What is Heartistic Transformation(C)?

What is Heartistic Transformation©?

It rhymes with ‘artistic.’  It must be about ‘heart’; as in ‘heart-based,’ or having to do with matters of ‘the heart’ more than ‘the head.’  ‘Heartistic’ might then be based more upon how something feels.  We tend to say, right action is ‘heart felt’ and ‘sounds right’ in our common language.  I suppose that change or ‘transformation’ could occur due to the left-brained activity of figuring something out, but there’s also a theory that ‘all change occurs in a trance state’ of some kind.  The term certainly includes the idea that change is possible.  After all, it’s about ‘transformation.’ 

An old behavior must be interrupted and altered to generate a new behavior.  Since it can be said that NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a set of tools for creating change, the term Heartisitic Transformation© must incorporate a more compassionate, ‘heartistic’ understanding of how change occurs.  It also connotes a higher level of experience of what is possible beyond the logical.  The words, ‘heartistic transformation‘ seem to lead us into the realm of the extraordinary and a more fully Self Actualized, connected, and loving view of who we are as humans.  Now you can, Heal your whole life!  

A Complete Coaching Model

As we are using it here, Heartistic Transformation© is a complete therapeutic model for making core-level changes in your programming.  The basic process is to:

  • Discover your limiting programming (Find it’s Neuro Linguistic structure)
  • Decide what you want (Set Well Formed Outcomes)
  • Clean up the past
    • Apply the Unconditional Forgiveness Model
    • Eliminate harmful emotional states (Sever or heal connections)
    • Align your Values, Thoughts, and Actions
  • Install a new Core Decision (as a foundation for future behavior)
  • Infuse Total Unconditional Love (until you have healed your whole life)
  • Build and anchor a Self Actualized life state
  • Live fully into the new future you’ve created

Come away from your Heartistic Transformation© seminar with written goals as outcomes.  That alone would be worth the price of admission.  Not everyone has a habit of setting specific goals and most don’t write them.  When you write goals as outcomes they encode and integrate deeply, making new connections throughout your neurological system.

Problems with Goal Setting

A common problem with setting goals is that people are already conditioned to believe they can succeed or fail at a goal.  A belief or Presupposition of NLP is that ‘there’s no such thing as failure; only feedback.’  NLP practitioners prefer the word, ‘outcome.’  You are going to get an outcome one way or the other.  In fact, everything that happens can be taken as feedback and therefore you can learn from it.  People often give up too soon and they stop sorting for opportunity.  Remember your outcome.  Keeping your eye on the goal will get you through difficult circumstances that seem to block success in a particular moment.

Use Language That Actually Gets You What You Want

In addition, ‘language creates reality.’   Since the unconscious mind is set up to protect the status quo, people quite often use poor language that keeps the old programming in place.  After all, you have been successful enough.  The strategies you have in place have done a good enough job to protect you so far in life.  In this Outcome Setting part of the Heartistic Transformation© process, you will learn how the specific wording used in setting goals as outcomes makes a big difference.

Get The Benefits You Expect

NLP provides ‘Well-Formedness Conditions’ to make sure the outcome you set is going to create the reality that will actually serve you and get you what you want.  You will come away from this Heartistic Transformation(c) seminar with written outcomes that are ‘well-formed.’

Drawn From Related Processes

Heartistic Transformation(c) is a complete life changing protocol that draws from a number of related processes including Core Decisional Repatterning(c), emotional release techniques including basic concepts in common with Lester Levinson, Hawaiian Huna’s Ho-O-Pono-Pono, the NLP Forgiveness Model, Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns (time line), Abraham Maslow’s Self Actualization, alignment of values, infusing Total Love, flow states, and more.  In this single Heartistic Transformation(c) weekend, now you can eliminate old unresourceful programming that has blocked your success and replace it when you install a new future so compelling you cannot help but achieve the outcomes you congruently desire.

A New Core Decision

Core Decisional Repatterning(c) was developed by Bill Thomason based on the idea that all programming is in place due to decisions a person makes through life.  By asking good questions, a competent coach will help a client discover the moment in life when, in a highly charged emotional state, new words went through her head and a new decision was driven into deep level programming.  Since that’s how a new program gets in place, that’s how it will change now; by driving a new and better decision into place in another moment of deep emotion.

Drive the New Decision to Deep Emotional Level

A coach will facilitate his client to word a new and more resourceful decision that will replace the old one.  This gives the client a new decision to live life from going forward.  Having discovered the problem state that was limiting to the person, the coach facilitates a pattern that helps the client drive the decision to the deep emotional level.  The result is relatively painless, fast, profound change.

Release Old Pain with Unconditional Forgiveness

Some coaching clients a resistant to change until they have released enough old pain and negative emotion.  Some people won’t generate lasting change until they do some work on forgiveness.  When people hold anger and resentment toward people in their lives, it can tie up emotional energy to the point the individual is afraid to let go.  There are several possible reasons people don’t forgive and when they find a way to release that tied up energy, their live’s can then change.  It doesn’t have to be logical.

Part of the Heartistic Transformation© process gives the client a way to let go and forgive others and ultimately themselves.  It’s about letting go of the past so a person can live more fully in the present.  Then a new future becomes possible and clients can then live into the future they’ve created.  It is literally that the sorting mechanisms through the brain and nervous system have been reset to attract more of what a person congruently desires in life.

Most Therapeutic Process Work Would Stop There

Although radical life change is often realized from doing this much work, Heartistic Transformation© doesn’t stop there.  What if you could love every part of your life so completely and unconditionally that you could expect to transcend your previous expectations of what is possible for your life.  Part of the Heartistic Transformation© process is building states that are so powerful they expand your ability to be fully alive and experience your life so that even mundane activities begin to take on beauty and deep meaning.

Modeling Self Actualized People

In the study of people who are high successful in many domains of their lives, NLP modelers have found that people who routinely experience sustained levels of Self Actualization tend to appreciate life in ways that seem to be beyond the ordinary compared to people are just getting by in life.  Heartistic Transformation© is designed to not only heal your whole life, as suggested above, but to develop high level life satisfaction as a foundation of who you experience being in life.  So, what if you could live more of your life’s moments in self-actualization as a steady-state for you are as a person?  Are you ready for Heartistic Transformation©?

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