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NLP Hypnosis Workshop

Use NLP hypnosis training to break habits and be a more effective communicator with techniques developed by Milton  H. Erickson, MD, and taught by master NLP business coach, Bill Thomason.

Attend this 3-Day, Take That Trance To Change - NLP Hypnosis Workshop.  (Call for dates: 602 321-7192)  Learn hypnotic techniques of Milton H Erickson, MD, to bring people into suggestible states whether they are in a deep closed-eye relaxation trance or in normal conversation.  You will learn skills for Structured Depth Metaphor(c) Construction, use of Hypnotic Language Patterns, and to deliver inductions that allow the unconcious mind to make the connections it needs for profound change while preserving the highest good of the individual.  Become vastly more persuasive in any life situation as these techniques apply to normal waking conversation as well as closed-eye relaxation and deep trance phenomena.  Bill Thomason is your trainer for this enchanting 3-day training program.  Registration fee is only $237 when you CALL NOW 602 321-7192.