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Core Decisional Repatterning©

You Can Change Your Core Programming

Core Decisional Repatterning© is a foundational technology for profound personal change. This is a 9-Step technology to identify and change limiting decisions that run your life. It is based on the concept that all our programming is in place due to decisions we have made in life.  When limiting decisions are identified, your NLP Practitioner will help you discover the original decision and who it was made in service to.  You will then formulate a new decision designed to displace the old, unresourceful programming.  Language creates behavior.  When it is determined that the languaging of the new decision is free of loopholes, the new empowering decision is driven to a deep emotional level.  Profound Personal Change is the result.

Deep Emotion and Core Programming

Core Decisional Repatterning ©, is most closely related to the NLP patterns, Re-Imprinting and Core Transformation.  Limiting decisions were made in deep emotional states and the ones that are most unconscious and most pervasive across the many contexts in life tend to have started at a very young age.  When you make a new decision at a deep emotional level, you can, free up your life's energy.  Make the decision to be "fully alive," to "feel all your feelings," to "love yourself," to "be close to others,' to "take care of yourself," to "be assertive," to "fully express yourself", to "set boundaries and enforce them," to "attract and maintain healthy relationships," to "trust yourself," and much more.

Your Core Programming Workshop

Change your life with Core Decisonal Re-Patterning© in this 4 evening or 2-Day Weekend training program.  Only $237. Couples $450. Call 602 321-7192 to request dates.

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