Three Commitments for High Performance Leadership

Three Initial Commitments Necessary to Bring a High Performance Culture into Existence

1.  The High Performance Leader must have unshakable resolve in linking the cultural transformation to business results.  It has to come from the top down and the cultural change must be positioned as the framework for everything that is achieved in the business.  It should never be allowed to become another activity or ‘program of the month.’  Front-end effort to install High Performance has exponentially powerful effects on the ‘back-end’ results that are attained.

2.  Business results and impact on people are both deeply valued.  High Performance Leaders are 100% accountable for results and for holding people to account responsibly.  Each individual must be 100% accountable for results and impact on people.  Note: You can only hold people to account for what they have agreed upon.

3.  High Performance Leaders establish clear and precise expectations about behavioral expectations.  This is the characteristic of a culture by design vs a culture by default.  Setting specific standards and expectations is the job of the leader, not done by consensus.  Values including accountability, integrity, and hard work are good examples of core values that an organization should identify, share, and speak about regularly.