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NLP Practitioner Certification Feedback Forms

Ft. Huachuca – August 15-24, 2012

(Note: comments separated by semi-colons, names have been removed and answers compiled for each question to preserve anonymity, Testimonials include names, etc.)

  1. Overall Experience: Great environment and lots of integrated learning. ;  Very Good.  Everything presented can be used while executing my duties at my job.  I will also be able to use these techniques to improve my personal life and relationships.; The course was very fluid, with understanding the necessary concepts of NLP, very thought provoking in reaching goals with the end-state of being successful.;  Extremely enlightening in discovery of the relation of mind and body.  That future outcomes can be achieved when you know how to help people discover their blocks and discover their resources. ;   A most beneficial course that enables us to better know ourselves in order that we can use the tools acquired in the class to have a greater impact on others. ;  This has been the best seminar I have attended in all my life. :  Excellent!!!  I learned much about myself and how to improve my own “problem areas.”  As an instructor I can use many of these techniques to help my student achieve success. ;  Enlightening experience that will surely change the future (in my view). ;  See Back (Testimonial) ;  Great ;  Very educational and eye opening.  Learned more about helping people in 10-days than in my entire 4-year Psychology degree. ;  -0- ;Most important thing learned: How to articulate parts of my job in NLP terms.;  Seeing the power of the mind, and seeing a method of “therapy” outside of the psychological realm (which I have never trusted) was enlightening.;  Learned to conquer mental blocks in life that keep you from achieving your dreams.;  I learned more about how I frame and how I reframe.;  I already have all the tools I need to succeed.  I now need to refine my use of these tools. ;  Throughout the days the course lasted, I increasingly became a better person.  I would be able to overcome communication problems in my relationships. ;  All perceptions are subjective and may be modified to produce positive outcomes.  There is no failure, only feedback! ;  Many personal beliefs were confirmed during this course  -- thank you – I really am not as crazy as some believe I am. ;  See Back (Testimonial) ;  Reframing & Well-formed outcomes. ; Reframing problems into well-formed outcomes. ;  The personalities and characters of my classmates.  This may not have been the quest, but the most valuable part of the course from my perspective. ;
  2. How as Instructor: Very friendly, knowledgeable & patient;  A new experience.  I have dealt with a certain type of instructional method (military) for over 15 years, method & instructions were new, unconventional (in a good way) and enjoyable.;  Was very professional and helped students with understand the many tenets of NLP, and coached them to achieve well-formed outcomes in life.;  Mr. Thomason was patient, understanding and helped individuals discover their real wants and how to achieve them. ;  Excellent!  Got us out of our comfort zone in order to facilitate learning.:   Instructor was great, very knowledgeable & great method of instruction. ;  Great.  Bill took time with those who needed extra time and insured we all understood before “moving along.” ;  Bill has a great process through which he integrates some rather complex information into an enjoyable and productive learning environment. ;  Instructor was great.  See back (Testimonial);  Bill was awesome. ;  Wile his teaching style was not congruent with my learning style, his practices and use of homework really solidified the stuff put out in class. ;  Very self-centered – focused most attention on those participants who were swallowed in and amazed at new concepts, rapport king? In his own mind unorganized. ;
  3. Improvements on course: Maybe the integration of more A/V materials to disrupt lecture/practice/exercise format;  Linear (front to back) would have made it easier for me to follow, however, the technique used was effective and successful.;  Maybe video at times may help.;  I believe that the course is delivered perfectly.;  The format was just right.  I only wish we had another two weeks to really cement these tools. :  Not at this time.;  I believe that giving us the ‘test’ at the beginning and having us complete it as we read the manual would be helpful. ;  More hours in the day would be great! ;  maybe longer so the methodology can be applied more. ;  Double-sided copies of the materials.  That book is a handful. ;  Honestly, not many, maybe a little less crammed into the time available. ;  This is not my course and I don’t feel I should intrude on how things are run. ; 
  4. Recommend: Yes: BNOC @ Ft. Huachuca.  MI BOLIC (Basic Officers Leadership Instruction Course);  I would recommend this to anyone involved w/ therapy – especially those who learned therapy a few decades ago and may be “outdated” in their methods.;  Yes, to anyone interested in collecting information about people and used to get what they want à military, police, business, corps.;  Yes.  To all military leaders and contractors. ;  Everyone. I can think of no one who would not benefit.  These tools are especially beneficial to interrogators. ;  Corazon Behavioral Health ;  Yes!  College students taking Psych courses.;  I recommend this course to anyone involved in human relations at any level.;  Yes, all co-workers. ;  Yes, to faculty and coworkers. ;  Yes.  Anyone interested in being a better person and wanting to better those around them. ;  Yes, to anyone who may be trying to find themselves or even improve themselves
  5. Rate Instructor/Course: Excellent/Excellent; Excellent/Excellent,; Very Good to Excellent/Very Good to Excellent; Excellent/Excellent,;   Excellent/Excellent, ; Excellent/Excellent, ;  Excellent/Excellent ; Excellent/Excellent, ;  Excellent/Excellent ;  Excellent/Excellent ;  Very Good/Very Good ; -0-/-0- ;


