instructor: EXCELLENT


Additional comments:  The best time fo my life, Namaste!