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Natural Body Shape & Weight Program

The NLP Institute now has a hypnosis program dedicated to weight loss. Hypnosis is a proven method to encourage weight loss by targeting factors that contribute to overeating.

Achieve Your Natural Body Shape and Weight

This program is set up to be a minimum 6 week life style change program that will allow you to:
  • Learn to listen to your body
  • Distinguish when your body is hungry
  • Install patterns for positive mental talk
  • Understand how your brain and nervous system work
  • Become attracted to the foods that are good for your body
  • Achieve and maintain Your Natural Body Shape & Weight

You've Been Over-eating

The simple truth is: people who are over-weight are over-eating.  And, you can just bet that anyone who is not at their natural body shape and weight is eating for some other reason that being hungry.  The Thomason Method will teach you specific proven skills for taking control back in your life and developing a healthful lifestyle. 


You can stop smoking, alcohol, or drugs with a decision and wake up the next morning with a different result.  If you are overweight, you will live with your body over a period of time until you see the results.  Lots of people diet over and over and continue to fail because they can't see the results fast enough and/or believe the are not good enough, don't deserve it or to have great relationships.  People, in short, are eating for emotional reasons that have nothing to do with how the body works naturally.  They are using food like a drug.  So, how do you change your body shape and weight while continuing to eat?  This is not a DIET!  It is not about exercise.  It is not about herbal remedies.  It is a life-style choice and method that has worked for thousands, like you. 


You Can Do It; Easily, Safely, and Naturally! 

What if you could...eat anything you want, anytime you want it and you are going to enjoy your food like never before, feel good about yourself, and melt into the you that you are naturally meant to be; and it is going to be easy, and relatively painless.  Would you be willing to be at the NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute for the FREE Orientation on September 18 at 7pm to find out how can do it like others who have created a healthy, happy, life-style?


CALL 602 321-7192 for details and/or directions. The NLP Skills & Coaching Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  


Ask about: The Thomason Method: Natural Body Shape and Weight Home Kit including the 50 page manual and 6 audio hypnosis CDs, 1 Program Your Future Conscious Hypnotic Process, and 1 workshop CD discussing the entire program (8 CD's altogether). 


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Refund Policy

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