Additional Comments/Testimonials:  

“Bill is a great instructor that takes students on a journey from their present state to future success. – I can see clearly that success will take hard work but Bill’s instruction moves you to view hard work as pleasant necessity which only leads to success. –Go forth and multiply—Thank Bill.” 

Dan Campos


“My experience with Mr. Bill Thomason and the NLP Practitioner course was revealing, fascinating and extremely enlightening.  His approach to the training brought together a more clear understanding of how people operate and why.  With META-modeling and the better understanding of mind and body I will better negotiate with all levels of intellect to achieve a well-formed outcome I my life as well as helping others achieve theirs.” 

-- Thomas Summers


“Bill Thomason’s instruction caused me to reflect on those aspects of myself that I needed to improve upon in order to  (1). Be happier, and (2). Be more effective in how I interact with others.  He has empowered me to be better in all aspects of my life.  The 10-day course I attended was on of the most beneficial of all my varied training.” 

-- Jon Stutzman


“My wife & I have been having problems in our relationship that have lasted for several years.  By day 5 of the course and with the skills learned up to that point I was able to practice an exercise with spouse and we both were able to find the solution to our problems.”

-- Armin O Franco


“Comment: “Had a great time & I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned.”   Testimonial: “This was a life-changing event for me.  I divorced in March of this year and had significant issues to work through.  The in-class exercises helped me realize what I can/could do and the homework allowed me to re-enforce the class exercises.  I look forward to continuing to use the techniques to help myself and help others around me.  Well Done!  Thanks a Million! “

-- Richard Matthews


“ An incredible amount of insight into the inner operations of the human being is an extremely valuable tool.  Life will never be the same.  Thank you, Bill.”

-- Michael Schweska

“I was skeptical of this class at first.  I was not sure how many of the things being taught were of value to my position or for use with my job.  As the class progressed through, I will admit I was very surprised.  Not only did I learn a lot about myself and techniques that were very beneficial to me, things began to come together.  All of the teaching that is.  I began to realize that who what we were learning would not only help with communication & training of our students, but also in our everyday interactions.  Although there were quite a few moments where we really had to expose some very personal things, I think this class is of value and should continue to be taught to faculty. 

-- Adam Lewis, JHATC


“NLP allowed me to recognize my fears as the limiting beliefs that they are.  I haven’t overcome them yet, but I feel that NLP has given me the tools necessary to do so.”

-- River Baltimore


“I’ve been exposed to most of this before (not all) so my perspective may be tainted.  We (HTJCOE) teach more advanced techniques. “

-- Pat Skora

Military Intelligence Trainer Feedback Forms 6-15-11

What: NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training Feedback Forms with names removed and answers listed for each of five (5) questions.

Location: Ft. Huachuca, Sierra Vista, Arizona

When: Jun 6-15, 2011

1. Overall experience: awesome breakthrough experience; I learned a lot; very entertaining. I completed my learning cycle which started with the practitioner course. The first course taught me how to use the language, the later course taught me to speak it; deep insightful; people; Very good. I feel very confident about using most of the techniques, and even manipulating the ones where I feel necessary to become useful to someone else; It was a great experience that opened up new opportunities to use the patterns I already knew & add in even more to enhance the effectiveness; Well Done. Professional course. I learned much more than before. Things from the practitioner's course became more clear.; (I) Learned some things about myself. (2) Can apply things to my family and work.; I see much larger pattern sets and uses for those patterns.;  Good - Very beneficial.;  Mixed. I really wanted to get something more out the course but the language patterns, for example, seemed common sense.;

