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High Performance Results 

'High performance' can be defined as extraordinary achievement. While many companies expend time, money, and energy on technological and structural solutions, it is people who produce results. Virtually every business process involves people working together.

High performance teams go above and beyond normal expectations to produce extraordinary results. From the high performance perspective, relationship is the foundation for all achievement. High performance leaders are 100% accountable for results and in the excellent high performance culture, team members are 100% accountable for results and for impact on others. Team members are aligned around an inspired vision, experience a sense of team, and are quick to give and receive coaching.

This High Performance Results program is designed to eliminate barriers to success and install breakthrough management and selling skills necessary to support excellence. To generate competitive advantage based on quality of relationship that produces results through alignment, inspired vision, and collaboration as a high performance team. The outcome is to ̳call forth‘ individual and team potentials to produce extraordinary business results inside a culture that inspires the best in people and to which people want to belong.

This High Performance Results program is designed to allow you to break past barriers and unresourceful habitual patterns of behavior in a way that calls for redefining how relationships work in your organization. The process allows for team members to address important issues about how to work more productively and efficiently together to maximize business results in light of being reaching a new level of being a high performance team. Each session is customized to address the unique business concerns and intentions of the group.

What to Expect From This Seminar

  •   Alignment Process
  •   Identify Toxic Games
  •   A New Way of Communicating
  •   Turn Complaints Into Requests
  •   Why to Become High Performance
  •   Straight Talk and Holding to Account
  •   How to Speak a New Future Into Existence
  •   Speak Persuasively From Values, Elicit Values
  •   True Customer-Oriented Selling—Criteria Selling
  •   Distinguish Ordinary from High Performance Teams
  •   A New Understanding of Ownership—(Best Team Ever)
  •   An Inspiring Outcome Big Enough to Change Your Game
  •   Action Plan for Achievement

High Performance Distinctions

Ordinary Teams: 

Being Resigned Offering Solutions First Making Assumptions Take Credit
Status Quo
Being Right
Avoiding Issues/People Turf Building Controlling

Being a Victim

High Performance Teams:

Listening for Contribution Creating Possibility Identifying the Real Issue Eliciting Criteria Acknowledgement

Risk Taking
Being Curious
Making requests
Straight Talk Partnership/Collaboration Empowering/Offering Resources

Taking Responsibility

High Performance Companies

High Performance Teams (HPTs) is a technical term referring to teams, organizations, or virtual groups that are highly focused on their goals. In cases studied, major change was created through the shifting of organizational culture, merging the business goals of the organization with the social needs of the individuals. Often in less than a year, HPTs achieved a quantum leap in business results in all key success dimensions, including customer, employee, shareholder, and other operational value-added dimensions.

From Wikipedia Search-‘High Performance Teams‘

Ref: Center for Collaborative Organizations, University of North Texas, Denton Texas

“If we don't’ change the direction, we are very likely to wind up where we are headed.”

Chinese Proverb

Areas of Focus

The focus of this High Performance Results seminar is in four (4) primary areas that are critical to generating a high performance in an organization or team.

  Alignment around and agreed upon vision and direction

  Communication model and management level skills

  Selling/persuasion skills

Stated another way: Commitment, Influence, and Partnership


High performance teams work together in a disciplined model that engages people to produce consistently excellent results. The first question that a high performance team asks is, ―What are we committed to create together?‖


The model for building a high performance team:

  Customer experience
  •   Choose to become a high performance team

  •   Operate from 100% Accountability

  •   Build Committed Partnerships

  •   Adopt Practices of High Performance


    The outcome we invite you to take on as your own in this seminar is to become a leader inside the organization and the willingness to put your personal point of view aside in order to fully support your commitment to excellence of the organization. You will learn how the quality of your relationships is your competitive advantage. In the excellent company, authority, compromise, and internal competition are replaced by influence, alignment, and partnership. These new ways of working and relating require new ways of thinking and new skills.

  •   Become a Coaching Organization