Time Line and Gestalts

Are The Steps to Time Line from your previous post just a beginning point?

The outline I have given in my previous post with regard to the steps of time line process is very basic and simple. Instead of thinking about it as ‘starting point’, I’d say it is the basic process of all the things you can do with time line.

I prefer to think of the simplified model (previous post) is the structure
for changing very specific behavior patterns and also for whole ‘Gestalts’
in emotional experience, or as Tad James calls it, SEE (Significant
Emotional Experience) and L Michael Hall labels SEEP. Gestalt means
basically ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In this case we
are talking about rooting out a specific emotional history organized around a specific emotion like Guilt or Anxiety or Sadness and all the related
events going back in time to some beginning point.

I assume babies come into the world without a lot of baggage and life decisions form a Decisional network of values, beliefs, belief systems, and attitudes. If a person believes a problem state starts before birth, we will go back into the womb or even beyond conception to Genealogical history or to past lives, whichever model is active and unhook the issue there, as far back as necessary. When I’m working with a Gestalt of this kind, I add a few steps and do a little more prep work. Note: Often people don’t remember a specific causal or ‘first’ event in a Gestalt, and I suggest that whatever event that does come up for them will represent the entire time line for that Gestalt. I’ll often have people make up a ‘good time; happy time’ before the causal event for example. It really doesn’t matter except that they can experience a good and secure feeling and bring that throughout the entire Gestalt from past to the present and into the future. I’ve also added some finishing touches in my private work, but this is enough to get the results. Keep it simple.

All this is covered in much greater detail in my Program Your Future with
Expanding Folded TimeC Patterns workshop and treated in another, more
educational manner in NLP Master Practitioner Certification. We completed the last Program Your Future workshop in January and I will put another one on the calendar for late spring or early summer. I like to do this workshop at least 2 or 3 times per year. I also routinely use time line processes in NLP Life Coaching sessions and NLP Business Coaching situations. For anyone interested, please contact me at 602 321-7192.

Bill Thomason
NLP Success Coach
Certified NLP Trainer