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NLP Coach Certification

Special 3-day weekend program - NEXT: September 29-October 1, 2017  

(Prerequisite is NLP Practitioner Certification)

Reorganize your 'inner resources' for ultimate success!  Your NLP Coach Certification will be recognized by NLP Coaching and Skills Training Institute and Global Community of NLP (GCNLP).  Coaching has been a primary application of NLP Skills since Neuro Linguistic Programming started in the 1970's.  The NLP Presupposition that all coaching is based upon states that, 'everyone has all the resources necessary to achieve any outcome they congruently desire.'


  • 3rd Generation NLP Coaching techniques 
  • How to connect inside the Coaching Field
  • Specific Advanced NLP Life-Change Patterns
  • Work inside the values and decisional network of any client
  • To establish and maintain a safe environment in a Coaching Envelope
  • Skills that put you into the 90(%) percentile of coaches, regardless of training
  • The coach's job is not to tell an individual what to do, but reorganize inner resources
As a coach, you will learn that people sometimes have thier internal resources organized in such a way that they are not getting what they say they want.  They are simply not getting useful access to their own inner resources.  The coaches job is to listen in a powerful way and facilitate clients to reorganize the resources they already have.   

The principles that work best for individuals in life coaching also work in the business context.  Highly successful business executives say that the things that make the most difference in business are the same things that make the most difference in their personal life. 

Learn from the best.  Your trainer will be world-class Executive Coach & Strategist, Bill Thomason.  With more than 25 years experience, Bill has worked with top performing Fortune 500 executives and the US Military Intelligence trainers, and with people, like you, from all walks of life.  In this highly experiential training experience, Bill can help you make the changes necessary for ultimate success, apply your NLP Practitioner skills, and to facilitate your clients, friends, relatives, students, and business associates to achieve more that you ever dreamed possible. 

NLP Practitioner Certification is prerequisite this profound life-change event. 

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Locally serving:

NLP Arizona, NLP Phoenix, NLP Scottsdale, NLP Sedona, NLP Tempe, NLP Carefree, NLP Cave Creek, NLP Chandler, NLP Tucson, NLP Paradise Valley, NLP Mesa, NLP Prescott, NLP Flagstaff, NLP Southwest USA and NLP Youngstown, Ohio.  Bill Thomason is available for coaching, speaking engagements, and training programs worldwide and has worked extensively throughout the US and Canada  

Locally serving

  • NLP Arizona
  • NLP Phoenix
  • NLP Scottsdale
  • NLP Sedona
  • NLP Tempe
  • NLP Carefree
  • NLP Cave Creek
  • NLP Chandler
  • NLP Tucson
  • NLP Paradise Valley
  • NLP Mesa
  • NLP Prescott
  • NLP Flagstaff
  • NLP Southwest USA