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Language of Infuence-MetaPrograms of NLP

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We all tend to assume everyone else is operating just like we do.  We tend to communicate with others the way we want information delivered to us.  The problem is that people DO NOT, by and large, have the same communication patterns we do.


Sometimes Communication Connects and Sometimes It Does Not! 

Now, isn't it a bit arrogant to think that everyone else should be communicating the same way that we do? 

Coaching Session

The Metaprograms of NLP are tools for knowing exactly how and when to communicate to others the way they need to receive the information. 


The Meta-Programs of NLP

By learning the Metaprograms of NLP you will know exactly how to format your language to the individual in the precise way they need to receive it.  There will be no effort in translating what you just said to them.  Now, you can communicate past the conscious filters that prevent people from understanding what you have to say.  Automatically, you are going to be more successful in every aspect of your life. 

MetaProgram Story

In the spring of 1988, a partner and I were venders at a Health and Fitness fair in Dallas, Texas.  From my NLP Practitioner's Certification program with Anthony Robbins the year before, I came away with a couple of ideas.  One was that I wanted to be involved in bringing NLP to the business community.  It was still early enough at the time that not everyone had heard about NLP and its applications to business.  The second idea was that inside the body of knowledge I had learned, I thought that the Metaprograms of NLP are the most business applicable part of NLP.

My partner and I had contracted to have a computer program designed that would deliver an analysis of your Metaprograms when a person filled out a simple form.  We chose 4 Metaprograms and put the eliciting questions on a form for people to answer.  We were busy handing these forms out to people and collecting the data while another member of the team ran the computer analysis and printed out a report.  A short conversation about the analysis would give the person valuable information about themselves and their business communication and it would tell us if the individual was a candidate for business services.  

We thought we were being quite creative.  While I had stepped away for refreshments a gentleman found his way to our booth and as it was reported to me, proceeded to tell my partner that "You can't do this."  My partner simply handed him a hand full of the forms and he was wildly reading through them with a serious look on his face when I returned.  At that point in time, it was thought that MetaPrograms could not be elicited on paper instrument so no one had done what we were doing.  Several MetaPrograms are elicited by observation of behavioral cues and specific usage of language that is difficult to get any other way.

The gentleman turned out to be Rodger Bailey, the primary developer of the NLP Metaprogram material.  We formed a relationship and my partner and I were invited to assist in a training program with the Dallas Police Department.  I learned a lot from Rodger and still consider the Metaprogram material to be a very important part of rapport and language skills of NLP and perhaps the fastest way for a novice to get proficient with language that is designed for the 'person in front of you now.'  This is so powerful because language codes for meaning to the individual you want to communicate with; it's a direct reflection of their own language and neuro linguistic reality.

Language of Influence - Metaprograms of NLP

JOIN US for 4-teleseminar training segments. Call for schedule 602 321-7192 and to receive your invitation.

AND the 2-Day live seminar event, February 27-28, 2016.  This is the original NLP MetaProgram workshop I've been doing for more than 25 years.  In this 2-day Language of Influence - Metaprograms of NLP seminar you will learn 12 specific language and behavior patterns (perhaps more) that can transform your abilities to OPEN THE DOORS to success in every area of your life.

Your trainer will be Bill Thomason, NLP Trainer.   Learn 12 Language and behavior patterns that will transform your communication with yourself and with others. 

We all assume everyone else is operating just like we do.  The problem is that it doesn't work that way.  In this two day seminar you will learn to communicate with people the way they need to get the information.  You will be seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling Metaprograms as the cumulative effect of learning these patterns begins to rewire the pathways through which you understand your world.

The Metaprograms of NLP are a set of thought and behavior patterns that operate at an other-than-conscious level.  An amazing amount of miscommunication goes on because we all assume everyone else is operating the way we do.  Problem is: it's just not true.  Other people have different patterns and it is simply arrogant to expect them to be like us.

This seminar will wake you up.  By the second day the patterns begin to come together in a way that you will never view others the same way ever again.  You will learn to recognize, elicit, and respond to people the way need the information. 

Business Benefits: 

  • Get a job
  • Motivate people
  • Sell Successfully
  • Hire the right person 
  • Enhance customer service
  • Reduce infighting
  • Profile employees and customers

...so that you can communicate specifically in the way an individual needs to receive information.  

Personal Benefits: 

  • Be happier
  • Be more persuasive 
  • Improve relationships
  • Become more tolerant of others
  • Get more of what you want in life
  • Build instant rapport with anyone, anywhere

...as you notice that people gravitate to you and want be around you. 

This Language of Influence MetaPrograms of NLP training is designed to be a 2-Day workshop to deeply embed the 12 patterns that have been considered the most business applicable part of NLP in a way you'll be using them automatically in daily life from day one.

NOW, you can also take a 4-part series teleseminar that will cover the Language of Influence - MetaProgram information. Contact Bill at 602 321-7192 to learn more.  


Experiencing Self Actualization - Advanced MetaProgram Workshop

(Ask about upcoming dates - Call 602 321-7192)  A 2-Day or 4 Weeknight Workshop to explore the real-time right now experience of Self-Actualization as is described by Abraham Maslow.  In this 2-Day workshop you will learn specific MetaPrograms as they relate to acheiving Self-Actualization on Maslow Hierarchy of Needs and consistent with L Michael Hall's book Self Actualization that takes on completing the work of Maslow.  In addition, the conclusion of the workshop is installing the patterns of your own Self Actualization.  This is a very powerful and inspiring experience.  Contact Bill Thomason for more information 602 321-7192 for dates and to register for upcoming training workshops. 


The Bailey Profile

 FREE MetaPrograms of Relationship - 10-Day Internet Summit - 2012

After more than 25 years Rodger Bailey called me recently on a SKYPE call and asked if I'd be one of the 12 trainers who have been using Rodger's MetaProgram profile over these many years.  Rodger has been living in Uraguey, South America and being the pioneeer and developer that he has always been, he says he has tweaked some of the original MetaProgram patterns included in his LAB Profile(tm) and added some new MetaPrograms to create his new profile package he is calling the "Bailey Profile."  Rodger calls himself a 'tinkerer,' and as long as I have known him, he has always been developing and learning more about the MetaPrograms.  The Bailey Profile training will teach you 17 MetaPrograms as they have been revised and updated.

For 10 days starting the first week of October 2013, Rodger and I (and about 11 other trainers) are sponsoring this NLP MetaPrograms of Relationship Internet Summit for one hour per day each day.  Lessons can be downloaded and I am looking for interested people to participate in this amazing training opportunity at no charge.  Rodger says you may want to purchase the upgrade to the Bailey Profile and participation in the internet summit is at no charge.

Please contact me at 602 321-7192 to register for this FREE training opportunity. 


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