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NLP Master Practitioner Certification

(NOW in 7-Day OR 4-Weekend training formats)

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  • NLP Master Practitioner - 7-Day format in Phoenix, Arizona, March 10-16, 2017
  • PLUS  - NLP Hypnosis - 3-Day NLP Hypnosis, March 24-26, 2017, for one low registration fee
  • OR - Ask about the next dates for 4-Weekend format in Phoenix, Arizona

These new formats are deeply discounted.  In your NLP Master Practitioner Certification program you will learn... how to plan for, install, and maintain, push/pull motivational systems to super-charge your ability to achieve all you want in life and assist others with NLP processes.  Upon registration you will receive audio and video pre-course training materials.

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

That's Right!  When You Attend This Amazing NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training Experience

Now You Will Take Your Skills to the Next Level!  

This is your best chance ever to learn:

  • Finer distinctions on attitudes and behaviors of an NLP Master Practitioner
  • Push-Pull Propulsions Systems
  • Advanced Language Patterns - (Sleight of Mouth)
  • Advanced Hypnotic Techniques
  • Advanced Anchoring
  • Advanced Strategies
  • Advanced Submodalities
  • Learn Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns (Time Line)
  • The Healing Power of Stories (Structured Depth© Therapeutic Metaphor Construction)
  • Advanced Meta-Programs of NLP
  • Advanced Life Change Patterns of NLP including
    • Change Personal History
    • Decision Destroyer Pattern
    • Reimprinting
    • Core Transformation
    • Core Decisional Repatterning(c)
    • Behavior Modeling
    • Principled (Total Win) Negotiations
  • Deeper understandings of basic skills you learned in your NLP Practitioner course.

REQUIRED PROFICIENCY: Walk away with these skills and behaviors

  • Demonstrate ability: to identify basic and advanced skills, techniques, patterns and concepts of NLP and utilize them competently with yourself and others.
  • All NLP Practitioner-level skills, individually and in combinations
  • Design individualized Push-Pull interventions
  • Ability to incorporate ecology into therapeutic interventions
  • Shifting between content and context and between experiences that labels for experience

Specific skills of the Master Practitioner

  • MetaPrograms (12-14 Profiling MetaPrograms)
  • Criteria (Values identification, hierarchical organization, understanding, and utilization)
  • Elicitation of complex equivalence and adjustment of criteria
  • Sleight of mouth patterns
  • Installation and utilization of strategies
  • Advanced Submodalities 
  • Multi-level communication
  • Negotiations
  • Presentation skills
  • Modeling
  • Utilization and transformation of beliefs and presuppositions
  • 1st, 2nd, and '3rd Generation' distinctions of NLP Life-Change Patterns

WHAT ELSE: Depending on arrangements made, you may experience additional guest presenters, trainers, and special entertainment.

WHAT: This 120 hour NLP Master Practitioner Certification will be recognized by the Global Community of NLP (GCNLP) and for an addtional fee can be recognized by the ABNLP American Board of NLP, both of which recognize NLP Coaching and Skills Training Institute as a qualified training institute.  Expect that you will complete some of your hours out of classroom to insure learning is associated in multiple environments.


You just can't get this level of training from any college format NLP course knock off.  NLP IS EXPERIENTIAL!!!  If you could get this from reading books, you wouldn't need to take a course like this and you simply would not get the value you will get when you decide to register now.  You will learn NLP skills and patterns taught with NLP and Excelerated Learning(c) techniques.  An experienced NLP Trainer can help you pinpoint learning is such a way it integrates deeply into your core programming.  Beyond the skills, you are learning the attitudes and beliefs and the collective wisdom of the world's most highly successful NLP Practitioners.

WHY PHOENIX: The NLP Coaching and Skills Training Institute is located in North Phoenix just south of Paradise Valley Mall. Called the Valley of the Sun, the Phoenix area is affluent and metropolitan today, but in ancient times it was the home to ancient Ho-Ho-Kam Native American peoples from around 350 AD to 1450AD.  In more modern history, the area had been home to the Apache, Yavapaii, and Pima Indians for hundreds of years by the time early Spanish explorers and later the pioneer settlers arrived.  This area was also the actual place represented by Hollywood's Western movie genre.  Much of the old west history depicted in the movies, that people often mistake for Texas, actually took place in Arizona.  John Wayne, Henry Fonda, and many other famous movie cowboys spent time here and at Sedona and Monument Valley in Northern Arizona.  Hundreds of these classic movies were filmed in Arizona.

Phoenix is a major US city.  It is a short trip from Sky Harbor International Airport.  Fine dining and shopping opportunities abound. Shuttles may be available from the airport to your hotel.

WHAT ELSE: You may experience other guest presenters and trainers.

Call: (602) 321-7192.

REGISTER NOW: The fee for the 4-Weekend Intensive format in North Central (PV Mall area) Phoenix or opt for the 7-Day Condensed NLP Master Practitioner seminar when you register right now.  The 10-Day format of the NLP Master Practitioner Certification has been offered at $2695.  Bring a friend.  REGISTER ONLINE RIGHT NOW!  Or CALL Bill (602) 321-7192 for M/C or Visa payment or send check by phone, or send money order or cashier's check made to Bill Thomason, and mailed to: 5735 W ampo Bello Drive, Glendale, Arizona 85308. 

Talk to Bill for details. Call right now to reserve your seat, (602) 321-7192 or click here to email us.

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Refund Policy

Although full refund within 30 days of return is offered on damaged or non-functioining products including CDs, DVDs, manuals and other books, due to the nature of the work, no refunds are offered on deposits, registration fees, or other charges with regard to NLP coaching or hypnoitc sessions, workshops, seminars, certification programs, teleseminars or webinars, or for other services. All payments for these are final. In addition, no refunds are offered for internet delivered products such as downloads, email products including text pages, or for ebooks, audio as in MP3s, video or subscription products.


NLP Master Practitioner (weekends)

Take your skills to the next level when you attend this 4 weekend or 7-Day NLP Master Practitioner Certification. (602) 321-7192 or click here to email us.

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Take your skills to the next level. This is your best chance to attend and learn advanced NLP Life Change Patterns, push-pull motivational systems.  Drastically reduced pricing: 4-Weekend or 7-Day seminar is $1877 and receive pre-study audio materials download when you register online.  Get the course plus 2 NLP Coaching Sessions with BIll Thomason for $1750.  Couples $2995.  Contact Bill (602) 321-7192, or click here to email us. 


Locally serving:

NLP Arizona, NLP Phoenix, NLP Scottsdale, NLP Sedona, NLP Tempe, NLP Carefree, NLP Cave Creek, NLP Chandler, NLP Tucson, NLP Paradise Valley, NLP Mesa, NLP Prescott, NLP Flagstaff, NLP Southwest USA.  Bill Thomason is available for coaching, speaking engagements, and training programs worldwide and has worked extensively throughout the US and Canada.