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Congratulations on your decision to make the changes you want in your life.  You are about to enter into an NLP Coaching Agreement with Bill Thomason and NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute (NLPSkills.com).  This page is intended to walk you through the agreement so that you know what will be expected of you and what you will receive from your NLP Coaching Agreement.  As with any contract the intention is to clarify what agreements you are making and what will be delivered by the parties involved.

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Stages of a Contract

As one of my mentors, Art Henderson, used to tell me, there are 4 parts of any agreement. They are 1) the talk phase, 2) legality of the parties, 3) meeting of minds, and 4) signing of documents or verbal agreement. Note: until an agreement is completed (step 4), we are just talking.

Steps to Your NLP Coaching Agreement

Step 1. Talk. As your NLP Coach, I consider our first session whether face-to-face or on the telephone or internet chat as an initial consultation. The first 20 minutes are the initial consultation and you will make the choice to continue at that point to complete the first full session. Just as you want to make a good choice in selecting a coach, I get to decide who I work with and you will have had the opportunity to evaluate me and the NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute.

Step 2. Legality of Parties. (part of the talk phase) I select NLP coaching clients who are of legal age, sane, and otherwise legally able to enter into a contract for my services.  Additional criteria included being able and willing to pay for services, show up for sessions on time and/or communicate fully in advance (at least 36 hours for cancellation of a session), willing to succeed and do what is necessary to get what they say they want. In the event of working with children, I may require a parent, guardian or other acceptable adult to be present in sessions. Sometimes, a simple signed permission statement from parents or guardian is sufficient.  The basic philosophy or position taken by your coach is that you have all the resources necessary to get what you want; you are not broken.  Your NLP Coach does not diagnose, treat, or prescribe.  These terms are reserved to medical practice. If an individual is under the care of a medical physician, notification of the health care professional may be required.  NLP Coaching clients are expected to be sober, that is, alcohol and drug free with the exception of medically prescribed drugs and some of those may be inappropriate for effective coaching work.

Step 3. Meeting of Minds.  Determining what the agreement will be and what each party will provide and receive.  Typically it is in the first or sometimes second conversation that a specific agreement is outlined.  Payment constitutes acceptance of the terms of your NLP Coaching Agreement.   

Step 4. Sign documents and/or verbal agreement.  Again, payment constitutes acceptance of the terms of your NLP Coaching Agreement.

What I Am Committed to Provide

I am committed to you and to hearing what you have to say.  Upon verbal or written agreement, and/or receipt of moneys agreed upon, I, Bill Thomason, agree to bring my best efforts and years of expertise to bear on assisting you in achieving the outcomes you say that you want.  I will help you determine well-formed outcomes and apply specific patterns, perspectives, good questions, specific assignments for you carry out, and occasionally, advice in the process of intervening in old unwanted, habitual behaviors that you say no longer serve you.  I will do my very best to create a safe environment conducive to the personal and/or business change you say you want and agree to do what is necessary to achieve.

Your primary agreement is to operating in fashion that is 'in integrity.'  Handling your financial agreement, being on time, and showing up for sessions are important aspects of your NLP Coaching Agreement. In the coaching relationship, it is always better to communicate up front and to say things straight.  Excuses are not necessary.  These coaching themes will run from the beginning to the end of your NLP Coaching Agreement.  The intention is that these patterns of behavior integrate at a very deep level that will become habitual in a way that takes you forward beyond the time we spend together.

Beyond that, there are three primary NLP Coaching Agreements to choose from.  The first and most common choice is the two (2) month minimum agreement that includes a minimum of three (3) face-to-face office visits, telephone, or internet chat sessions per month. These are typically on a once per week basis.  It is possible to receive four to five sessions in a given month at no additional charge. The minimum is so that I feel confident about being able to move you forward to the outcome you say you want.  To be clear, my committment to you is not to a number of sessions, but is based upon a period of time. It is your responsibility to schedule new sessions and complete the minimum number of sessions each month.  You may also choose a three (3) month NLP Coaching Agreement, a six (6) month agreement or even a one year program and receive a slightly reduced monthly fee on each time frame.

Your Agreement

NLP Coaching Agreement

I, (your name) agree to pay $_________ (usually $350-$400) per month retainer, at the beginning point of each month, for the two month minimum (or more) NLP Coaching Agreement and I agree to complete a minimum of three (3) sessions per month by telephone, office session, or internet chat. Or I may pay the full two month fee and recieve the $50 discount. (Note: The current discounted rate is $650 for the first two months of the agreement and may be reduced to $325 per month after that.) This NLP Coaching Agreement is for a minimum of 3 sessions per month starting on the _____ (day)(usually the closest 1st day or middle) of __________ (month). At the completion of this minimum two month period, I agree to have a conversation with Bill Thomason or other NLP Coach practitioner to reevaluate my needs.

At that time, I agree that we will either end (complete) the NLP Coaching Agreement or continue with one of the three programs outlined below:

1. Continue the Minimum Three (3) Sessions per month program at $325 per month.
2. Switch to the Minimum Two (2) Sessions per month program at $250 per month. 3. Switch to individual sessions (recommended one to two per month) at $135 per month.

This third program is a maintanence only option after it is determined with your NLP Coach that the major work is complete. Some people want to continue the NLP Coaching Agreement, and they no longer need such frequent support. And sometimes people step back up to more frequent sessions as circumstances arise.

NOTES: This NLP Coaching Agreement can be cancelled by either party with 30 days written notice. You are responsible for payment for the entire full month following cancellation if it is in the middle of a month of our NLP Coaching Agreement. You are expected to be on time for sessions or communicate at least 36 hours in advance if you need to change a session time.  Pay monthly retainers promptly and communicate fully about successes as well as breakdowns.  If you are willing to be impeccable in your conduct, the NLP Coaching Agreement will work best for you.  How you conduct yourself in the NLP Coaching relationship is an important part of achieving the outcomes you say you want and for integrating the patterns that will sustain the changes you will have made in your life. Please allow the way you "take on" this NLP Coaching Agreement to become a statement of your intention to pursue excellence in your life.

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Full refund within 30 days of return is offered on damaged or non-functioining products including CDs, DVDs, manuals and other books. Due to the nature of the work, no refunds are offered on deposits, registration fees, or other charges with regard to NLP Coaching or hypnosis sessions, workshops, seminars, certification programs, teleseminars or webinars, or for other services. All payments for these are final except by specific prior agreement. In addition, no refunds are offered for internet delivered products such as downloads, email products including text pages, or for ebooks, audio as in MP3s, video or subscription products.

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