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NLP Certification Standards

It is possible to become a Master Practitioner of NLP to boost your life or business coaching services. See requirements for NLP certification and higher level practitioner expectations.

The following are standards for achievement for Practitioner Level NLP Certification:

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Typical Duration of Training - Minimum of 120 hours

Demonstrate ability: to utilize basic skills, techniques, patterns, and concepts of NLP

NLP Certification

  1. Behavioral integration of the basic Presuppositions of NLP
    • The ability to change the process by which people experiencing reality is more important than changing the content in the experience of reality
    • The meaning of your communication IS the response you get
    • All distinctions about environment and behavior can usefully be represented through the senses; visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory. Everyone
    • Everyone has all the resources necessary to make any change they want already within them.
    • The Map Is Not the Territory. People are not their behaviors.
    • The positive worth of the individual is held constant, while the value and appropriateness of the internal and/or external behavior is questioned.
    • There is a positive intent and purpose motivating every behavior, and there is a context in which every behavior has value.
    • Feedback vs. Failure - All results and behaviors are achievements, whether they are the results that were expected or not.
  2. Association/Dissociation
  3. Rapport Establishment & Maintenance
  4. Nonverbal Pacing and Leading
  5. Verbal & Non-Verbal Elicitation of Responses
  6. Calibrating through Sensory Experience
  7. Representational Systems (Sensory Predicates and Accessing Cue
  8. Detect and Utilize Sensory Exchanges (Visual, Auditory, Auditory Analog, Kinesthetic)
  9. Overlapping and Translating Representational Systems
  10. Meta Model
  11. Milton Model
  12. Elicitation of Well-Formed Goals, Ecological Outcomes
  13. Recognize and change Perceptual Positions
  14. Eliciting, Installing, & Utilizing Anchors in all sensory systems
  15. Ability to Shift Consciousness
  16. Utilizing Submodalities including Timelines, Belief Change Pattern, Swish Patterns, etc.
  17. Omni Directional Chunking
  18. Reframing
  19. Accessing and Building Resources
  20. Content & Context Reframing
  21. Creating & Utilizing Metaphors
  22. Strategy Detection, Elicitation, Utilization, and Installation
  23. Contrast Frames (Relevancy, As If, Backtrack)
  24. Higher Level Patterns (Change Imprint Pattern, V-K Dissociation, Six Step Reframe, etc.)
  25. Demonstrate Flexibility of Behavior and Attitude

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The following are standards for achievement for Master Practitioner of NLP Certification:

Duration of training: 120 hours

  • All NLP Practitioner-level skills, individually and in combinations
  • Design individualized Push-Pull interventions
  • Incorporate ecology into therapeutic interventions
  • Shifting between content and context and between experience that labels for experience

Specific skills of the Master Practitioner

  • Meta Programs
  • Criteria (Values)
  • Identification and utilization
  • Criteria hierarchy
  • Elicitation of complex equivalence and adjustment of criteria
  • Sleight of mouth patterns
  • Installation and utilization of strategies
  • Advanced Submodalities
  • Multi-level communication
  • Negotiations
  • Presentation skills
  • Modeling
  • Utilization and transformation of beliefs and presuppositions

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Click here for upcoming NLP Master Practitioner Certification programs:

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