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Heartistic Transformation(c) is a 3-Day Workshop - A complete NLP coaching protocol including Forgiveness Process, HoOPonoPono, Infuse Total Love Process, and Self Actualization patterns designed to install patterns for profound personal change.


Feedback Forms from Heartistic Transformation 3-Day Workshop - March 24-26, 2017.  Note: names have been deleted and participant comments are grouped for each question on the Seminar Feedback Form

1. Overall experience:

"It was very good to learn new things about myself and how to understand them to make positive change.";  "This was a very healing workshop. A lotof great review that was threaded together in a brilliant way.";  "It was very enlightening. I learned what kind of person I am and how I accomplish tasks.";  "A life changing experience.";  "This experience was great.  I could feel how much Bill cares for his students..";  "I feel very refreshed, exhiliarated, and motivated. It challenged me with ideas I had never considered before.";  "Overall met and exceeded expectations. Hard work pays off. It's not work  if it's fun and I had fun.";  "


2. Most important thing learned:

"Infusion of 'Total Love.'";  "Trust myself and remember to forgive, learn, and grow.";  "I learned you don't have to forgive (for others), it is for you.";  "Unconditional forgiveness, Unconditional love.";  "Anything is possible.  I have changed for the better.";  "Tha I have teh abilitiy to heal my past/shadow self.";  "I learned to work well in a group of like-minded people.";  "


3. How was the instructor:

"Calm and helpful.";  "Bill, you did great. I enjoyed the weekend seminar very very much.";  "He was amazing as always.";  "Very knowledgeable.";  ""Fantastic, patient, took time to explain and interact with everyone.";  "Easy-going, knowledgeable, thorough.";  "Bill its great. Makes learning  NLP a great experience.";  " 


4. Improvements:

"No answer at this time.";  "More interaction and communication within the group. Activities and shared stories.";  "None.";  " --0--";  "Maybe in a yoga studio or somewhere a little more relaxing for the meditation states.";  "The exercises were sometimes not clear.";  "Have no suggestions.  Went well with break/lunch schedule.";  "


5.  Recommend to others:

"Yes, those interested in self development.";  " Yes, Chris S____, Tom T___, Matt R___, and Holly D___.";  "Yes, friends looking to find out who they are.";  "Yes, to those who are looking forward to expand their lives and dreams.";  "Lots of my friends and family.";  "Yes, my work colleagues.";  "I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn NLP.";  "