2. Most important thing learned: about myself more & more on how to communicate; insightful listening techniques & language patterns; there are many, many, methods, books and experiences that (I) can draw from in the future; language ambiguity; memory and experiences are representations and can be modified - thus, reactions to future experiences can be changed; Trust my intuitions.  More applications than previously understood.  Also better handle on the purpose of language; Ways to apply all methods & patterns into my current job position.; I learned more patterns and more in-depth patterns.  How to integrate these within my life.  How to effectively help others.; How to apply things the basic course.; That metaphors are fun.; The unlimited potential the training & experience provided me.; You need to be able to adjust to your audience in a room of veteran intel collectors have a very different mindset than your normal clientele.;

3. Instructor: overall good; very well read, well informed with great instructor/mentor capabilities; Good overall. ; Excellent; Fine, even though I know some students may have had issues, I believe they lost sight of the intent.; Good.; Bill is the greatest.  He reinforces the material through practical application.  His delivery at the material also reinforces what is learned.; a little disorganized. Major change from the basic course; seemed less structured.; Bill is Great.; Excellent! He worked well with a difficult audience.; a little pushy at times & blew off a lot of what we said, but well intended.  Answer why once in a while.;

4. Improvements: put the language patterns in the 1st NLP course; answer questions directly. eliminate the enormous number of typos; Use a room where we can utilize I-Pads and other audiovisual equipment; Tend to focus on particular people and ignore others. Maybe show more examples. Videos may help. A small break for reflection 1-2 days;  It was better tailored toward this audience, since we all come from similar backgrounds; Now that there is more feedback both ways - more tailoring the course to our field both instructor & operational; Perhaps longer; Type-o's and book structure is distracting.  Don’t tell people to think outside the box and then say they are wrong b/c they don't agree with you.; I think I would have focused more on coaching models vs. internal problem states.  I really don't have that many problems.; Different audience.;

5. Recommend to others: most likely; possibly; to all beginner, intermediate and advanced students; yes, anyone. Analysts; Yes.  Any colleagues who want to get more focused in their ability; Yes. Colleagues & Branch Chiefs & Directors; Yes - Other instructors & intelligence collectors/professionals.; Definitely.  I think everyone in our line of works should take this.; Yes; Yes.  All interrogators and instructors.  Really, anyone who wants to understand humans more fully.; Yes: Some others who've recently finished the basic course.; Only if somone's really into NLP for the sake of NLP. This didn't seem particularly helpful work-wise.;


Military Intelligence Trainer Feedback Forms 12-22-10

What: NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training Feedback Forms with names removed and answers listed for each of five (5) questions.

Location: Ft. Huachuca, Sierra Vista, Arizona

When: December 22, 2010

1. Overall experience: Excellent course. Not only were skills thought that are applicable & useful for work, a lot was uncovered about each individual that will allow for a deeper understanding of the processes themselves.;  It was a good experience, and the hands-on factor really helped emphasize the usefulness of the course material.;  It was both an expanding of my knowledge and capabilities professionally and personally and a reinforcement of well learned and practiced behaviors.; Excellent self-development course.;  An excellent experience both in professional and personal development.;  This course has been instrumental with breakthroughs in my personal and professional life. Dealing better with people and having better communication has already helped in my marriage and dealings with my students.;   Very positive. (I) learned skills that I will be able to use in both my professional and personal life.;  This course enabled me to put words to the emotions and feelings that were holding me back.; Excellent course, great patience by Bill with dealing with such a unique class.; Very eye opening. Broadens and brings new perspectives on myself, others and personal relationships. I learned a lot about myself and learned a wide range of skills/tools and concepts which will better my personal and professional life.;  Very positive. I thought I knew a lot about how to deal with and influence others but this course showed me the light.;  The best workshop I have attended and best development as a person and as an instructor.


