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NLP Coaching Quiz

NLP coaching: success coaching / life coaching. business coaching.

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Self Evaluation Coaching Quiz

(Give Yes/No responses to the questions below)

  • Are you ready to ask for and receive coaching?
  • Are you ready to set goals for your life and do what it takes to achieve them?
  • Are you willing to set a schedule for coaching sessions and stick with it in the face of all the circumstances that are sure to come up in your life?
  • Are you willing to stretch yourself to grow in new ways that may be beyond the possibilities you have imagined?
  • Are you willing to be flexible and take action even when it involves new behaviors and practices?
  • Are you willing to let go of limiting beliefs and habits that have prevented you from achieving what you are capable of achieving?
  • Do you see yourself as valuable and recognize that coaching is an investment in what you say you want in life?
  • Do you have the financial means to enter and follow through on a coaching agreement and are you ready to create a new future?
  • Are you willing to stay curious and give your coach the benefit of a doubt about new ideas, perspectives, and suggestions?
  • Do you agree not to doubt or second guess your decision to go for all you can be with the help of your coach?
  • Are you willing to speak up anytime you are not experiencing safety or being heard?
  • Are you ready to record or write down your successes and share them with others.

SCORING (1 point each)

  • 1-3 Not coachable now
  • 4-6 Coachable, ground rules will guide achievement in sessions
  • 7-9 Coachable
  • 10-12 Highly coachable, ask coach to demand excellence

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NLP Coach Ageement

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