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Neuro Linguistic Programming

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What Is Nlp And How Can It Work For You?

Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is a set of effectiv tools for personal and business change and its practice was developed in the early 1970s at the University of Santa Cruz by Information Scientist Richard Bandler and Linguist John Grindler.  From humble beginnings NLP has spread worldwide, and NLP training is now embraced by people in all walks of life and throughout many different cultures. As a method of achieving personal change and business excellence that offers quick and effective results, NLP is increasingly sought out by those seeking profound and lasting change and hoping to harness what some consider the most powerful set of human potential skills on the planet.

What if you could "model" specific beliefs and behaviors in order to profoundly eliminate your own limiting belief patterns? What if you could align yourself with your core values and, once and for al,l achieve the outcomes you say you want in life? NLP Practitioners say that The power to change is real when you apply the right tools to do the job. Those tools can be found in NLP.

NLP experts say that 'success leaves clues,' and in this saying you can learn a great deal about the basis of NLP. Neuro Linguistic Programming states that if one person can achieve expertise, you can achieve a similar result by implementing the behaviors and thought patterns that brought them success. With NLP skills, you learn you can easily and quickly explore and integrate new thoughts, new feelings, new choices, and you can acquire highly successful new behaviors.  As you acquire NLP Skills, you will learn to:

  • Install motivation
  • Model excellence
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Master your states
  • Read non-verbal clues
  • Change limiting beliefs
  • Align with your values
  • Create deep and lasting rapport
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Adapt to any life situation
  • Learn to set goals as outcomes
  • Learn the art of hypnotic communication

NLP is interested in getting results, and results come quickly for those who use its tools. The words we use reflect an inner, subconscious perception of our problems, and if that perception is inaccurate then the preconceived notions that are keeping you from achieving success must be replaced. The good news is that you can replace them using skill-sets routinely taught in NLP!

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