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The Change Anger Pattern

The Change Anger Pattern An NLP Life-Change Pattern Note: This pattern is utilized Richard Bandler’s idea that the feelings around an issue tend to have movement. You will want to notice when you are in the emotion whether the feelings are spinning up and over, down and back the opposite direction, or right to left,…Read More

Can You Shut Down Internal Dialogue?

Here’s an interesting question. Can you shut down your internal dialogue? (Revised from a previously posted article on [nlpskills] eGroup on Yahoo Groups) Somewhere I read (Turtles All The Way Down, I think) that both John Grinder and Richard Bandler learned to suspend internal dialogue much like what the Yaqui Man of Knowledge, Don Juan,…Read More

Change Bad Feelings

Change Bad Feelings This NLP Life Change Pattern is adapted from Richard Bandler’s book, Get The Life You Want. It uses submodality shifts to change the emotional reaction a person has to someone in his or her life. It is simple and elegant. Just follow the suggestions below. Here’s the pattern: 1. Think of a…Read More