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Language Patterns of NLP: Technique Coaching Workshop

Workshop designed to use neuro linguistic programming techniques to be a more effective communicator for personal and professional relationships.

Advanced Language Patterns of NLP Workshop

This Advanced Language Patterns of NLP seminar/workshop is designed to transform your ability to influence others and communicate more effectively with anyone, anywhere, any time. Learn transformational language patterns of Milton H. Erickson, MD, because, you know, you can know more, learn more about how people, like you, can sometimes do whatever is necessary in their lives to be in this place or another place, doing this or that, and when they take the time and invest in themselves, the benefits are personal excellence and you just find yourself doing the things, you know, you always dreamed it is possible to be in this place where you can learn those secrets that a long time ago you thought were possible and you could learn, that they would grow you, didn't you? And, by the way, you do remember the story of the little boy and girl who got everything that they always wanted now, don't you?

  • Influence beyond the conscious filters
  • Take this trance to change profoundly now
  • Learn to induce trance in yourself and others
  • Understand the structure of hypnotic trance work
  • Develop advanced language patterns necessary to make the changes
  • Recognize and utilize trance states that people are in and out of all the time
Your trainer is Bill Thomason. Bill is a world-class trainer with more than 20 years’ experience in coaching and training people, like you, and can help you make the changes necessary to achieve what you congruently desire in life.  Bill creates an environment that can help you do it easily, safely, and painlessly.

If you are a sales person, teacher, therapist, coach, business person, or just want to be more effective in every part of your life, do not hesitate to call now to register for this seminar.

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What: Four (4) Weeknight evenings OR a 2-Day weekend. 

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