Unresourceful Emotional Content

When I say ‘unresourceful emotional content’ it may include difficult memories, or even repressed memories. For example, something happened in a person’s life, like my Father beat me; there is an emotional content to the experience (past the time of the event), and typically I am now experiencing symptoms from living life over the top of the unresourceful emotion. It’s limiting my life and/or communication in some way. In the case of ‘Father beat me,’ I might be hurt and angry and take it out on my wife or in another manifestation, I might have low self
esteem and not stand up for myself. I complain that people take advantage
of me.

Tad James says that one of the Prime Directives of the Unconscious is to
repress stored emotion and further, to bring it back up from time to time for reevaluation. Better to release or discharge the emotion in the moment
or at the time of the event. People tend to avoid thinking about certain
things so they don’t have to go into feeling the backlog of stored emotion.
Most people also label this emotional content as ‘negative.’ Sometimes
people become immobile or stuck. They may generalize their fear to a number of situations. From an NLP point of view this ‘unresourceful emotional content’ is not necessarily negative, because every behavior has a positive intent. Even unresourceful/negative emotion can be seen as trying to do something for you. Otherwise you would not have it. In a healthy system, you would discharge the emotion (resourceful or unresourceful) and move on with your life, hopefully having learned from the experience.