True Customer-Oriented Selling

Most of the selling professionals I do coaching/training with say they are customer-oriented and they are congruent in their belief. However, a short demonstration has the most confident sales people admitting they have been running their own agenda.
You’ve heard this before, ‘people buy from people who are like them,’ and any modern selling professional studies the ‘art of selling.’ Without mastery of the persuasion arts, no one is going to be able to compete effectively in today’s competitive marketplace.
Training in NLP Rapport Skills suggests that ‘experience has structure,’ and when you can understand the structure of the excellent behavior, you can reproduce similar results that are common among the world’s top selling professionals. To take it further, people also buy to satisfy their most highly valued states. It’s not the possession of things or even services that cause people to buy, but the way they will feel or look or sound when they have the product or service.
In my True Customer Oriented Selling class I will teach you how to elicit Criteria, the things thats are most important in the order that they need to be satisfied, and dovetail those Criteria with your product or service. Contact Bill Thomason for private NLP Coaching sessions, an upcoming workshop, or an inhouse training program in your company at 602 321-7192 or email

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