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Heartistic Transformation(c) Workshop


Heartistic Transformation(c) is a complete NLP Coaching protocol.  NOW, you can decide what you want, eliminate past emotional barrirers, transform past limiting events, let go of grudges and betrayals that have stopped you, and infuse every limting event with the experience of unconditioal lvoe.  You will liern how to get to the real issue behind limiting behaviors. It is partially based on the idea that it's possible to take the limiting evernts of your life and focus on them in such a way that you 'unconditionally love' whatever happened.  What if you could model the abilities of Jesus of Nazareth, Mahatma Ghandi, and understand the essence of the teachings of religious guru personalities who claim they have gone beyond hurt, pain, and sadness or prisoner of war survivors who were able to experience self-actualization in the face of incredibly difficult life circumstances.   

Now you can take the live 3-Day workshop May 1-3, 2015 in Phoenix, AZ, http://www.nlpskills.com/store/Heartistic-Transformation-c-3Day-PHX.html

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In this 3-Day weekend workshop, you will learn the steps and experience how profound change occurs quickly, easily and permanently.  Take your limiting beliefs and attached event references to a state of unconditional love as a way of being in your life regardless of past circumstances.  Bill Thomason is your Executive Coach and Certified NLP Mater Trainer on this journey.  You will experience being fully heard as Bill makes it easy to let go of old painful emotion and hurt and you can make new life enhancing choices about the life you will live. 

How is it possible for people to change?  

This question has driven a large part of my work and thought over the years. It is certainly a central theme of human potential inquiry. Perhaps you know someone who suddenly started to live a very different kind of life than they had before; someone who had experienced a "profound life change."

As NLP pioneer and developer Wyatt Woodsmall points out, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) developed from a technology called Behavioral Modeling.  Children learn from 'modeling" the behaviors of others, especially parents and other primary caregivers. The co-founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, sought out the most successful people from various fields to model their behavior.  They wanted to discover the structure of "expertise;" how people do what they do well.

Richard Bandler was a computer information student.  John Grinder was a professor of Linguistics. Since they were both interested in Gestalt Therapy, the first experts they modeled were therapists.  Richard and John started to systematically elicit and then "model" or "copy" the behavior of these experts.  Although there are some exceptions, it was said that if anyone can create any achievement in life, and if you can get enough "quality information" about how they do it, you can reproduce the same results.

Profound Life Change

So, what are the common elements among people who have experienced "profound personal change?" or "Heartistic Transformation(c)? It seems that profound personal change is typically preceded by some traumatic event. Sometimes it is a near death experience, like an auto accident, or a doctor telling you, "Get your affairs in order; you have only a few months to live."  It may be that someone you know went to church on a Sunday and, while in a deep emotional state, decided to re-dedicate his or her life. From that moment on, that person lived differently.

Everyone knows someone who has had a "profound life change" experience?  But how can we "model" or reproduce profound change in our own lives? And, can it be done without the trauma? It is thought that by age 4 or 5, most people have almost all their deep-level, core programming in place.  This deep programming operates at an other-than-conscious level and it drives a person's behavior for the rest of his or her life.

When we ask experts how they do what they do, they most often say, "I don't know how I do it, I just do it."  However, when information is elicited effectively by a practitioner of NLP, we find that the person does know at some level.  People who have had a profound life change experience report they were in a state of "deep emotion" at the time of the change.  Deep emotion is one of the key ingredients of how new core decisions get in place.  Core-level decisions are expressed with specific language, in specific ways, including body language and gestures. People are expressing their core programming all the time in everything that they do and say.

Unconditional Forgiveness

Sometimes my coaching clients cannot move forward until they 'forgive' someone in their lives or forgive themselves or both.  Once the anchor of betrayal, grudges, and anger are released, the client gets free to make the necessary changes.  Although people have constructed a reality that someone did something to them that at some level they think they should not let go of, the behavior tends to be limiting only the person holding the grudge.  It is a way that people give their power away.  The other person is quite often not even aware of the hard feelings against them.  Bill Thomason will introduce processes including the Forgiveness Pattern that is powerful in helping people to decide to forgive and the Hawaiian Huna spiritual system offers another process that has been proceduralized and incorporated into the NLP Skills toobox.

Total Love

Developed by BIll Thomason, the core distinction of Heartistic Transformation(c) is the infusion of 'total love' to every limiting life situation and to every person for whom a negative or unhealthy connection exists.

Now you can attend the live 3-Day Heartistic Transformation(c) workshop MAY 1-3, 2015 :

In Phoenix May 1-3 at: http://www.nlpskills.com/store/Heartistic-Transformation-c-3Day-PHX.html

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