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Are you sure?

Are You Sure? – An NLP Language Pattern (article) Have you encountered someone who was so sure they were right that there was just very little opening for suggesting any new solutions? Maybe you have been in a conversation where the more you make your point the more the person digs in and won’t consider…Read More

Change Bad Feelings

Change Bad Feelings This NLP Life Change Pattern is adapted from Richard Bandler’s book, Get The Life You Want. It uses submodality shifts to change the emotional reaction a person has to someone in his or her life. It is simple and elegant. Just follow the suggestions below. Here’s the pattern: 1. Think of a…Read More

Flirting Skills

An NLP Based Workshop “Hi there. “What’s your sign?” Sound familiar? Most people equate the approach above as part of the language used in flirting. The “art of firtation,” however, is far more than just a cunning phrase or worn out line. And we are all involved in flirting all the time, whether in a…Read More

Visualizing in NLP

Occasionally I get a client who says he or she cannot make pictures when I suggest they imagine something. THis is particularly difficult with time line work when I ask people rise up above where ther are sitting and see themselves down below or to look back into the past and make sure it is…Read More