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NLP Certifications

Register today to get in line for certification in NLP. Great for application to life coaching, Core Decisional Repatterning©, or hypnosis.

NLP Practitioner Certification
NEW! NLP certification training formats - 4-Weekends and/or the 7-day programs, both with pre-course audio and video study. The NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute announces very special deeply discounted NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach Certification with world-class NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason. Train with the best.

NLP Practitioner 7-Days Plus NLP Coach Certification 3-Days
Get both courses: NLP Practitioner 7-Days Plus NLP Coach Certifications for one low price $1977

NLP Certification Standards
The following are standards for achievement for Practitioner Level NLP Certification...
Upcoming NLP Practitioner Certification programs...
The following are standards for achievement for Master Practitioner of NLP Certification...

NLP Coach Certification
NLP Practitioner Certification puts you in the 90% of all life and business coaches to facilitate profound change with your clients. Now, take the 4-Day NLP Coach Certification adjunct class to learn world-class coaching and 3rd generation skills with NLP Master Trainer Bill Thomason.

NLP Master Practitioner Certification
In this NLP Master Practitioner Certification program you will learn how to plan for, install, and maintain, push/pull motivational systems to super-charge your ability to achieve all you want in life and assist others with NLP processes and more...

NLP Hypnosis Certification

NLP Trainer Certification
NLP Trainer Certification (Weekends or 8-Days). You have your NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Certifications and now you are ready to integrate presentation and training skills of the world's most successful speakers. The first five (5) Days is NLP Speaker's Training for 8_Day Intensive. Weekend 4 of 5 for weekend format. Learn excellent public and business training models from world-class NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason.

Core Decisional Repatterning Certification
Core Decisional Repatterning(c) is a 9-step technology for finding the core decisions that have limited your success and installing new empowering programs that get an individual what he or she congruently wants in life.

Learn the structure of trance states, rapid induction, pacing and leading skills, deep relaxation, racheting techniques. and generally how to invite another person to trust you in a way that makes it safe and rewarding for any subject to go deeply into hypnosis and accept positive suggestions for a change.