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How To Become Self-Actualized

Learn Advanced MetaPrograms of NLP to give you an experience of you own states of Self Actualization. The MetaPrograms of NLP are language and behavior patterns expressed in how we sort for information and similar to 'trait theory' in Psychology. They tend to be simpler and easier to understand and recognize once we know the patterns. We all have different patterns in differing combinations and since they operate at an unconscious level in our programming, and we tend to expect everyone else to operate based on the same patterns that we have. Miscommunications are often the result. Abraham Maslow described Self-Actualization at the top of his Needs Heirarchy and this workshop will give you an experience of being Self Actualized based on your own specific MetaPrograms for success. Bill Thomason will be your guide and trainer for this dynamic life-awakening experience.

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