2. Most important thing learned: Communication - how to decipher, understand, & get others to understand.;  People's attitudes and life strategies can be changed.;  I have all the resources I need and can make my state and that of others become resourceful and happy.;  Excellent self-development course.;  I learned a great deal about the unconscious and how it affects the conscious.;  I learned to see/hear/feel life through somebody else to know how they will accept certain types of communication so I can better be understood.; The most important thing I learned is a better understanding of who I am.;  I learned how to more effectively communicate with others.;  More about myself.;  An open mind provides more options and opportunity in every aspect of life.;  The life change patterns because they have everyday applicability.;  About myself.;


3. Instructor:  Bill was awesome. He was very patient and dealt with a lot of personalities he probably wasn't used to having in his course.;  He was a good instructor and he was able to keep the class members engaged & on track.;  Awesome - The good with a class outside of his norm and flexible to the culture of our class. It was a learning experience for Bill as well as us.;  Patient, professional, and definitely passionate about how he practices.;  Excellent!!!;  Very knowledgeable, answered all questions posed fully and kept everyone excited and motivated to learn more.;  Outstanding. Sometimes thought he pushed too hard but in the end it worked and was beneficial.;   The instructor was very knowledgably and helpful in not only explaining the concepts but also in demonstrating them.;  Excellent;  Exemplary - Outstanding. Very patient and motivational. He was extremely knowledgeable and understanding.;  Bill is patient, professional, and definitely knows his stuff.;  Incredibly patient and adaptable; 


4. Improvements: Inform the students in advance that they should have several non-resourceful states in mind prior to starting the course.;  More time for discussion and practice.;  May be a better structure for the assignments and homework. Overnight rather than lunch.;  -0-;  It was a 10 day course that went over the weekend. I would like to see a 2 week course with the weekend off. Normal duty days.;  Give a half-day, mid-way for reset/absorption (reading).;  More Videos!;  None, just right.;  -0-;  Only that the preface reading was overly dry and technical.;  More application time vs homework time.; 


5. Recommend to others:  I would recommend this course to people interested in understanding others and communicating productively with others.;  I would recommend this course to people interested in understanding others and communicating productively with others.;  Absolutely - To all of those who are open to change.;  Anyone who wants to know themselves better than they already know.;  Yes. To all senior HUMINT (Human Intelligence) field workers.;  I firmly believe this course should be implements to all HUMINT personnel as well as all trainers/instructors.;  Yes. Co-workers, friends, and family would benefit from this experience.;  I would definitely recommend this course to anyone in search of personal goal enrichment & self-improvement.; Yes, anybody.;  -0-;  Yes. To anyone in the human intelligence field or those who want to learn more about human nature and relationships in general.;  Yes, anyone I work with.; 



This course was very good at helping me understand and develop communication strategies.;  It was/is hard to find any fault with something that has had such a huge impact and benefit to all of us. It will be an improvement for me for the rest of my life.;  Ravi Chand also provided good insight.;  This course gives a whole new light and meaning to the human interaction.; 


I learned more about myself by attending this course and no amount of time with friends and relatives could have given me the same result. I have a better outlook on life overall and want to share my knowledge with anyone willing to do so.; This course gives, to the human professional, a deeper understanding of HUMINT motivation and how the unconscious plays with the conscious mind. An excellent course.;  I was having some issues with my marriage, mostly stemming from not being able to have what I was saying to her, hit her the way I meant it and vice versa. I used the NLP homework and applied it to my marriage for 10 days. It has turned my whole marriage around; we talk and understand each other. She also learned about me while doing the homework with me so now she will understand as well. I know now that I can do the same NLP techniques with my students to better explain the subject matter and they will better understand, which will make a more motivated and better student.;  Found things within myself that I did not know I had. However, finding these things out about myself will help me improve my well-being. This in turn will allow me to improve my relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. I came in hoping to learn some work skills and had my life changed for the better.;  Thank you so much for being patient with me while I came to terms with my inner antisocialist. I believe I am more confident now in my dealings with other people. I am also more open and honest in my dealings with myself. Thanks again!! ;  In order to be a successful HUMINTer one must understand one's self. NLP takes knowing one's self to an unappreciated level. This course is a must for all so they can effectively communicate even more efficiently.;  From a personal standpoint, I was able to use these techniques to better understand personal motivations of both myself and my wife. Through the process demonstrations, my wife also gained better understanding of our relationship and how we both operate. These tools will specifically allow me to overcome obstacles which arise in our relationship with each other, our children, and family members.;  This course was beneficial not only in getting to learn more about others but also about myself! What I'll be able to use in my professional life pales in comparison to what I'll be able to use in my personal life. Yeah, That's Right!;