You Can Program a New Future

You Can Program A New Future

Have you ever thought that the past is just a myth.  Most philosophers would agree time is just a concept.  Eye-witness testimony, for example, is amazingly inaccurate as it has been researched in Pyschological literature.  The first problem with past memories is that when we recall events from the past, we have to reconstruct the memory each time and bits and pieces fragment and morph.  We get other events mixed in sometimes and, the reality is, that memories are always changing.  The second problem with memory is that we represented events through the filters of the moment when it occurred.  Memory is state dependent.  A memory I may have created in one state will be different if I was feeling a different way at the time.  If you have siblings, a memory from childhood that you seem sure happened a particular way may be remembered completely differently and different order by you brother or sister.  So, if the past is a myth anyway, what if you could go back in time and change the way you represented the event to yourself.  The memory did not happen that way we remember it.

Memory is State Dependent

The biggest problem with how we remember things is that we tend to make meaning out of what happened.  Something happened while we were in a moment of deep emotion, and we made the thing that happened mean something negative about ourselves.  “I’m just not good enough.”  This is a pretty good description of a lot life programming gets in place.  Again, what if you could change the way you remember it happening.  A whole set of events that got started when you made the negative evaluation of yourself would not have happened that the way they did if the meaning “I’m not good enough” had not been attached.  Now, you might be thinking, you wouldn’t have had the history in your life to support self-sabotaging behaviors that have plagued your life in so many ways.  What if you could simply change the way your represent who you are to yourself?  You might be more resourceful in all kinds of ways.

Your Mind is Perfectly Suited to Time Travel

As we’ve been discussing, you remember things from the past a lot, don’t you?  Most people report having memories come to them and being able to experience them almost as if they were in the moment again.  We can even use imagination to enhance or tone down memories from the past or from the future.  And when you fully remember and event is as if you reliving the event in the present. It’s a form of time travel.

We can imagine something that happened with different colors, sounds, feelings and we can change the dialogue or the tonality of how it occurred.  There’s not much difference in your ability to remember past events and how make up possible new events in the future.  Some people use their brains and nervous systems to make terrible pictures in the future of what might happen.  The idea is that they are giving themselves a chance to avoid the negative possibility, but to overuse this ability to have negative thoughts and feel bad, is a bit irrational.

Create a Compelling New Future

Instead of making negative pictures of the future and feeling bad, highly successful people have a way of imagining the future to get what they want in life.  They vividly imagine a future they want and behave as if it were already happening now.  Then they figure out what is has taken to get to the outcome they are imagining.

Highly successful people also tend to have written goals.  When you have written your goals as outcomes, you can sit back and relax with each closed-eye process as the roots of unresourceful life patterns that prevented success in the past are pulled like weeds out of your unconscious programming.  Without those old negative programs, a new future can be installed in such a way that even though you don’t have to consciously think about it all the time, you will find yourself automatically doing what is necessary to achieve what you say you want.

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